Climate Movement Falters As German Greens/Socialists Take Historic Election Trouncing

Last Sunday voters in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine Wesphalia (NRW), sent a loud message: voters are much more concerned about problems other than climate protection and green energies. The state’s ruling SPD Socialists/Green Party coalition government led by Hannelore Kraft took an historic beating, getting tossed out as the state swung far – from the left to the right.

Source: Climate Movement Falters As German Greens/Socialists Take Historic Election Trouncing

Are Microbiologists Climate-Denying Science Haters? – AGW world’s #1 Threat? ‘Not a single person raised hand’

By Alex Berezow

Recently, I gave a seminar on “fake news” to professors and grad students at a large public university. Early in my talk, I polled the audience: “How many of you believe climate change is the world’s #1 threat?”

Silence. Not a single person raised his or her hand.

Was I speaking in front of a group of science deniers? The College Republicans? Some fringe libertarian club? No, it was a room full of microbiologists.

How could so many incredibly intelligent people overwhelmingly reject what THE SCIENCE says about climate change? Well, they don’t. They just don’t see it as big of a threat to the world as other things. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them felt that antibiotic resistance and pandemic disease were the biggest global threats. One person thought geopolitical instability was the biggest concern.

I told them that I believed poverty was the world’s biggest threat. The reason is poverty is the underlying condition that causes so much misery in the world. Consider that 1.3 billion people don’t have electricity. And then consider how the lack of that basic necessity — what the rest of us take completely for granted — hinders their ability to develop economically and to succeed, let alone to have access to adequate healthcare. If we fix poverty, we could stop easily preventable health problems, such as infectious disease and malnutrition.

Was I booed out of the room? No, the audience understood why I believed what I did. But woe unto you who try to have a similar conversation with climate warriors.

Can Smart People Disagree About the Threat of Climate Change?

What so many in the media (and apparently the climate science community) fail to understand is that people have different values and priorities. Foreign policy analysts are terrified of North Korea. Economists fear Brexit and a Eurozone collapse. Geologists, especially those in the Pacific Northwest, fear a huge earthquake. Experts across the spectrum perceive threats differently, usually magnifying those with which they are most familiar.

That means smart people can accept a common core of facts (such as the reality of anthropogenic global warming) without agreeing on a policy response.

Yet instead of being a place to debate a policy response for complex science issues, the media have chosen to be an extension of the militant Twitterverse. Even if you are just discussing courses of …

Climate ‘Scientists’ Make the Election Pollsters Look Accurate…and 10x as Smart

Back in the 1970’s coming ice age scare, the climate alarmists were recommending spreading black soot over the North Pole in order to MELT THE ARCTIC SEA ICE!!! That isn’t a joke. Today they are hysterical about the natural variation of it being on the down-swing. Note how no matter what the situation, the answer is always greater government involvement and spending more of other people’s money.Capture13

While melting the Polar Ice Caps and stockpiling food back in the 1970s would have been one of the greatest misallocation or resources since Stalin collectivized the Soviet Farms, the political left just doesn’t seem to learn from history. In an effort to prepare for the “Endless California Drought,” California ironically didn’t build desalination plants to produce clean fresh water to address the water shortage, they implemented strict water rationing and built wind and solar farms. That may make sense to a population that buys “skinny jeans” to lose weight, and drive “smart cars” and use “smart phones” and live is “smart homes” on the “smart grid” to make these pseudo-intellectuals feel intelligent. To a real person, intelligence is demonstrated by developing proper and feasible solutions to existing real problems.


Californians must have failed basic geometry, or slept through the class where the lecture was the “shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” To solve a water shortage, the most effective way to address the problem is by building desalination plants. California has an unlimited supply of water called the Pacific Ocean, they just need to process it for drinking. I fail to make the connection between a water shortage, CO2 and building wind and solar farms. If feeling smug and sanctimonious made it rain, then California would have its solution. Unfortunately, self-defeating symbolic efforts may make misguided Californians feel good about themselves, it doesn’t solve the water problem.

Anywho, that isn’t the point. The point is that by following the advice of climate “experts” California was focused on an endless drought when they should have been focused on the coming floods. California has a cyclical history of droughts and floods, man- made CO2 didn’t repeal that natural cycle. Californian droughts ALWAYS end, they always have, and they always will, regardless of the amount of man-made CO2. The real problem Californians now face is that their dams and other river/water control infrastructure have been severely …

New UK Govt Policy: ‘Less Climate Concern’ Key To Brexit Trade

New Govt Policy: ‘Less Climate Concern’ Key To Brexit Trade

Government papers reveal plan to tone down stance on environment in bid to win deals with Latin America and Africa Civil service documents, photographed on a train, reveal that Britain plans to scale down its concern over climate change and the trade in illegal wildlife to clear the way for post-Brexit trade deals. Details of the policy change were contained in the papers of a senior civil servant at the Department for International Trade (DIT) photographed by a passenger earlier this month. They include the speech notes of Tim Hitchens, the director-general of economic and consular affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The notes show he will tell diplomats and trade negotiators that they need to change their focus if the UK is to fulfil Theresa May’s vision of Britain as “a great, global trading nation”. “You have a crucial role to play in posts in implementing our new approach to prosperity against the huge changes stemming from last year’s Brexit vote,” the notes say. “Trade and growth are now priorities for all posts — you will all need to prioritise developing capability in this area. Some economic security-related work like climate change and illegal wildlife trade will be scaled down.” Hitchens was unavailable for comment but Whitehall sources said the change of emphasis will make it easier to sign trade deals with countries in Latin America and Africa. At the moment, trade and aid arrangements with these countries can get bogged down with clauses that put environmental protections ahead of economic prosperity. Full story

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2016’s biggest loser: Big Green — ‘Voters turned thumbs down on the climate change lobby’

In so many ways climate change was one of the primary issues that allowed Donald Trump to crash through the blue wall of the industrial Midwest. The Democrats’ preposterous opposition to building the Keystone XL pipeline which could create as many as 10,000 high-paying construction, welding, pipefitting, electrician jobs is emblematic of how the party that is supposed to represent union workers turned their backs on their own members and their families.

The Paris climate change treaty puts America last and forces us to stop using cheap, reliable and abundant domestic fossil fuels while the rest of the world — particularly China and India — are all in on coal. Nobody in Washington seemed to notice that as The Wall Street Journal reported last month: “China’s government will raise coal production by as much as 20% by 2020, ensuring a continuing strong role for the commodity in the country’s energy future.” That’s more than the entire energy usage of Canada in a year. Um, does this sound like a country that has any interest in cutting its carbon emissions? Amazing that the truck drivers in Indiana, and the coal workers in West Virginia, and the steel producers in Ohio get that the rest of the world is laughing at us, and the president of the United States doesn’t.

The surprise of this election is that Democrats were surprised by the mass voter rejection of the radical climate change agenda. Every poll for the last five years at least has shown that climate change barely registers as a leading concern of American voters. Jobs and the economy were always issues number one and two, and global warming was usually close to last on the list. A 2015 Fox News poll found that only 3 percent of Americans believed that climate change was “the most important issue facing America today.” That means 97 percent disagreed with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernard Sanders and Tom Steyer that global warming was the greatest threat to America. This didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from telling West Virginians that she would put every coal miner out of a job. Then she wonders why she got crushed in this unionized historically reliable Democratic state.

The issue that now confronts Democrats is whether they can reconnect with blue collar union voters by disassociating themselves from the fanatical greens that are trying to destroy union blue collar jobs. It won’t …

Cheers! Warmist Atlantic Mag laments: ‘Trump & the Triumph of Climate-Change Denial’

By CLARE FORAN is an associate editor at The Atlantic.
Trump’s election is a triumph of climate denial, and will elevate him to the top of a Republican Party where prominent elected officials have publicly rejected the climate consensus. It’s not that the presidential election was a referendum on global warming. Climate change barely came up during the presidential debates, and voters rated the environment as a far less pressing concern than issues like the economy, terrorism, and health care.

Trump’s victory sends a message that failing to embrace climate science still isn’t disqualifying for a presidential candidate, even as scientists warn that the devastating consequences of global warming are under way and expected to intensify in the years ahead.

If Trump fails to take climate change seriously, the federal government may do little to address the threat of a warming planet in the next four years. A presidential administration hostile to climate science also threatens to deepen, or at the very least prolong, the skepticism that already exists in American political life. “If the Trump administration continues to push the false claim that global warming is a hoax, not happening, not human caused, or not a serious problem, I’d expect many conservative Republican voters to follow their lead,” said Anthony Leiserowitz, the director of Yale University’s Program on Climate Change Communication.