Virgin Island AG claim: ‘We have documents showing’ oil companies want ‘melt’ of polar caps to drill more oil


After praising Al Gore as ‘my hero’, Virgin Island Attorney General Claude Walker says he has “documents showing” oil companies know “their product is destroying this earth” and have developed strategies to benefit from the melt of the polar ice caps in order to drill for more oil.

ATTORNEY GENERAL WALKER: “Vice President Gore, one of my heroes, I must say. […] And, it’s troubling that as the polar caps melt you have companies that are looking at that as an opportunity to go and drill, to go and get more oil. Why? How selfish can you be? Your product is destroying this earth, and your strategy is let’s get to the polar caps first so we can get more oil to do what? To destroy the planet further? And, we have documents showing that. So, this is very troubling to us and we will continue our fight.”

Press Conference
Office of NY Attorney General Schneiderman
March 29, 2016


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    2. he is a blithering lying idiot, but he wont be apologizing. Perhaps the oil companies need to sue his ass off, and cut off all delivery of products produced from oil to the Virgin Islands. Also given that airplanes fly using an evil oil product, all flights to his imbicilic country need to stop, as well as all shipping, and auto traffic on his pathetic islands.

  1. Beyond stupid. Having drilled in the arctic for 35 years, I can tell you that the last thing an oil company wants is warm weather. The high season for drilling is the dead of winter so that equipment can be moved. Summer brings melting permafrost which makes moving and supplying rigs impossible. Foolish, Foolish man who knows nothing about the oil industry.

    1. New York state already gets electricity supplied by Canada. New York has it’s hand out to get even more electricity from Canada with transmission projects already being developed.

      New York wants to claim it’s going to be a clean “green” energy state accomplished by obtaining electricity from Canada and paid for by Canadians.

      Schneiderman is about as phony as three dollar bill?

  2. The solution is to no longer supply the Virgin Islands with any petroleum products. If Walker actually believes the bull excrement he is spewing, then he needs to put his money where his mouth is. Take away all the gasoline for the cars, all the diesel for the boats and electrical generators, and all the jet fuel for the planes. The islands will soon be pristine, because nobody will be able to live there. I really want to see those documents, but I doubt anyone ever will see them because they don’t exist.

    1. Exactly.
      And cruise lines and airlines should no longer serve the Virgin Islands because they might be sued by VI for “destroying the Earth” because their ships and planes bring tourists there.
      And they are hypocrites because prior to it being closed in 2012, the biggest industry was an oil refinery which processed over $10 billion of oil per year.
      And ~20% of their revenues come from Federal programs and grants, so they are in trouble if that dries up.

      “Tourism, trade, and other services are the primary economic activities, accounting for nearly 60% of the Virgin Island’s GDP and about half of total civilian employment. … A refinery on St. Croix, one of the world’s largest, processed 350,000 barrels of crude oil a day until it was shut down in February 2012, after operating for 45 years. … Federal programs and grants, totaling $241.4 million in 2013, contributed 19.7% of the territory’s total revenues. ” –

  3. Right… ’cause every oil company wants to drill in deeper water or wants incredibly short winters that limit the time to move rigs and equipment in extreme northern fields. Maybe the lib’s think that oil companies will drive through an area they can’t drill in, and the warm weather has made the ground too soft for travel that they’ll just drill wherever the rig gets stuck in the mud? What else can we expect from a lawyer in politics.

  4. Are these people insane? How do these people explain the healthy people who live in the tropics and along the equator? Plants and animals do well in warm temperatures and easily adapt from temperature changes … as do humans living in the cooler regions of the planet. These people in the photo are simply peddling bullshit. The reason is simple – follow the money.

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