Meet NASA’s New ‘James Hansen’ – Gavin Schmidt – the man who hates debate & loses when he does debate – He has been criticized by prominent scientists for ‘erroneously communicating the reality of the how climate system is actually behaving’

Climate Depot Round Up of NASA”s New Lead Global Warming Scientist

NASA’s new lead global warming scientist, Gavin Schmidt, has history of belittling skeptical scientists, suppressing debate, condoning making climate data “impenetrable” and many of his scientific claims and his website, have been harshly criticized by scientists from around the world.

Schmidt replaces NASA’s James Hansen as Director of its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Hansen retired in early 2013. See: NASA’s Lead Global Warming Scientist: Humans responsible for ’80 to 120% of the warming’ – Joe Romm gushes: ‘Meet Dr. Gavin Schmidt, NASA’s Replacement For James Hansen’ – Schmidt ‘was GISS deputy director, has a doctorate in applied mathematics, is ‘an expert in climate modeling.’

Hansen made a career out of smearing skeptics and getting arrested to draw attention to his opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. (For more on Hansen, see here, here, and here.:

Climate Depot has been following Gavin Schmidt’s career for years and presents the below round up of his climate change foibles.

Gavin Schmidt’s history: 

NASA’s Gavin Schmidt promotes hiding data!? I would simply put the whole CRU database (in an as-impenetrable-as-possible form’ – Warmist AGU gave a $25,000 award to Gavin Schmidt being the ‘best climate communicator in the world’

Physicist Dr. Motl rips Schmidt: ‘So if you want to be the best climate science communicator in the world, you have to release the data in an as-impenetrable-as-possible form. ;-)’

Prof. Pielke Jr. ‘I think we can get past the lie — and it was a lie — that these activist scientists, in the words of’s Gavin Schmidt, are not taking a political stand’

Israeli Astrophysicist Nir Shaviv has also been critical. “The aim of [Schmidt’s] is not to engage a sincere scientific debate. Their aim is to post a reply full of a straw man so their supporters can claim that your point ‘has been refuted by real scientists at,’” Shaviv’s website reported. Shaviv, who calls the website “,” noted that the “writers (at try again and again to concoct what appears to be deep critiques against skeptic arguments, but end up doing a very shallow job. All in the name of saving the world. How gallant of them.”

Schmidt on Climategate:’s Gavin Schmidt says skeptics are full of ‘paranoia’ and Climategate ‘has allowed the nutters to control the agenda’

Schmidt on Debate: