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Read All About it: Check out Junk Science’s reporting on Climategate 3.0: Read Steven Milloy’s exclusive reports on the newest emails


Click here for’s full reporting on Climategate 3.0

Climategate 3.0: Cramer, Hulme conspire against skeptics — and then worry whether it looks like they’re conspiring

Climategate 3.0: Wolfgang Cramer wants to punish journal for publishing Pat Michaels

Climategate 3.0: Mann, Jones plot to eliminate Little Ice Age, Medieval Warming Era from IPCC report

Climategate 3.0: Mann to Jones (circa 1998) — ‘Happy to make my [codes, data, etc.] available’; Mann to McIntyre (circa 2005) — Get lost

Climategate 3.0: Media only concerned with number of scientists on warmist list for Kyoto; ‘No one is going to check…PhDs’

Climategate 3.0: Greenpeace solicits Climategater to ghostwrite fact sheet; Willing to ‘pay standard rates’

Climategate 3.0: Greenpeace drafts self-serving letter-to-the-editor of The Times for Climategater signature

Climategate 3.0: Wigley claims UEA improperly withheld U.S. Government funds; ‘I am the loser’

Climategate 3.0: Worries about public learning that WWF funded the list of scientists; ‘It will be perceived to be biased’

Climategate 3.0: World Wildlife Fund commissions yet another UEA climate project

Climategate 3.0: Enviros propose hiring UEA ‘gaters for Kyoto Conference

Climategate 3.0: WWF asks for ‘gaters help against skeptical questions at Alaska media event; ‘Anything to fend off the naysayers’

Climategate 3.0: Mike Hulme’s BBC appearance likened to ‘Pope making very authoritive pronouncements’

Climategate 3.0: Tom Wigley goes ballistic over list of scientists supporting Kyoto; Asking people to ‘prostitute themselves’

Climategate 3.0: World Wildlife Fund pays Climategaters to develop list of warmist scientists for 1997 Kyoto meeting; ‘Disaster’ if skeptics build larger list

Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones attacks UK skeptic Piers Corbyn as an ‘utter prat’

Climategate 3.0: Briffa worries that manmade environmental change distorts tree-ring analysis

Climategate 3.0: Wigley accuses IPCC and lead authors of ‘dishonest presentations of model results’; Accuses Mann of deception; Mann admits

Climategate 3.0: In 2009, Schneider touts spike in warming by 2014

Climategate 3.0: No consensus among the consensus – Tom Wigley dissents from Kevin Trenberth’s observation of no warming since 1998

Climategate 3.0: ‘Interesting to note that many of the coral records utilised by Mike Mann also failed my screening procedure’

Climategate 3.0: NASA scientist on hockey stick: ‘what Mike Mann continually fails to understand, and no amount of references will solve, is…’

Climategate 3.0: Jones to Mann, May 20, 2005 — ‘The skeptic pillars are tumbling!’. Turns out to be counting chickens…

Climategate 3.0: Jones advises Mann and others on FOIA requests — ‘Leave it to you to delete as appropriate!’

Climategate 3.0: Jones to Mann: ‘I’ll delete the file rather than send to anyone’

Climategate 3.0: Mann to Revkin — ‘McIntyre and McKitrick paper is pure scientific fraud’

Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones tries and fails to have skeptic Dick Lindzen’s comments removed from draft IPCC chapter

Climategate 3.0: Climategaters used hockey stick controversy to ask for more funding

Climategate 3.0: Mike Hulme intends to ‘paint the global [vs. regional climate] picture in case there are any skeptics in the audience’

Climategate 3.0: UEA bids for 10 million pound government grant to help the IPCC

Climategate 3.0: MetOffice rebukes UEA for claiming global warming causes extreme weather

Climategate 3.0: After Fred Singer debunks Wigley paper, Climategaters ask ‘what the f*ck Wigley was trying to do’

Climategate 3.0: ‘I believe that the recent warmth was probably matched about 1000 years ago’

Climategate 3.0: Skeptics ‘a bit like the GM anarchists… self-defeating’

Climategate 3.0: Mann — Internet is the ‘downside of absolute freedom of dissemination’

Climategate 3.0: Climategater to World Bank – Economic damage estimates from global warming should be ‘treated very skeptically’; ‘Our methodology is so flaky’

Climategate 3.0: UEA got $143K from World Wildlife Fund to prepare COP-5 propaganda brochures

Climategate 3.0: Mann (circa 1999) skeptical of Marcott (circa 2013)

Climategate 3.0: Jones says ‘I would ignore the so-called skeptics until they get to the peer-review arena’; Meanwhile Jones’ colleague works to prevent skeptics from publishing

Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones to Michael Mann (May 1999): ‘The skeptics are fighting a losing battle’


More Climategate 3.0 from here.

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