Climate Depot Exclusive: Smearing Skeptic Scientists: What did Gore know and when did he know it?

Below is written by Russell Cook as an exclusive for Climate Depot

My thanks to Marc Morano for allowing me to share this unreported fault of the issue that any ordinary citizen can ask about: why the MSM ignores massive efforts relying on unseen, unsupported evidence to suppress skeptic climate scientists.

Smearing critics of any argument is a huge red flag, reasonable people will ask, “Why do that, why not just disprove the critics?” That’s what surrounds the idea of man-caused global warming. In my May 9 American Thinker article, “Warmist Mantra Wearing Out“, I detail how global warming believers push their agenda using an easily remembered 3-point mantra, “the science is settled / skeptic scientists are paid by fossil fuel industries to “reposition global warming as theory rather than fact” / the media gives too much attention to those skeptics, who don’t deserve equal time”.

In 2009, I saw an internet blog repetition of that strange “reposition global warming” sentence once too often, along with a coincidental repetition of the #3 point about ‘overly fair media balance’ from the ombudsman at the PBS. So, I wrote about that specific problem in my American Thinker article, “The Lack of Climate Skeptics on PBS’s ‘NewsHour’ “.

After that, I concentrated on finding the origins of the “reposition global warming” accusation sentence, which supposedly came from a coal industry internal memo. The results led me to write several articles at American Thinker, a pair of Breitbart articles here and here, and an 18 page paper here, where I describe how the memo sentence was essentially consolidated into the 3-point mantra by anti-skeptic book author Ross Gelbspan and his associates at the enviro-advocacy group Ozone Action in early 1996. I told how it gained huge publicity partly through Al Gore’s mentions of it (including a full screen spell-out of it in his movie), how it ended up in two of the three major global warming nuisance lawsuits, and most important, how it appears to be out of context when portrayed as a top-down industry directive for skeptic scientists. A compete reading shows it as nothing more than an interoffice instruction to PR staffers.

AGW believers never show the memos in their full context (I eventually found them in Greenpeace scans here, which no one else links to). Almost no one, including Gore, bothers to say they