Live Blogging of Senate Climate Hearing Via Twitter Feed – Sen John Boozman says ‘issue is whether climate science is so good that Senators can adjust global temps from where they sit.’

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Updated 1:31  PM ET:

Sen hearing wrap-up — another backfire for warmism. GOP Senators strong. EPA dodgy. Skeptic Judith Curry strong. Boxer bails on own hearing.

Sen hearing: Sen Whitehouse claims certainty of sea level rise because his Rhode Island tide gauge gas risen 10 inches.

Sen hearing: Judith Curry defends against Sen Whitehouse attack. Says her thinking has evolved on climate since 2007 when she was a warmist.

Sen hearing: Sen Whitehouse presses Curry on what it means to be a skeptic. Curry says science is not about calling people names.

Sen hearing reveals upside to pollution: Sen Whitehouse says Chinese Communists worried about air pollution as a threat to their rule.

Sen hearing: NRDC warmist admits we shouldn’t do ‘crazy’ things on climate. So climate debate is “depends on what the meaning of ‘crazy’ is”

Sen hearing: Sen @JohnBoozman traps warmist Dessler on Nonsensus. Dessler admits many doctors once thought smoking was OK.

Sen hearing: Judith Curry says no way to attribute hurricane intensity to humans. Dessler admits no knowledge of attribution science.

Sen hearing: Judith Curry says much more research needs to be done on climate variability. Jumping to what needs to be done is wrong.

Sen hearing: Judith Curry says we shouldn’t pretend to know what will happen with 21st century climate. Labels such pretension as ‘hubris.’

Sen hearing: Curry says extreme weather dependent on natural climate variability. Will see more losses just b/c there are more people.

Sen hearing: Curry says climate models overly sensitive to CO2. Current warming stop could last until 2030s. CO2 not a temp. ‘control knob’.

Sen hearing: Skeptic Judith Curry says evidence of manmade warming now weaker than IPCC 2007 report.

Sen hearing: Attention frackers… NRDC warmists says EPA needs to crack down on methane emissions. Climate hell coming your way!

Sen hearing: NRDC warmist says EPA is justified in mandating CO2 capture/storage technology that does not exist.

Sen hearing: Warmist Andrew Dessler admits pause… But claims lack of warming doesn’t mean warming stopped. Claims models can predict pauses.

Sen hearing: Sen. Boxer’s new climate Nonsensus — 97% of young voters believe in climate change. Yes, she really said it.

Sen hearing howler: Sen. Boxer says unless EPA can regulate CO2, US environment could become like China’s.

Sen hearing: Proof of global warming for Sen. Boxer is that a poll said only 3% of younger voters don’t believe climate change is happening.

Sen hearing: @SenatorSessions says EPA acting without explicit legal authorization to regulate any CO2 emission of Americans.

Sen hearing: Sen @DavidVitter calls Boxer’s mention of 97% climate Nonsensus a ‘cartoonish gloss over science.’

Sen hearing: Sen. Whitehouse says Munich Re & insurers worried about warming. But Munich re study said no link between climate and losses.

Sen hearing: Sen. Whitehouse claims ‘massive peer-reviewed consensus’ linking extreme weather with CO2.

Sen hearing: Sen @JohnBoozman gets EPA chief to admit Obama climate plan will not solve climate change. @GinaEPA admits it’s a global issue.

Sen hearing: Sen @JohnBoozman forces EPA chief to admit Boxer attack on Koch Bros. unwarranted.

Sen hearing: Defending EPA staff comments in e-mails, EPA chief @GinaEPA says ‘there’s a lot of jibber jabber’ in agencies.

Sen hearing: @SenFischer confronts EPA chief w/Sierra Club’s ‘pants on fire’ e-mail abt CO2 capture viability. @GinaEPA again denies knowing

Sen hearing: This is the second straight Senate climate hearing that is backfiring on warmism. Sen. Boxer leaves hearing, runs away again!

Sen hearing: @GinaEPA says ‘I just believe what climate scientists tell me.’ @SenatorSessions blows EPA chief out of water.

Sen hearing: EPA chief refuses 2 confirm Obama claim global temps rising faster than ever. Go @SenatorSessions! @GinaEPA denies knowledge.

Sen hearing: @SenatorSessions ripping up warmism climate claims — asks Obama appointees to respond — nada.

Sen hearing: @SenatorSessions says upcoming Dem witness testimony on ocean temps will debunk ‘ocean at my warming’ claim.

Sen hearing: @SenatorSessions mocks Sen. Whitehouse for making temp claim about “surface atmosphere.’

Sen hearing: @SenJohnBarrasso confronts EPA chief with e-mails showing EPA collusion with Sierra Club on coal rules. @GinaEPA denies, dodges

Sen hearing: @SenJohnBarrasso confronts EPA chief with White House OMB comments that CO2 capture not demonstrated. @GinaEPA denies.

Sen hearing: Sen Whitehouse says ocean has eaten 93% of the warming — gets assent from Obama appointed bureaucrat panelists.

Sen hearing: Sen Whitehouse accuses skeptics of saying ‘climate change has stopped.’ Wrong. No warming in 17 yrs, which climate models miss.

Sen hearing: Sen. Whitehouse says he is prepared to accept economic impacts on families of Obama climate rules.

Sen hearing: EPA chief refuses to commit to considering job losses caused by coal plant climate rule.

Sen climate hearing: EPA chief denies delay in publishing coal plant rule due to White House election timing concerns.

Dem-EPA strategy at Senate climate hearing so far is issue avoidance, name-calling, distraction and stonewalling.

Sen hearing: Sen @DavidVitter says EPA changed ‘social cost of carbon’ in secret process (avoiding oversight, public comment).

Sen hearing: EPA chief sets up Data Quality Act challenge by claiming robust data set establishes CO2 capture as commercially demonstrated.

Sen hearing: EPA chief dodges Sen @DavidVitter question about how EPA missed/ignored plain illegality of coal plant proposal.

Sen hearing: Boxer and EPA chief engage in Kabuki that EPA is being ‘forced’ by ‘threat of lawsuit’ to act on climate.

Sen climate hearing: Boxer insults GOP Senators by name 2 cause them 2 use their 5 minutes correcting record instead of asking questions.

Sen hearing: Boxer invokes climate Nonsensus, Koch Bros. smoking/cancer — anything but what’s NOT happening to global temperatures.

Sen hearing: White House CEQ chief claims planet continues to warm… what planet is she talking about? 17 yrs of no warming on Earth.

Sen hearing: @SenatorWicker hopes climate science can be discussed with respect, citing Sen Whitehouse stmt that skepticism is scandal.

Sen hearing: Sen @JohnBoozman says ‘issue is whether climate science is so good that Senators can adjust global temps from where they sit.’

Sen climate hearing: @SenatorFischer points out the expense of ‘clean’ energy is causing it to fail as public policy worldwide.

Senate climate hearing:@SenSessions says Obama false temperature claims worse than ‘you can keep your doctor…’

Senate climate hearing: @SenSessions says ‘predictions of warming have simply not occurred as predicted. This deserves analysis.’

Senate climate hearing: Sen @CoryBooker says global warming makes Newark, NJ hotter than other places and causes asthma in children.

Senate climate hearing: @SenJimInhofe says EPA manipulated rule making schedule to avoid finalizing anti-coal rule before 2014 elections.

Senate climate hearing: @SenJimInhofe points out no climate model predicted the global warming stop.

Senate climate hearing: @SenJimInhofe points out Obama ‘made up’ claims that global temp was increasing faster than ever.

Senate climate hearing: @SenJohnBarrasso says EPA policy is ‘If you like your electricity you can’t keep it.’

Senate climate hearing: @SenJohnBarrasso cites e-mails showing EPA colluded with Sierra Club to write anti-coal rules.

Senate climate hearing: @SenJohnBarrasso says EPA out to get coal coal first and then natural gas. You frackers paying attention?

Senate hearing: Sen. Whitehouse says sea level rise measured with ‘yard stick.’ Really? 3 millimeters per year?

Senate hearing: Sen. Whitehouse says ‘propaganda machine behind climate denial effort will go down in history as one of greatest scandals.’

Sen @DavidVitter rocks in opening statement at climate hearing, slamming Obama EPA, science, economics, & transparency.

Senate climate hearing beginning now on C-SPAN3. Features EPA chief Gina McCarthy and scientist Judith Curry.