UK Met Office cuts projected 2017 temperature by 38%

As physicist Dr. Clive Best notes in a post today,

“What is really going on here is that their sophisticated climate models are being continuously tuned so as to “backcast” and agree with past temperature data. There has been no warming for 17 years. As a result the parameters are now showing little AGW at all for the next 10 years.

A scientist should ask the following question. If predictions of global climate models from just 2 years ago have now been invalidated by the data, how can we now have any faith in new predictions made with the same models but with various fudge factors added?”

Claims of ‘Warmest Year’ For Continental U.S. (Less than 2% of Earth’s Surface) Ignore Flat Global Temperature Trend

NOAA Claim: 2012 was warmest year ever for US, second most ‘extreme’

Reality Check: Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘If you used the stations used in 1930s — in other words –measured temps today with what we used in 1930s, it is not warmest year on record’ —‘We have many more stations and so many, many more records that can be broken over shorter time spans. US is only 2% of the globe that’s only .04 above’

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘Since we are going to tout US warmth ( 2% of globe) lets look at that global temp trend shall we?’

UK Telegraph: ‘Global warming at a standstill’, new Met Office figures show — ‘Downgraded its forecast for global warming to suggest that by 2017 temps will have remained about same for 2 decades’

Dr. Judith A. Curry said 2012 GLOBAL avg. temps will not set a record — 2012 will probably be 8th warmest. ‘Natural variability continues to dominate the occurrence of extreme weather events’

New Report: ‘Extreme Weather Report 2012’: ‘Latest peer-reviewed studies, data & analyses undermine claims that current weather is ‘unprecedented’ or a ‘new normal’

Leading German Daily Announces: ‘Global Warming Has Stopped’, Questions IPCC Models It took them 15 years to notice it: CO2 is not driving the climate — ‘German online daily Hamburger Abendblatt here has a story titled: Global Warming Takes A Break, citing the leaked copy of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, which is due to be released in September, 2013’

UK Daily Mail: ‘GLOBAL warming is NOT as bad as feared’: Met Office under fire as it claims Earth’s temperature is rising more slowly than first thought (and could even have stalled) — ‘Global warming is not causing temperatures to rise as quickly as previously feared, the Met Office has claimed. Today the weather agency released its revised forecast which was quickly seized upon by climate change skeptics who used the data to claim global warming has stopped’

UK Met Office cuts projected 2017 temperature by 38%: ‘The big story of the day is that the UK Met Office has cut its projection for global temperature in 2017 by ’20 percent.’ However, graphs supplied by the UK Met Office actually show a 38% cut in projected 2017 temperature, from a ~ 0.7C anomaly projected last year, to the new projection of 0.43C’

BBC: A new global temperature forecast ‘has scaled back