Watch: Clip from ‘Climate Hustle’: Does more CO2 = warmer world? Renowned Ivy League Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack answers


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  1. May I add, If Giegengack conferred with thermographers he’d learn that the clear-sky temperature registers at around minus 55° on sensitive instruments. That’s why the sky is black to thermal cameras. Minus 55 corresponds to 128 W/m², if one believes in the “downwelling longwave radiation” that greenhouse gases (including water vapor) supposedly heat the Earth with. But Trenberth et al report a downwelling AVERAGE of 333 W/m². Why such a whopping discrepancy? Because pyrgeometers are used to report such figures and there is no agreement on how they should be calibrated, so those instruments just basically guess. Moreover, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory tried using 100% concentrations of greenhouse gases as fillers between window panes in order to inhibit heat losses. The experiments completely failed because… wait for it — the gases emitted as much infrared as they gained. Turns out that everyday air is a better insulator. Air neither absorbs nor emits infrared, and infrared emission is the only way the Earth itself can cool.

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