Al Gore urges David Letterman not to despair about global warming: ‘There’s a lot of opportunity in this crisis’

[Update: Video & Partial transcript available here.]

Former Vice President and climate crusader Al Gore appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman during the January 29 broadcast.

Letterman sounded pessimistic about the future of the planet, declaring, “With the drought coming on, we are nothing but screwed.”

Gore urged Letterman not to despair about global warming and energy issues: ‘You sound hopeless Dave. There’s a lot of opportunity in this crisis.”

[Climate Depot note: That is an understatement by Gore. See: $100 million man — Gore to be govt billionaire?! Al Gore has thrived as green-tech investor — ‘Benefited from more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants and tax breaks’, as part of Obama’s stimulus – ’14 green-tech firms in which Gore invested received or directly benefited from more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants and tax breaks’

It’s Official: Al Gore is by far the most lavishly funded fossil fuel player in the global warming debate today

Forbes: Al Gore Richer Than Mitt Romney After Current TV Sale — Middle Eastern Oil Money Makes Gore richer ]

Letterman pressed Gore on whether the sale of Gore’s Current TV to Qatar based Al-Jazeera was hypocritical.

Letterman: ‘So you are selling this television network to a gas and oil supported emirate…You, Al Gore, are doing business with this country that is enabling your ultimate foe — climate change.

Gore: I think I understand what you are getting at Dave — but I disagree with it. First of all they (Al-Jazeera) have ambitious plans to develop renewables in the region. There is a visionary plan to take solar energy and wind energy from the Middle East and North Africa to Western Europe. Again, the network that they founded, has become a very widely respected news gathering organization, including on climate issues.

Gore had earlier noted that Al-Jazeera’s “climate coverage is higher quality and more extensive than any network on TV now in the U.S.”

A skeptical Letterman challenged Gore as to whether he really has gone green in his personal life.

Letterman to Gore: “I think I have done maybe more than you have done int terms of exploiting alternative energy. What do you think?

Gore: “I am not so sure about that.”

Letterman: “How many electric cars do you have. I have two.

Gore responded: “I have two.” Gore then insisted that he had