Daily Caller: ‘Global warming skeptic Morano buries Sierra Club director under avalanche of facts’ in CNN Debate

Morano also got into it with climate activist Felipe Cousteau, who tried to catalog the human toll of carbon. “We need to get out of this bickering, and start dealing with the very human cost” of climate change, he said.

“When you have Felipe Cousteau talk about the children — children benefit from carbon-based energy,” Morano replied. “As you look around the world, 1.2 billion people don’t have running water, electricity, living in dire poverty. They need coal plants and natural gas and oil. That is the most pro-child thing you can do.
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Watch Now: Excerpt of CNN Global Warming Debate Featuring Climate Depot’s Morano vs. Sierra Club’s Michael Brune & Philippe Cousteau Jr. (Full Video & Transcript Coming Soon)

Update: Full Transcript Available here: 

Morano Smacks Down Sierra Club Director: ‘Sierra Club Took 26 Million From Natural Gas’

By Noel Sheppard | December 11, 2013 | 00:35
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For years, climate alarmists have dishonestly accused global warming skeptics of taking money from Big Oil to do their bidding.

On CNN’s 11th Hour Tuesday, when Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune made such a claim, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano marvelously fired back, “The Sierra Club took 26 million from natural gas and Michael has the audacity to try to imply that skeptics are fossil fuel funded” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MICHAEL BRUNE, SIERRA CLUB: All of what Marc said would be very compelling if it were true. This is something that has been settled. The science is settled right now. The top climate scientists in the world, thousands of them, are now as confident that climate change is real as they are that cigarettes make people sick. The only folks who are arguing this are the occasional climate skeptic or the people who are paid for by the fossil fuel industry. We know that the extreme weather events that we’re seeing, the record wildfires, the record droughts, the extreme storms that we’re seeing, the hurricane that we saw with 1,000-mile diameter that hit the eastern seaboard late October of last year, are precisely what scientists have said would be the cause of global warming and climate change.

A few moments later, host Don Lemon asked Morano about a new study in the journal Nature claiming Arctic ice levels are linked to extreme weather further south. Morano responded:

MARC MORANO, CLIMATE DEPOT: It’s a wild theory. They had similar theories in the 1970s trying to blame extreme weather on these kind of variables. The bottom line is the Arctic ice was started monitoring in 1979 at a high point of the 1970s global cooling scare. We lost ice. This year by the way we rebounded depending on what dates you want to pick almost a third or more of the ice, and global sea ice currently is highest in 25 years. Antarctic sea ice is at or near record, which no one wants to talk about Antarctic sea ice because it’s inconvenient to the narrative.

But the idea that we’re having extreme weather, listening to Michael talk there, it’s mind boggling. I mean,