AlGorjeera — It’s Official: Al Gore is by far the most lavishly funded fossil fuel player in the global warming debate today


Climate Depot’s Round Up on Al Gore & Al-Jazeera:

Al Gore Sells Out to Big Oil & Gas: ‘Al-Jazeera received its initial funding through a decree from Emir of Qatar, & Qatar, gets its wealth from its vast oil & natural gas reserves’

Climate Depot Statement on AlGorjeera: ‘Gore’s massive personal cash influx from oil-backed Al Jazeera makes him by far the most lavishly funded fossil fuel player in the global warming debate today. Will the media now accurately label Gore an industry funded activist every time they report on him?’

AlGorjeera: Gore Takes $100 Million Of Big Oil: Gore ‘takes $100 million in cash from Big Oil (after making a lucrative living by claiming that it’s destroying the planet)’

AlGorjeera: Global warming causes Al Gore to sell Current TV to oil-backed Al Jazeera

AlGorjeera: Al Gore gives Big-Oil-Government a TV Channel and gets $100m in oil revenue

AlGorjeera: A tale of two Als: Why Al Gore sold out to Al Jazeera: ‘Gore sold out to Al Jazeera, a fast-growing media brand owned by one of the world’s biggest oil exporters’ — ‘Qatar has the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world’

Nobelist Gore Getting $70 Million From Qatar-Funded Al Jazeera: ‘It’s reeking with irony,” said Jeff Sonnenfeld, of the Yale School of Management, who studies corporate governance. ‘It seems to be at least a paradox in terms of his positions on sustainability and geopolitics’

AlGorjeera: A Match Made In Heaven? ‘It is interesting that conservative like Glenn Beck are anathema to Gore, whereas the rulers of Qatar, the world’s richest country, fit right in’

Middle East scholar Barry Rubin on Al Gore & Al-Jazeera: Gore is acting ‘disgracefully..In former, sane, times, doing something like this would have finished Gore’s credibility forever…’

Al-Jazeera buys Gore’s Current TV: ‘The Pope of Global Warming just lined his pockets with $100 million of… oil money’

Al Gore pockets $100 million from a channel financed by oil wealth and ‘reviled by American politicians for showing videotapes from Al Qaeda members and sympathizers’?

Country Music’s Charlie Daniels: ‘I will take Global Warming seriously when Al Gore flies commercial, rides a bicycle and moves into a one bedroom condo’

Gore touts Morano as ‘Climate ‘Misinformer of the Year’: ‘ founder Marc Morano has been called ‘the Matt Drudge of climate denial,’ the ‘king of the skeptics’ — Gore’s website features Climate Depot