Sir David Attenborough on Trump: ‘We could shoot him. It’s not a bad idea’


Until now, Sir David Attenborough was one of the few individuals in the public eye not to have broached the ever-present, all-pervasive topic of Donald Trump. However, the naturalist and beloved broadcaster has now given his assessment of the situation and suggested a way to counter the Republican’s ascent to power which, believe it or not, involves a gun.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the nonagenarian was probed about how we solve a problem like Mr Trump and quipped: “We could shoot him”.

Sir David, who returns to screens for Planet Earth II this weekend, said the British public had no way of influencing the outcome of the US presidential elections so proposed an altogether more extreme solution.

“Well, we lived through that with earlier presidents – they’ve been equally guilty… But what alternative do we have? Do we have any control or influence over the American elections? Of course we don’t,” he said.

Adopting a hushed tone, he said: “We could shoot him, it’s not a bad idea” before chuckling.