Spreading Climate-Religion Wackiness… Now ‘Mobile Phones Are Climate-KIllers’…’13 Megatonnes Of CO2’!

Spreading Climate-Religion Wackiness… Now “Mobile Phones Are Climate-KIllers”…”13 Megatonnes Of CO2″!


Just a couple of anecdotes today to illustrate how wacky the climate-change religion is getting.
First is a short blurb appearing at the online Linux Magazine bearing the title: “Mobile phones are climate killers“. This is for real.
Using your mobile phone and sending text messages apparently is contributing to bad weather and the death of the climate. Linux magazine writes:
The greenhouse gases coming from the recharging of mobile phone and tablets – this year already will be 6.4 megatonnes, about half of what is projected for 2019, – is equivalent to the emissions of about 1.1 million cars.”
Linux Magazine cites a study conducted by Juniper Research.
The other sign showing the climate trend is getting increasingly kooky that caught my eye today is a photo posted by Rudolf Kipp at Facebook.

Photo: Rudolf Kipp
Would you like your wine dry, sweet…or green?
I’m sure glad I drink Scotch instead. And when it comes to wine, I never liked Dornfelder anyhow.
And seeing how masses of people are stupid and gullible enough to accept all the nonsense hook, line and sinker, a little Scotch now and then certainly helps.
And a final word to all the distillers of Scotch out there. I warn you: If I hear or see any of this bio/sustainable madness with regards to the production of your products, then I’ll never buy another bottle from you again. I hope especially you Islay distillers take note.