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NASA’s James Hansen, a muse to Eco-Terrorists?! Watch Now: Morano on Fox News: ‘NASA’s resident ex-con James Hansen is inspiring these people to potential acts of eco terrorism’


Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto calls Morano a ‘thorn to environmentalists’ and noted Morano discovered ‘beastly’ and ‘scary’ at the DC climate rally


Cavuto features Climate Depot’s exclusive video of ‘dismantle’ the pipeline by ‘any means necessary’

Morano: NASA’s lead global warming scientist was this protester’s inspiration to dismantle the pipeline by ‘any means necessary’

Full Fox News video here.

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NASA’s Jailbird Hansen Calls it! ‘Game Over for the Climate’ — Warns ‘Civilization would be at risk…If this sounds apocalyptic, it is’ — Warns we may be ‘judged immoral by coming generations’

NASA’s resident ex-con: Top NASA global warming scientist James Hansen arrested (again) in White House protest over pipeline — $180,000 taxpayer-paid salary — ‘Arrested alongside actress Daryl Hannah; Adam Werbach, founder of Sierra Club; Bill McKibben’ — ‘Hansen has been arrested at least 3 times before in protests over climate issues, in 2009, 2010, & 2011’

Flashback 2012: NASA’s Warmist James Hansen says skeptics guilty of ‘crimes against humanity and nature’

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