Greens War on Modern Civilization: ‘Diaperless Babies’ More Earth Friendly? – ‘Reusable toilet wipes’ – ‘Save the Trees, Use More Wood!’

A round of nanny state assaults on American lifestyles:

NYT: No roughing it: Greens target toilet paper manufacturers for making ‘soft and comfortable’ tissue – Mr. Whipple Left It Out: Soft Is Rough on Forests – February 26, 2009

Bottom reached? ‘Natural living’ advocates unveil ‘reusable toilet wipes’ (Photo) – Australian Herald Sun – By Andrew Bolt – February 27, 2009

American taste for soft toilet roll ‘worse than driving Hummers’ – UK Guardian – February 26, 2009

Diaperless Babies Seen As Earth-Friendly Solution; Critics Deride As ‘Primitive-Worship’ – – April 22, 2004

More examples of the environmental communities’ nanny state nuttiness and opposition to the creature comforts of modern life:

1) Reusable Toilet Paper? ‘Family Cloth” urged as eco-friendly replacement for toilet paper

2) How to Store Used ‘Family Wipes’

3) How to Wash Soiled ‘Family Wipes’

4) How to Use Cloth Wipes (Family Wipes, Toilet Wipes)

5) The Latest “Green” Craze: Reusable Toilet Paper?!

6) No Joke! Japanese group uses toilet poems to save paper as part of battle against global warming – January 27, 2009 – Eurnews24

7) Ready to Rethink Toilet Paper for Earth Day?

8) Forests Being ‘Slaughtered for Toilet Paper,’ Actress Declares

9) Flashback: NYC Environmentalists Eliminate Toilet Paper in Effort to Save the Planet

10) Introduction of the Flush Toilet Deplored at Earth Summit

11) Dry Toilet Conference Declared a Success by Organizers

12) ‘The yuck factor’ – No-Flush Urinals – ‘Icky, tricky and costly’ – Many say no thanks to no-flush urinals –- McClatchy Newspapers – November 18, 2008

13) Flush Toilets Called “Environmental Disaster”

14) Philadelphia Plumbers Union Pipes Up About Waterless Urinals

15) Trashing the Fridge: Some in green movement regard refrigerators as ‘unacceptable drain on energy’ – NYT – February 5, 2009

16) Video: Extreme Green to bring Edible Diapers? Saturday Night Live Spoof Sketch on ‘Chewable Pampers’

[Climate Depot ReBUTTal: As part of the continuing war on modern society the environmental movement, led by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is trying to wipe away your toilet paper options based on easily flushable science.

As Greenpeace co-founder and Ecologist Dr. Patrick Moore (who left the green movement because it became too radical for him) stated in 2002: Save the Trees, Use More Wood:

Excerpt: Moore explained that advances in forestry techniques have resulted in wood becoming one of the most environmentally friendly products. “We should be growing