Top Swiss Avalanche Expert Werner Munter Calls IPCC Report ‘A Scientific Farce’

Top Swiss Avalanche Expert Werner Munter Calls IPCC Report “A Scientific Farce”…”Piss Take”!

He looks more like guru, even a prophet. But in Switzerland 73 year old Swiss Alps mountain guide Werner Munter is known as the “avalanche pope”. No one knows more about avalanches in the Alps and their risks than he does. Werner Munter: Image credit: He is credited for having revolutionized the science of avalanches. The online Swiss here featured the expert and his position on the IPCC’s latest report late last year. writes that although Munter is not a climate expert, he has read up on the subject extensively, and quotes Munter: It’s unbelievable arrogance to believe that we would be able to sustainably influence the climate.” He also tells that he has found no evidence showing how CO2 could warm the climate. Swissinfo writes: He views the current claims of most climate scientists as well as the experts of the UN (IPCC), who say mankind’s activities are causing climate change, as ‘piss take’.” “Piss take” definition: here. Why is Munter skeptical? He cites hundreds of scientific papers opposing the current opinion of the IPCC and that there really isn’t any consensus at all. reports that Munter does not dispute that climate is changing, but believes man is not responsible for it. Munter to During the Holocene – a period on earth going back about 10,000 years – there were five phases when it was just as warm as it is today or even warmer.” Munter also tells “CO2 is not a pollutant” and that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 stemming from man is “negligible”. He also doesn’t believe that CO2 is even a greenhouse gas, citing a paper by physicist Robert Wood. On why the earth is warming, Munter says it all goes back to the sun. And by the sun he not only means solar irradiance but also the sun’s magnetic field, thus lending support to Svensmark’s theory. Munter’s skepticism is worrying media like and established climate scientists in Europe. For example Mike Schäfer, a risk communication professor at the University of Zurich. He tells that Munter is not alone as a skeptic because “in the USA 20 to 30 percent of the population are climate skeptics” who do not believe man plays a real role on climate or the projected consequences. Media do not share skeptic positions Interestingly writes that the number of skeptics in Germany and Switzerland is far smaller than in the USA. Schäfer attributes that to the fact that “practically no media share the positions of the climate skeptics.” On skepticism in Switzerland, quotes Marko Kovic, President of an association for critical thinking: “Skeptiker Schweiz”, who claims skepticism in Switzerland is limited to only a few individuals: These are people who as a rule who have read American website and blogs.” Next highlights how in Europe there is a strong popular consensus that man is responsible for climate change, and that this is not so in English speaking countries like the USA, Great Britain and Australia because the “vast majority of these persons have some kind of relation with the business lobbies of oil, coal or the automobile industry, who deny the impact of emissions on climate“. Whew! The Swiss really are backwards and shallow in some ways. Little wonder Swiss women there were not allowed to vote until 1971. It’s kind of like a “just shut up and get back to your place!” sort of culture. Munter on the other hand also thinks there is corruption, telling that climate science has been corrupted by money and politics. That does not go down very well. To refute Munter’s claim, promptly contacted ProClim-Director Urs Neu (a state-supported institute). Neu denies the accusation, and cites an “evaluation of 12,000 scientific papers published between 1991 and 2011, which found that 97 percent of the authors suspect that human activity is the cause of climate change.” Right. And before 1970, a survey by Swiss men showed 97% of half of Swiss men believed that women were too dumb to vote. Again it’s the caveman wooden club of authority thing. sums up by quoting state-funded warmist University of Genf professor Martin Beniston on the need for skeptics like Munter: Skeptics allow scientists to tweek their arguments and to drive additional studies with which they can respond to their critics. If there had not been any opposition, then we would have been possible to make the great progress in climate science.” Right again: Swiss men also need a few women to talk back from time to time – because this is what has allowed them to make great progress in being better-knowing husbands. Hats off to Werner Munter for taking on such a conceited bunch.  

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