Scientists reject Sandy/Climate Link — Warmists Go Full ‘Tabloid Climatology’ & Claim Sandy Speaks! — Round Up of Hurricane Sandy Reactions

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NOAA’s Martin Hoerling rejects ‘Frankenstorm’ climate link: ‘This is not some spell conjured upon us by great external forces….unless you believe in the monster flicks of Universal Studios fame!’ — Meteorologist Hoerling of NOAA: ‘The immediate cause is most likely little more than the coincidental alignment of a tropical storm with an extratropical storm. Both frequent W. Atlantic in Oct….nothing unusual with that’

Martin Hoerling of NOAA on Sandy: ‘As to underlying causes, neither the frequency of tropical or extratropical cyclones over N. Atlantic are projected to appreciably change due to climate change’ — U.S. Govt Scientist Hoerling: ‘Nor have there been indications of a change in their statistical behavior over this region in recent decades’

Frankenscience: ‘Sandy doesn’t tell us anything about climate change’ — Prof. Pielke Jr.: ‘We’ve done long-term trends with respect to hurricane damage in the United States, and it’s very safe to say that regardless of how [Sandy] plays out, there’s a century-long time series with no trend in it — and that’s in damage, the number of landfalls, or the intensity of storms at landfall. So, if you are looking for signals of long-term climate change, focusing in on any one storm is the wrong way to go about it to begin with’

Sandy caused by global warming? ‘The science of climate change & hurricanes does not support this conclusion’ — It’s ‘just not supported by science at this time’ — Houston Chronicle’s Science guy Eric Berger: ‘…it is a big stretch to go from there to blaming Sandy on climate change. It’s a stretch that is just not supported by science at this time’

Climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels on Sandy: ‘It’s also consistent with a planet with colder temperatures as well as one with warmer ones’ — Michaels: ‘More important, events like this are inevitable on a planet that has an ocean with the geography of the Atlantic (meaning a Gulf Stream-like feature), a large north-south continent on its western margin without a transverse mountain range to inhibit the merger of tropical warmth with polar cold, and four seasons in the temperate latitudes’

German Meteorological Expert Says: ‘No Evidence Showing Link Between Storms And Global Warming’ — Meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt: ‘Brandt said that by looking back at the global data available over the last decades, there’s ‘no indication or evidence showing there’s been