Michael Mann says lawsuit against National Review is on! Climate Depot responds to Mann and his lawyer’s claims about the Hockey Stick & Climategate

Climate Depot Editorial

Climategate figure and Penn State Professor Michael Mann is threatening to sue National Review for a critical article of Mann and his now infamous “Hockey Stick” temperature graph of Northern Hemisphere temperatures claiming to show unprecedented 20th century warming.

See: National Review Responds to Michael Mann’s lawsuit threat: ‘Get Lost!’ & Michael Mann lawsuit: ‘Does Mann really want to litigate hockey stick in a court of law? Does he in fact want to dig into any of his unscientific behavior in a venue in which he will be under oath…’

Mann’s lawyer John B. Williams of Cozen O’Connor issued the following statement on August 23, 2012.

Excerpt: “The response of the National Review is telling with respect to the issues it did not address. It did not address, or even acknowledge, the fact that Dr. Mann’s research has been extensively reviewed by a number of independent parties, including the National Science Foundation, with never a suggestion of any fraud or research misconduct. It did not address, or even acknowledge, the fact that Dr. Mann’s conclusions have been replicated by no fewer than twelve independent studies. It did not deny the fact that it was aware that Dr. Mann has been repeatedly exonerated of any fraudulent conduct.” (For the complete statement see here.)

Mann added: “We intend to file a lawsuit.” (For more on Mann’s lawyer, see: Michael Mann lawyers up with Tobacco Lawyers! Represented by experienced defamation lawyer John B. Williams who successfully represented R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company)

Climate Depot responds to key points made by Mann’s lawyer John B. Williams in the above statement.

Mann’s lawyer John B. Williams: “…Dr. Mann’s research has been extensively reviewed by a number of independent parties, including the National Science Foundation, with never a suggestion of any fraud or research misconduct’

Climate Depot Response: Mann’s research has been subjected to nearly a decade of intense scrutiny by his colleagues, climate researchers and institutions. See: 2010: Head of UK Royal Statistical Society Prof. David Hand: Michael Mann’s ‘Hockey stick’ graph was exaggerated — ‘The ‘hockey stick’ that became emblematic of the threat posed by climate change exaggerated the rise in temperature because it was created using ‘inappropriate’ methods…would have shown less dramatic results if more reliable techniques had been used to analyze the data’

2009: UN scientists turn on each other: UN Scientist Declares Climategate

Climate Depot applauds V.P. pick Paul Ryan’s climate science views and his understanding of the Climategate scandal

Climate Depot Editorial

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano statement: “Rep. Paul Ryan has an awesome energy & climate record. It will be so refreshing to have a VP candidate who actually understands how warmists like James Hansen, Michael Oppenheimer, Michael Mann, Phil Jones, & Kevin Trenberth have perverted science and turned it into pure politics”

Nice Pick! Romney’s VP Candidate Rep. Paul Ryan: Climatologists ‘Intentionally Mislead The Public On Climate Change’ — Ryan: ‘The CRU (Climategate) e-mail scandal reveals a perversion of the scientific method, where data were manipulated to support a predetermined conclusion’

Romney chose well! Special Report about Paul Ryan on Global Warming — ‘According to his voting record on energy and oil, Ryan is about as conservative as they come’

The VP candidate Ryan and Climategate — He understands Climategate perfectly!

Climate Depot’s Morano Response: “Rep. Paul Ryan understood that the Climategate scandal revealed activist scientists bent on protecting the global warming narrative at all costs. No amount of sham Penn State or Lord Oxburgh or Muir Russell investigations can change that. The fact is, the global warming industry pretended to investigate itself and of course it pretended to have found no wrongdoing.” (More on alleged Climategate ‘investigations’ here and here.)

Watch Now: In 2009 VP Pick Paul Ryan slammed ‘big brother’ climate bill: Ryan: ‘This bill is not about science, it’s not about cost and benefits. It’s about ideology’Ryan: ‘What will U.S have achieved? It will have pushed production off our shores, jobs will be lost, prices will go up and other countries will take those jobs…This unilateral big government, big brother bill is not good for the planet, it’s not good for the economy’

‘Ryan is an avid outdoorsman, is for a clean environment & for resource conservation programs. He says protecting environment go hand in hand with our efforts to expand our economy’

Warmists’ at Think Progress upset: ‘Meet Paul Ryan: Climate Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Koch Acolyte’ — He ‘is a virulent denier of climate science, with a voting record to match’ — ‘Ryan has voted to prevent EPA from limiting greenhouse pollution’

VP pick: Paul Ryan’s energy platform: ‘Ending cronyism’: ‘Ryan got under Obama’s skin by calling for killing the president’s favored green-energy subsidies’ — Would ‘immediately terminate all programs that allow government to play venture capitalist with taxpayers’ money” — a clear shot at