Obama’s Electric Car Fail: None Meet the 150-mile-per-gallon standard he promised

Obama’s Electric Car Fail

Only 40% of Obama’s electric cars are on the road. None meet the 150-mile-per gallon standard he promised.


Last year 17.5 million cars, SUVs, and light-weight trucks were sold in America. A mere 115,000 of those (two-thirds of one percent) were electric vehicles. Let’s press the rewind button back to the 2008 presidential campaign trail, in which Barack Obamadeclared:

we will help states like Michigan build the fuel-efficient cars we need, and we will get one million 150 mile-per-gallon plug-in hybrids on our roads within six years. [bold added]

In March 2009, two months after he became President, Obama delivered a speech at theSouthern California Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center in which he similarlyasserted:

we will put one million plug-in hybrid vehicles on America’s roads by 2015.

In these closing months of 2016, it’s reasonable to ask how those green promises worked out. In short: abysmally.

Governments at both the state and national level have tried to persuade consumers to buy electric vehicles by offering rebates totaling thousands of dollars a pop. But only about 400,000 are currently on US roads, including those purchased by government bodies. The only way we reach a million is by counting all the electric vehicles in the entire world.

Despite spending billions, Obama delivered less than half of the electric cars in the time frame he promised. And let’s not forget his insistence that these cars would achieve the equivalent of 150 miles per gallon. A 2016 US Department of Energy list of the 11 most efficient electric vehicles indicates that not a single one meets that criteria. BMW’s i3achieves 124 miles per gallon. The Chevrolet Spark is in second place at 119, and Vokswagen’s e-Golf is in third at 116.

The 11 best-case-scenario electric vehicles on the road eight years later fall 25% short of what Obama said would be entirely normal. Between them, they average only 112 miles per gallon. In other words, Obama and his speech writers were pulling numbers out of the air in 2008, confidently promising to meet goals they had no reason to believe were actually feasible.

Time and again, we run up against this problem. Anyone can stand at a podium and promise to make all manner of green fantasies come true. But even US presidents with billions at their command …

Call to ‘Cease tax-funded climate tourism’ – UN has ‘been ringmaster to a troupe of thousands at massive annual conferences held in exotic locations’

Cease tax-funded climate tourism

For at least 21 years now, the U.N. and the IPCC have been ringmaster to a troupe of thousands.  They perform at massive annual conferences held in exotic locations, serviced by top hotels and airlines, and funded largely, directly or indirectly, by reluctant taxpayers.  An estimated 45,000 attendees, including 114 from the Australian government, achieved nothing useful at Copenhagen and just more green tape in Paris.

Each of these climate-fests is preceded by numerous meetings of bureaucrats drafting and redrafting their wish lists.

You may use this cartoon with acknowledgment to www.clexit.net.

Now the U.N. Climateer-in-Chief, Ban Ki-moon, has jetted into the G20 summit in China to claim climate victory over climate skeptics.

Is there no end to this energy-wasting climate tourism?  If they believe that the science is settled, no more conferences are needed.

These hypocrites lecture “pay your own way” people like us on energy conservation.  Let’s see them lead by example and do their chatting and scheming on the internet at their own cost.

The 23-nation Clexit Coalition aims to stop all such tax-funded climate tourism.  This will be discussed this week in London, at a conference where all costs are being met by the organizers and attendees.

WATCH: Ontario Premier leaves climate change announcement in gas guzzling SUV

Premier Kathleen Wynne was at the Everygreen Brickworks in Toronto on Wednesday laying out the plan to fight climate change in the province.

Part of the plan is to encourage Ontarians to get behind the wheel of an electric car with a ‘cash for clunkers’ program.

That encourages people to trade in their inefficient, older vehicles, for newer vehicles.

But with that in mind, the Premier left the event in a Chevrolet Suburban, which comes with a V8 engine.

– See more at: http://www.newstalk1010.com/news/2016/06/08/watch-premier-wynne-leaves-climate-change-announcement-in-gas-guzzling-suv#sthash.4pZFBF2u.p1HnOhet.dpuf

Sen. Whitehouse says climate action need not be painful, trade your Mercedes for a Tesla


Speaking on climate change at the Munich Security Conference, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says that ‘mankind’ does not have to suffer in order to fight global warming.

Senator Whitehouse: “…I don’t want to leave the impression that mankind must suffer in order to make these changes. The changes in consumption can actually be enjoyable and beneficial. If you trade in your Mercedes for a Tesla, your quality of life just went up.”

Panel Discussion “Climate and Energy Security: Is the Heat Still on?”
Munich Security Conference 2016
Munich, Germany
February 13, 2016…

Bernie Sanders goes ‘carbon-neutral’ as Hillary Clinton breaks pledge

Mrs. Clinton, by contrast, appears to be breaking her own pledge to go carbon-neutral.

Despite assuring reporters last summer, after being caught flying in a private jet, that she would pay to offset greenhouse gases from her campaign travels, Mrs. Clinton has yet to make any such payments, according to a Washington Times analysis. Carbon offset providers said they have even tried to connect with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign to help her, but have heard silence.

Her omission is all the more striking because it marks a reversal not just from her pledge this summer, but also her practice from her 2008 campaign, when she paid more than $80,000 to offset her campaign’s greenhouse gas emissions from July 2007 to July 2008.…

Save the Earth, Skate to Work! ‘World’s Largest Skating Rink’ Provides ‘Carbon-Free’ Commute

Love winter? Like to skate? Then you need to know about Ottawa’s Rideau Canal Skateway, a four mile frozen canal system that connects suburbs to the heart of the Canadian capital. Dubbed “the world’s largest skating rink,” it’s a cultural attraction and also an emissions-free mode of transport for outdoors-loving Ottawans, who can often be seen commuting on blades to work at downtown offices and to classes at the university.…