Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Warmist Bill McKibben slapped down by Meteorologist Bastardi for touting ‘Last 3 years are all in top 5 for # of named Atlantic tropical storms’


Meteorologist Joe Bastardi rips: ‘McKibben makes my point about absurd naming…10-15 storms last 3 yrs would never been named in 50s’ — ‘This is huge problem with NHC naming ham sandwiches… in the middle of nowhere. AGW people distort it…Average ACE in 53-55, with less named storms was 137. Last 3 years 138 no big deal, and with more storm names, means STORMS ARE WEAKER…If sat era was around in 1950s, numbers and ace would be higher than today…And lets call it what it is when these people spout this drivel. Either they are ignorant of facts, or lying’ — Link

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