Updated: Watch Video: Eco-Terror Threats Issued at Rally: Climate Depot attended: ‘We will dismantle the Pipeline’ sign prominently displayed at rally — ‘By any means necessary’

Watch Video: NASA’s James Hansen inspired eco-terror threats?!

Climate rally protestors in DC today boasted that they they will ‘dismantle’ keystone pipeline ‘by any means necessary’

Partial transcript of video:

Climate Depot‘s Marc Morano question: ‘You are not endorsing dismantling physically a violation of the law or any kind of eco terrorism, are you?

Protestor: ‘It depends on the circumstances.

Climate Depot question: ‘It’s a possibility?’

Protestor: ‘By any means necessary, we mean by any means necessary, we would support it’


The protestors said they were inspired by NASA global warming scientist James Hansen and cited him — saying it would be ‘end game’ for the climate if the pipeline goes forward. They also noted it would be ‘suicide’ for President Obama to approve the pipeline.


NASA’s James Hansen, a muse to Eco-Terrorists?! Watch Now: Morano on Fox News: ‘NASA’s resident ex-con James Hansen is inspiring these people to potential acts of eco terrorism’ — Morano: ‘These are not just a few disgruntled protesters — The lead NASA global warming scientist – James Hansen — has announced it’s ‘game over’ for the climate if we approve the keystone pipeline. He was arrested for the 3rd or 4th time this past week protesting the pipeline. Hansen has endorsed a book calling for ridding the world of industrial civilization, for blowing up dams and razing cities to the ground and turning off our greenhouse gas machine’

Watch Now: Morano rips NASA’s James Hansen: ‘Hansen said we only have 4 years left to save the planet in Jan.2009, We passed another Mayan calendar deadline’ — Morano: ‘The DC climate rally protesters believe in Hansen’s doomsday prophecy…’This [climate/env.] movement if it gets frustrated — particularly frustrated with Pres. Obama — who is supposed to be their standard bearer — if he actually goes ahead and approves the pipeline — there are going to be a lot of angry people. Not the least of which is NASA’s James Hansen who would be going to jail again’

Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News about ‘Ethical Oil’ & Keystone Pipeline: ‘If we are getting oil from a democracy in Canada [via the Keystone Pipeline], that’s called ethical oil’ — Morano: ‘Ethical oil as opposed to conflict oil — getting it from Nigeria, Venezuela, the Middle East. It’s a very simple choice. Where do we want to get our oil? And the ethical and moral way is to get if from friendly democratic neighbors — not countries with poor human rights records’

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Sampling of other signs —

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