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Physicist warns of Kevin Trenberth’s ‘attempt to change the rules of science’ as a ‘back-door means of bolstering UN IPCC’s diminishing credibility’


[Note: For updates on the Trenberth scandal, see here.]

The following is a statement about UN IPCC’s Kevin Trenberth’s AMS rant from Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen, an MIT educated physicist and author of the book “An Introduction to High-Temperature Superconductivity.” Sheahen is the writer of the popular newspaper column “Ask the Everyday Scientist.” Sheahen is featured as one of the more than 1000 dissenting scientists from man-made global warming.

Dr. Sheahen: “I write to focus on one aspect of the Kevin Trenberth’s AMS presentation:

Trenberth: ‘Given that global warming is ‘unequivocal’, to quote the 2007 IPCC report, the null hypothesis should now be reversed, thereby placing the burden of proof on showing that there is no human influence'”

Sheahen’s Response: “This needs to be fought against vigorously. Proving a negative is impossible. If the elites were successful in selling this hypothesis, then climate skepticism would be dismissed when it couldn’t prove a negative.

There is enough public dissent from the AGW alarmists’ position that nobody is going to ‘prove’ anything for decades or a century; but the attempt to change the rules of science (as Trenberth wishes) is a back-door means of bolstering IPCC’s diminishing credibility.”

Tom Sheahen

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