Ted Cruz: ‘Climate Change Is Not Science. It’s Religion.’

Glenn sat down with Ted Cruz one on one so his audience could get to know the Senator a little more and find out where he stands on various issues. When discussing climate change, Cruz related an experience where he made a point to make it clear to everyone he’s a “skeptic” of climate change. Citing satellite data showing no significant warming, Cruz explained why he thinks those who promote the idea of climate change choose to ignore such facts. “Climate change is not science, it’s religion,” Cruz said.

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Ted Cruz: CNN’s PC Moderator Ignored Me as ‘Climate Skeptic’



Appearing after the debate on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Cruz noted that he tried to jump in on the global warming debate, but moderator Jake Tapper cut him off, saying many candidates already had discussed it:

“The moderator asked folks who ran away from the issue and were afraid to take it on,” Cruz said. I tried to jump in and say ‘Hey, you want a skeptic, I’ll be one,’ and the moderator didn’t want me to answer that.”


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GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz Says Global Warming Alarmists Like ‘Flat-Earthers’


“On the global warming alarmists, anyone who actually points to the evidence that disproves their apocalyptical claims, they don’t engage in reasoned debate. What do they do? They scream, ‘You’re a denier.’ They brand you a heretic. Today, the global warming alarmists are the equivalent of the flat-Earthers. It used to be that it is accepted scientific wisdom the Earth is flat, and this heretic named Galileo was branded a denier,” Cruz said. …