Scientists balk at ‘hottest year’ claims: Ignores Satellites showing 18 Year ‘Pause’ – ‘We are arguing over the significance of hundredths of a degree’ – The ‘Pause’ continues

The global warming establishment and the media are crowing about 2010 being in a tie for the “hottest year” ever. The UK Guardian headline sums up the media’s promotion:

UK Guardian: ‘Hottest Year’ Claim: 2014 officially the ‘hottest year’ on record US government scientists say – ‘Nasa and Noaa scientists report 2014 was 0.07F (0.04C) higher than previous records…The global average temperatures over land and sea surface for the year was 1.24F (0.69C) above the 20th century average, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) and Nasa reported. The scientists said 2014 was 0.07F (0.04C) higher than the previous records set in 2005 and 2010.’

But scientists and climate skeptics are countering that the claims of “hottest year” are based on immeasurable temperature differences that are based on hundredths of a degree differences.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano issued this statement: “There are dueling global datasets — surface temperature records and satellite records — and they disagree. The satellites show an 18 year plus global warming ‘standstill and the satellite was set up to be “more accurate” than the surface records. See: Flashback: 1990 NASA Report: ‘Satellite analysis of upper atmosphere is more accurate, & should be adopted as the standard way to monitor temp change.’

Any temperature claim of “hottest  year” based on surface data is based on hundredths of a degree hotter than previous “hottest years”. This immeasurable difference is not even within the margin of error of temperature gauges. The claim of the “hottest year” is simply a political statement not based on temperature facts. “Hottest year” claims are based on minute fractions of a degree while ignoring satellite data showing Earth is continuing the 18 plus year ‘pause’ or ‘standstill’. See: The Great Pause lengthens again: Global temperature update: The Pause is now 18 years 3 months (219 months)

Monckton jan 2014

Claiming 2014 is the “hottest year” on record based on hundredths of a degree temperature difference is a fancy way of saying the global warming ‘pause’ is continuing.”

End Morano statement. (Morano was former staff of U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and producer of upcoming documentary Climate Hustle. He also testified in West VA on the climate school curriculum. )


Even former NASA global warming chief scientist  James Hansen, the leading proponent of man-made global warming in the U.S., conceded in 2011 that the “hottest year” rankings are essentially meaningless. Hansen explained that 2010 differed from 2005 by less than 2 hundredths of a degree F (that’s 0.018F). “It’s not particularly important whether 2010, 2005, or 1998 was the hottest year on record,” Hansen admitted on January 13.

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, former chair of the school of earth and atmospheric sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology, had this to say about 2014 being the ‘hottest year’: “The ‘warmest year’ is noticeably missing in the satellite data sets of lower atmospheric temperatures,” Curry wrote on January 16.

Curry predicts another decade of a global warming ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’. “I’ve made my projection – global surface temperatures will remain mostly flat for at least another decade,” she eexplained 

“With 2014 essentially tied with 2005 and 2010 for hottest year, this implies that there has been essentially no trend in warming over the past decade. This ‘almost’ record year does not help the growing discrepancy between the climate model projections and the surface temperature observations,” Curry told the Washington Post.

Curry continued: “Berkeley Earth (temperature analysis) sums it up well with this statement: ‘That is, of course, an indication that the Earth’s average temperature for the last decade has changed very little.’

Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels, mocked the notion of the “hottest year.”   “Whether or not a given year is a hundredth of a degree or so above a previous record is not the issue. What IS the issue is how observed temperatures compare to what has been forecast to happen,” Michaels said.

Michaels continued: “John Christy and Richard McNider, from University of Alabama (Huntsville) recently compared climate model projections to observed lower atmospheric temperatures as measured by two independent sources: satellites and weather balloons. They found that the average warming predicted to have occurred since 1979 (when the satellite data starts) is approximately three times larger than what is being observed.”

Climatologist Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric sciences, University of Alabama-Huntsville, noted satellites do not agree with “warmest year” claims. “The satellite and balloon data of the deep atmosphere have 2014 in a cluster of warmish years well below the hottest two of 1998 and 2010″, Christy said.

Christy continued: “With the government agencies reporting that the surface temperature as highest ever, we have a puzzle. The puzzle is even more puzzling because theory (i.e. models) indicate the opposite should be occurring – greater warmth in the deep atmosphere than the surface. So, there are just many very basic and fundamental aspects of the global climate we have yet to comprehend.”

Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr., professor of atmospheric science, Colorado State University, downplayed the accuracy of the surface temperature record. “There remain significant uncertainties in the accuracy of the land portion of the surface temperature data, where we have found a significant warm bias. Thus, the reported global average surface temperature anomaly is also too warm.”

“More generally, we need to move beyond just assessing global warming, but examine how (and if) key atmospheric and ocean circulations, such as El Nino, La Nina, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, etc. are changing in their intensity, structure and frequency. These are the climate features that determine if a region has drought, floods, and so forth, not a global average surface temperature anomaly,” Pielke added.

Astrophysicist Dr. Dr David Whitehouse declared “talk of a record is scientifically and statistically meaningless.’ “The addition of 2014 global temperature data confirms that the post-1997 standstill seen in global annual average surface temperature has continued,” Whitehouse wrote on January 16.

“According to the Nasa global temperature database 2014 was technically a record ‘beating’ 2010 by the small margin of 0.02 deg C. The NASA press release is highly misleading saying that 2014 is a record without giving the actual 2014 figure, or any other year, or its associated error.”

“In reality of course it is no record at all as the error of the measurements is about +/- 0.1 deg C showing NasaGiss’ statement to go against the normal treatment of observational data and its errors. Talk of a record is therefore scientifically and statistically meaningless,” Whitehouse added.

“It is clear beyond doubt by now that there is a growing discrepancy between computer climate projections and real-world data that questions their ability to produce meaningful projections about future climatic conditions,” Whitehouse concluded.

Another analysis noted: NASA Hottest Year Claims Not Supported By The Data: NASA admitted in 2011 that “hottest year” differences were “smaller than the uncertainty in comparing the temperatures of recent years.”

Via the website ‘Not A Lot Of People Know That: “Nowhere does their (NASA 2015) press release tell us that it only beat the previous record by a tiny, effectively unmeasurable 0.02C. Nor do they mention that the error bars are many times greater, or even tell us what they are. This is all very strange because in their (NASA) report on 2010 Global Temperatures, NASA said:

“Global surface temperatures in 2010 tied 2005 as the warmest on record, according to an analysis released Wednesday by researchers at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. The two years differed by less than 0.018 degrees Fahrenheit. The difference is smaller than the uncertainty in comparing the temperatures of recent years, putting them into a statistical tie.”

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue of Florida State University ridiculed the same “hottest year” rankings in 2010 and NASA’s Hansen’s admission that it “was not particularly important” which year was declared the “hottest.” “Well, then stop issuing press releases which tout the rankings, which are subject to change ex post facto,” Maue demanded in a January 14, 2011 commentary at

Other prominent scientists have said that temperature rise since 1850 has been very small.

See: Top Swedish Climate Scientist Says Warming Not Noticeable: ‘The warming we have had last a 100 years is so small that if we didn’t have climatologists to measure it we wouldn’t have noticed it at all’ – Award-Winning Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, formerly of UN IPCC: ‘We Are Creating Great Anxiety Without It Being Justified’. Dr. Bengtsson announced his skeptical climate views in 2014.

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever, declared his dissent on global warming and noted that the temperature rise over the 20th century was “so little. It is not even fever.”  Giaever won a Nobel Prize for physics.

“.8 degrees we will be discussing in global warming. .8 degrees if you ask people in general they will think it is 4 or 5 degrees they don’t know it is so little. It is not even fever,” Giaever said.

“I am amazed that the temperature can be so stable,” Giaever explained. ‘The temperature (of the Earth) has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this ‘warming’ period.’

“I don’t see that co2 is the cause of all this problem,” he added.

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No Record Temperatures According To Satellites – BBC put up a deliberately apocalyptic picture while telling us the world is on course for the warmest year on record. What they failed to tell us was that the more accurate satellites, which monitor atmospheric temperatures over nearly all of the globe, say no such thing.  Figures from UAH are out for November, and these show a drop from the  October anomaly of 0.27C to 0.33C. This means that at the end of November, this year is only in a tie for 3rd with 2005, and well below the record year of 1998, and 2010.

Flashback: 1990 NASA Report: ‘Satellite analysis of upper atmosphere is more accurate, & should be adopted as the standard way to monitor temp change.’

2014 ‘Warmest ever’? ‘Conflicting Reports’ – Surface temps show it may be warmer by ‘a couple hundredths of a degree Celsius’ — A Fancy Ways of Saying Temp Standstill Continues! – ‘As a result of data and computational uncertainty,  none of the surface compilations will 2014 be statistically different from 2010’ – ‘The three major groups calculating the average surface temperature of the earth (land and ocean combined) all are currently indicating that 2014 will likely nudge out 2010 (by a couple hundredths of a degree Celsius) to become the warmest year in each dataset (which begin in mid-to-late 1800s).’ – ‘The two satellite datasets ‘show that 2014 is nowhere near the warmest (in data which starts in 1979), trailing 1998 by several tenths of a degree Celsius. This difference is so great that it statistically clear that 2014 will not be a record year…The super El Niño of 1998 set a high temperature mark that will likely stand for many years to come, or at least until another huge El Niño occurs.’ – ‘If you want 2014 to be the “warmest year ever recorded” you can find data to back you up, and if you prefer it not be, well, you can find data to back up that position as well. In all cases, the former will make headlines.’

Study using dozens of models Claims: ‘Warming Climate Can Be Slowed in a Decade’ by cutting CO2

Climate Depot Note: If future temps continue to flatline or even cool, warmists can claim climate policy is responsible. They are already doing it! See: It’s Official — Temperature ‘Pause’ Caused By Climate Policies?! Medieval witchcraft lives! UK Energy Minister: Government policies ‘may have slowed down global warming’ 

AP’s Seth Borenstein publishes pure propaganda: Climate change has made Earth ‘hotter, weirder…downright wilder’

Climate Depot’s Morano comment: ‘AP’s Borenstein can be trusted to shill for UN’s climate summit in Lima Peru, which I will be attending and speaking at. Borenstein relies on Michael Oppenheimer (who is the UN scientists on the payroll of Hollywood stars) and Climategate’s Michael Mann. Borenstein ignores tide gauges on sea level  showing deceleration of sea level rise and ignores satellite temperatures which show the Earth in an 18 year ‘pause’ or ‘standstill’ of global warming. Borenstein tortures data in order to claim more weather extremes. We are currently at or near historic lows in tornadoes and hurricanes. Even droughts are on long term declines and floods show no trend. We know not to expect more from Borenstein.’ See: ‘Long sad history of AP reporter Seth Borenstein’s woeful global warming reporting’

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  1. We know NASA is a division of the U.S. government. The administration wants hahahahaha global warming legislation to take more money out of our pockets and force us to live like they think we should live. I’m not buying anything these people have to say. The earth is not warming, they are lying, and they should move on and forget this mess the world is trying to heap upon us.

    1. Thy’ve politicized every department of government. Even the weather has been politicized. All with the goal of centralizing more power and money toward them, the political class.

      1. They want us to be poor little goblin-like creatures who fight each other all day, live in slums, and accept an ultra-low quality of life while they, the political and economical ruling class, live like kings in armored castles and make all the decisions for us. That’s why they tell us WE are ruining the earth with cars, A/C, and quality food when its really THEM who are ruining the earth with GMOs, weather manipulation, faulty nuclear power generators, ect.

                1. The damage done to the environment by accidents like Fukushima pale in comparison to the damage done every year by burning coal and other fossil fuels. Even those nuts at Green Peace have finally admitted it.
                  Back to your conspiracies and high school educations. I can do no good here.

                    1. Apparently just a “post and run” troll – typical lieberal / progressive hypocrite; bet he/she doesn’t remotely understand the ramifications of a CO2 free world…but then again, none of the “warmers” do.

                    1. Show me one person that has died from those leaks. Thousands die every year from the contamination from coal burning plants. And I’m not against coal I’m certainly not against Nuclear power. It’s not a nefarious invention of our government overloads. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it was created by the Lizard People, or big foot …. you bunch of loons.

                    2. I’m still waiting for someone to show me one person who has died from those tritium leaks.

                  1. Suggesting others aren’t ‘educated’ whilst subtly and bragardly grandstanding your own so-called “education” is on par with being psychotic. It actually sounds like, were you to hold all of your so-called education credentials in one hand and a pile of dog poop in the other, together, it’s worth exactly a pile of dog poop.

                    1. Wow, I’m glad you explained all that to me, you must be a genius or something …or just another old guy.

                  2. Ooooh! Fukushima is such a big conspiracy…. It’s just a trick to make warmists look like fools…

                    Guess what?
                    They are a bunch of fools.
                    Nuclear energy was the first save the planet green energy initiative.
                    You guys screwed it up.
                    The greenies have been wrong for so long, it’s a wonder anybody still listens to them.

                    1. No moron, it wasn’t a green initiative, it was a weapon, then it was a propulsion system, then it was used by giant power companies… greens had nothing to do with it. Jeez, this place if full of conspiracy whacks.
                      Fear technology, fear change ….wow, glad I’m not old.

                    2. I guess you were asleep during the entire decade of the 1970s….
                      Nuclear energy was all the rave of the greenies. They rammed it thru over the protests of the coal industry and people worried about the exact types of catastrophes such as Fukushima, Chernobyl, & 3 mile island.
                      But then again, you’re a warmist, so don’t let the facts get in the way of a good narrative….

                    3. Wrong again, there was no green movement of any real influence in the 70’s certainly none with enough power to alter the course of nuclear power. Just a bunch of aging hippies that knew nothing about technology.
                      And I’m not a warmist fu ck breath, I’m way right of you, I’m just not stupid like you. I don’t shun technology, I don’t cry it’s going to hurt mother earth like you. I’m all for tons of energy of every kind, you are not a conservative, you are just a stupid luddite. Big difference between conservative and just plain scared of the future cause you are old and stubborn.
                      Crawl into your cave and keep warm by your camp fire … the nut case environmentalists will be sitting right next to you. You probably think calculators are an evil invention of the greenies too. Get out of the way of technology, commerce, free enterprise and invention … move into the old folks home already.

                    4. Oooh! Such a scary RINO you are.
                      For a second there I thought you were going to call me a doo-doo pie…
                      We don’t need your hindrance of a weather scam for progress to happen. So, get your hand out of our pockets & scram.

                    5. Ooooh! Conspiracy whacks.
                      Another gruberite technical term for anyone who deviates from the liberal chicken-little narrative.
                      Fracking IS change.
                      And if you can manage to get thru life without getting run over by the short little school bus that drops you off at school every day, you might actually live long enough to gain some perspective – and there STILL won’t be any credible evidence of man made global warming.

                2. And look up Monsanto (GMO), and “cloud seeding” just to name two – both are at the forefront of the GMO and the weather manipulation topics you just tried to discredit because you don’t have the brain power to understand them…FAIL.

              1. Have you ever heard fo Operation Popeye? Vietnam 40 some years ago. Have you heard of Fukashima? Chernobyl? Do you know what a pebble bed reactor is? Why don’t we use it?
                Your identy is a mystery, you benefactors are not, trool.

                1. You retard, no, I don’t know what any of that is, but I did work in the US Nuclear Navy for six years, an instructor at the MARF plant (S7W primary) at the Kesselring site in upstate NY. So I know nothing about nuclear power plant design, theory and operation …jeez. Back in your Luddite caves you geezers.

              2. Disagreeing with someone’s opinion is fine, even necessary for a healthy debate. But to attempt to belittle someone because you don’t agree with their opinion make you no better than the narcissist lieberal / progressive / socialist dimwitcrats that are trying to control all of us – you included.

                1. Is no use arguing with that guy.
                  You might have been able to talk some sense into him back when he was just drinking the coolaid, but not since he started free-basing the mix.

          1. I have no love for InfoWars. The hurt any cause against the feudalists with their crazy conspiracy theories. But MysteryMan, please put down the cool-aid.

        1. They are not liberals, socialists, communists, democrats, etc, etc. They are the Neo-Feudalists they want to be the princes and we should be the peasants.

          1. Reality can be hard to accept sometimes. There are plenty of other ways they are turning us into peons, those were just what I pulled off the top of my head. It might be too hardcore for some people, but its all true.

    2. “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (Obama – January 2008), referring to EPA regulations that would target and/or shut down coal fired electrical plants.
      Anyone who believes the lieberal / progressive / socialist / democrats (globally) aren’t out to control the weak minded lemmings is not paying attention.

    1. Liberals say:

      “The only solution to “climate change” is MORE GOVERNMENT, MORE TAXES, MORE SPENDING!”

      Drive a hybrid, but turn your head while Obama uses Air Force One to fly his DOG separately on vacation.

        1. There a billions of dollars of grant money at stake here. Must continue the global something or another to ensure the money keeps flowing. It costs a lot of money to keep the 26,000 sq. ft. homes of the grant receivers cooled/heated/maintained.

          1. I think your talking about the “scientists” working for the oil companies. I guess you don’t know grants are given to do more research, they’re not a paycheck like the oil co’s give, use some logic for a change.

            1. $63 Billion in 2013 spent World Wide on Green. I think that’s more then some Scientist make. The inability in the Green Movement to admit seeking profit drives that movement… is more then willful Ignorance.

            2. First, when you get out of high school are have to start working for a living, then talk to me about grants. How do you think the companies, colleges, scientists get paid. They use the grant money for the research and to pay the people doing the work.

              1. A great deal of U.S. Government grant money goes to engineering graduate students, many of whom are *foreign students*.

                I should know. I got grant money for research, and I know how the system operates.

                1. I do agree on a lot of foreign students getting grants. When my wife was in college getting her BS and Masters, most of the foreign students were going on grants. They also told her that could use the money for living expenses. I see that as paying themselves a salary to live. Since you receive a grans to do research, you must have been working for someone else and they were paying you or did you work for free?

                  1. Yes, as a graduate student you are paid for 20 hours of research work each week, which is enough to pay for many of your living expenses.

                    Two years ago I was an (adult) electrical engineering graduate student. A U.S. government entity was paying the grant obtained by my professor and it employed myself and another foreign student. When you work doing research for the university, your tuition is also paid (essentially free).

                    1. The foreign students that were class with my wife and working on their first four years of an electronic engineering degree were getting grants. Of course she didn’t get any because she is an American and married to one of those filthy, filthy rich white guys. Have a great day and hope you can find a job.

              2. Oh, I’m a brainwashed repub who thinks the scientists just deposit those grants in their personal accounts, like the pay checks “scientists” working for the polluters do.

                1. I didn’t have any opinion of where your politics lead. But afer that reply trying to put words in my mouth, I would now think you to be more on the Progressive/Democrat side of politics.

              3. That’s exactly my point idiot, they use them to fund more research, their not a paycheck. And I’ve been out of highschool longer than you’ve been alive fool.

                1. They are still using the grant money to live off of, therefore, a paycheck. You can call it what ever you want. I do hope I do live as long as you since you must be in your middle to late 80s since I was born in the late ’40s. Or were you just being sarcastic about my age since I don’t agree with what you think?
                  Have a great evening, going to bed now and read a book.

                    1. So are you now agreeing that the grant money they are using to live off of is used as part of a paycheck? No, it doesn’t matter when you were born, it is money to do what ever the money was give to you for. Go to school, research work, living expenses, etc.
                      So your not near as old as you were trying to make me believe.

                  1. I wasn’t being sarcastic or insulting about your age but you obviously were and just like most conservatives you start it, “when you get out of highschool” then you start crying when it comes back your way. Your comment was juvenile so I thought you were, just so you know I was born the year Kennedy was inaugurated. If those scientists were concerned about a big paycheck they’d work for the oil companies.

                    1. Sarcasm was never intended since I know nothing about you, your reply sounded like a high school reply to me. The people doing research for the oil companies are being paid by the oil companies as employees not with grant money. Grants can be used to go to school, research, pay living expenses while in school or doing research.
                      I was in grade school when Kennedy was inaugurated.
                      It doesn’t look like we will agree on anything except about how old we are.
                      Have a great day.
                      Time to go get a cup of coffee.

            3. Ah Dave…you poor man. The ‘scientists’ who spend our grant (tax) money pretend to study all that is related to AGW and provide no solutions. Just say “AGW” on your grant application and the gubment leaps at the chance to waste more money making feel good studies that have no merit. At least those big bad oil companies…who by the way make less on a barrel of oil than the government does….provide us with the ability to survive as an economic power. GRANTS ARE SCIENTISTS PAYCHECKS!!!! Wake up you warped university instructed retard!

              1. When the bell rings why don’t you run across the play ground and check out all the solutions that scientists have come up with, there’s quite a few, you’d know that if your head wasn’t buried in the sand, you know the oil saturated sand covering the Gulf of Mexico that tax payers will eventually have to pay to clean up.

              2. Pretend to study? Pretend to have a brain… They’ve came up with lots of solutions, you might not like them, they might cramp your self destructive life style of consumption. Grants are overseen, they pay for research, equipment, assistants, and scientists, of course they don’t do it for free, but they’re not getting rich from grants, like the “scientists” working for the oil companies, they keep all of their checks and come up with bogus simple minded non-facts. Maybe you should have gotten a grant for college, you would know how to spell government and wouldn’t be such a mental drain on society.

      1. I’m confused on how electric/hybrid can significantly reduce emmissions. You have to plug the thing in right? The power to charge the batteries comes from somewhere, right? Most likely the power used to charge the batteries was generated with gas or coal.

                  1. it’s been an issue since the dumb shit leftists called it Global cooling, Global warming, Climate Change…on and on….just so they could sit in universities holding study groups and not get a job.

                    1. More idiotic nonsense, only conservatives think people would rather sit on the couch for $90 a week than work, maybe because that’s what they would do, red states do get a lot more fed assistance than blue states, keep listening to fox.

                    2. So sad you get confused by words and it’s obvious you didn’t attend any university.

                  2. All of Obama’s agencies lie. IRS lies. DOJ lies. CDC lies. Obama lies. NOAA lies. Labor Department lies. State department lies. DOD lies. They all lies. You black guy is a liar and he has others lie for him too.

              1. “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way.”
                – Leonard Nimoy, 1978.

                1970 – Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age – Scientists See Ice Age In the Future (The Washington Post, January 11, 1970)
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        1. There was a study that came out in December 2014 and was immediately buried by the media. Electric cars are the worst polluters in the U.S., since mort of our electricity comes from coal, and most electric cars are in use in areas that rely on coal power plants. Also, the pollution created when the batteries are made contributes to their lowest ranking.

          Ethanol was determined to cause more pollution than regular, non-blended gasoline.

          Diesel and hybrids (that don’t use ethanol) were considered the best, followed by regular gasoline vehicles, then ethanol, then electric cars.
          www dot usatoday dot com/videos/news/world/2014/12/16/20486989/

          1. You can look up the same type of report in National Geographic. Oh, and for all you California Progressives please wiki the Navajo Generating Station. You will learn some real crazy news about the BS your politicians are feeding you. You can google map the huge piles of coal they burn. Powers a lot of California.

        2. Don’t forget the production of the vehicle. Oil is used in every step of that process. Oil is literally used for everything. Modern, civilized society wouldn’t be possible without oil. If these warmists are serious about their convictions, they need to go live out in a forest in a log cabin they built themselves and only eat food they kill or gather themselves with tools not made using oil, so basically sticks. Hypocrites. All of them.

          1. Yeah.
            If the warmist really believe what they are saying, then why aren’t they living like it?
            At least the tinfoil doomsday prepers are putting their money where their mouth is…
            All that just tells me that “global warming” really is just a scam.

        3. It sufficiently confuses liberals into thinking they are doing nice nice. Remember, liberals suffer from an extreme lack of the concept of cause and effect.

          1. You mean like pumping smoke into a closed environment for centuries… what could happen? Go sit in your car in the garage, close the door and start the engine… what could happen? I think you got it backwards there.

        1. There was a study that came out in December 2014 and was immediately buried by the media. Electric cars are the worst polluters in the U.S., since most of our electricity comes from coal, and most electric cars are in use in areas that rely on coal power plants. Also, the pollution created when the batteries are made contributes to their lowest ranking.

          Ethanol was determined to cause more pollution than regular, non-blended gasoline.

          Diesel and hybrids (that don’t use ethanol) were considered the best, followed by regular gasoline vehicles, then ethanol, then electric cars.

          1. When we finally wake up and start replacing coal plants with much safer midsize nukes and mini-nukes, we can then go about phasing in fully electric vehicles as lithium-based battery packs finally come of age. Electric cars can now go over 200 miles between recharges, as demonstrated by Tesla. The trick is to get a vehicle to go 200 miles on an 80-90% recharge that takes 15 minutes or less. Gas stations will gladly install recharging stations to attract the EV crowd to their convenience stores. No problem there.

            1. Wish I could afford an 80K Tesla. My calendar shows its 2015. Obama said there would be one million electric cars on the road by now. Oops, there are only 232K and all of them carry huge government subsidies (other peoples money)

              1. …. one benefit, electric cars don’t have gas. Democrats are an endless reservoir of gas, the smelly kind. They camouflage it by having wine tasting and cheese inhaling parties where they cut the cheese endlessly. That’s why they’re all nuts.

            2. I don’t doubt that we can, yes even will (Allah willing – and boy am I serious about that!) develop technologies that will preserve a decent, reasonable atmosphere / environment – in spite of the Obamacrats. There ARE new, promising battery technologies being examined, NOT necessarily Lithium based – the carbon based one (from Japan) SEEMS to hold the most promise BUT POLITICIANS will not, can not declare a “winner” and make it so. IF we are so unfortunate as to allow ourselves to be subjugated to “the will of Allah blah blah blah”, then hey, who cares about the ‘environment’?


          2. Coal is a dying industry, you’ve probably never heard but there’s these other ways to generate electricity, like solar, wind, geothermal, get a clue, it’s not the cars polluting.

            1. You get a clue, obamba already wasted billions on that fantasy… while lining his cronies pockets. Those sources of energy are neither logistically or efficiently able to power a modern economy and never will be able too! Nuclear energy is the best option overall but is a too politically charged alternative. In the meantime, renewable fossil fuels are the only alternative!

                1. Yes, that definitely happened with the Russian reactor in Chernobyl.

                  However, that type of disaster can be muted with design. Even the Japanese reactors melted down, but it was not a Chernobyl-style apocalypse.

                  Check out the plans for a Thorium 232 reactor, which is an evolution in design. Thorium is much more plentiful than Uranium, but must first be converted to fissionable U233 with neutron capture.

                  Light-water BWRs MUST be continuously cooled, even after a quick shut down. The Thorium design does not require this.

              1. go back to the 70’s gee this stuff isn’t new…go back to the turn of the last century…they do not teach that kind of history in school …just the fantasy of green energy…pond scum…

                  1. Right, your a fool, that article is 4 years old, they’ve almost tripled production since 2011, it’s best to take your foot out of your mouth before speaking.

                    1. A song comes to mind ” nothing from nothing leaves nothing”. You are too stupid to have a conversation with…

                    2. That’s cool, I know you teabagging fools think facts are stupid, here’s another I to upset you, Denmark gets almost 40% of its power from wind as well. To stupid to google?

                    3. One more thing Mr. Gavin this has all been seen before. In the 80s. We’re you even born then? You are one useful idiot.

                    4. The names Girvin, I was born when Kennedy was prez and you can stay in the 80’s since your mind hasn’t progressed since then. You do kind of remind me of that song, people like you are nothing, have nothing, and contribute nothing.

              1. Go over to the TN Valley Authority web site and see what % of their power is made using that “other ways to generate electricity, like solar, wind, geothermal” that is so cheap.

                1. You know there are more countries in the world than the US, right? As for “trying”, the US has been cleaning up it’s act for 40 years and the nagging wives club just keeps telling us that we are bad.

                2. its been tried idiot….look at the turn of the last century..if it wirked they would have used it….go back to the 70’s..still not working…takes more energy to implement that crap ….IT IS NOT ECONOMICALLY DOABLE..LOOK AT SPAIN…..25% UNENJOYMENT….

                3. The fertilizer that is used to grow crops to make alternative fuels come from oil and natural gas. Studies have shown it would be wiser to eat the crops rather than make fuel out of it. Don’t know why exactly a study had to be done……………..

                1. So here you are. There’s always a troll that posts nonsense to start arguments for the sheer sake of attention. We’re sorry your daddy didn’t pay enough attention to you, but this isn’t a free clinic.

                  1. That might be funny if it made any sense, which is probably not very often for you. I think I will get out of this pool of stupidity and rinse the ignorance off.

                2. The “Subsidies” are the same R&D credits given to any company that researches and develops new product and process’. The same given to wind and solar producers as well as the companies that employ them to create energy.

                  1. solindria, i wonder how many more of these scams were perpatraited on the public…of course the schools have educated to swallow this crap….good luck…

                  2. If I’m not mistaken, the government makes more on a gallon of gas than the “big oil” companies do. For all the hard work they do… Taxes are the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American public.

                3. I have been a petroleum engineer for over 40 years. Please enumerate the ‘massive subsidies’ my industry receives from the benevolent government. I would be interested to finally find out what these massive subsidies are. I can’t seem to locate them on my balance sheet.

                  1. What he means by “subsidies” is they get to claim deductions like any other business for such things as depreciation of property. To lib tards, that is a subsidy. To turn it on him, if he has exemptions on his tax returns, we are subsidizing his a$$.

                4. Well since they don’t receive subsidies, your post is irrelevant. I think you need to go exercise with Harry Reid, hopefully you can meet the same fate he did.

                  1. They don’t receive subsidies? Pull your head out of your ass, the info is just a Google away. People that think like you are the ones who are becoming irrelevant.

            2. I’ll bet your a proud liberal. Policies have unintended consequences just like electric cars. Stupid people need to think before they post and if this is too hard just don’t post.

              1. Consequences, there’s none with burning fossil fuels? like destroying the environment. And I’ll bet your an ignorant conservative, shortsighted and afraid of change like most.

                1. I love seeing this absolutely asinine logic. How to wind generators and solar fields come into existence? Can you purchase seeds to sprinkle with water and out sprouts a windmill? People with zero logic of the manufacturing process should not interject about the subject of one source being more clean than the other.

                    1. That is exactly why they have classified CO2 as a hazardous waste that is destroying the planet. Capitalism must be extinguished no matter the method or pack of lies required to do the job.

                    2. Yes, which is politically criminal.

                      Greenhouses raising very profitable crops often *pump in* CO2 gas to elevate their yields.

                    3. No that’s not what plants use to live, they absorb it and convert it to o2, they need magnesium, phosphate and nitrogen to live, oops, I shouldn’t have said that, now you guys will want to drop some nitrogen bombs.

                  1. To answer your idiotic illogical question, of course they need to be manufactured and manufacturing windmills is a lot cleaner than building coal fired power plants.

                    1. Yeah then we can be like California. A billion windmills with only about 1/3 of them actually doing anything.

                2. Since when does burning fossil fuels destroy the environment? oh, that’s what Al Gore told you. How many birds are your wind farms killing? Aren’t birds part of the environment?

              1. Correct, that is why high-quality coal such as anthracite and bituminous should be preserved for future generations, if possible, if there is an alternative like nuclear for generating electricity.

                Once the high quality coal is gone, electric-arc furnaces will be required for smelting.

                1. Many US based smelters and foundries today have no other choice but to utilize arc furnaces due to the environmental restrictions. This is especially the case with newly constructed or renovated facilities. Of which we rarely see today. Another burden on a dwindling American employment provider.

              1. Actually, no. In the correct region (sunny desert), solar does quite well.

                My 8.8 kW system generated 15,556 kWH in one year, enough cool, heat, and run the house (fairly well insulated) – AND I sent 5,300 kWH back to the utility and was paid for it.

                Of course, nuclear will definitely be needed by future generations in the coming centuries and millennia.

                  1. No, my worst months for generation were December and this month on January – lots of rain and clouds. They killed energy harvest from the sun.

                    It is AMAZING how much *more* powerful H2O is as a greenhouse gas. 😉

                  1. No, I did NOT take any utility incentive (keeping my options open against utility requirements if you do) and I have NOT taken ANY Federal or State tax credits (no income taxes to pay).

                    The system will STILL pay fot itself in 20 years.

                    I built the system myself, got a city permit and made my own drawings.

                    1. That is to be very much respected. Many people should be as industrious. It is what made America great. (And nobody had to force your hand in doing so.) Props.

                    1. The subsidy the oil companies receive is the same tax credit for R&D that is given to any company that researches and develops any new product or process. Same credits are given to those that produce wind and solar equipment as well as those that employ them.

                    2. Good point – you get more of whatever the U.S. Government subsidizes.

                      Too bad most of the addition to the national debt ($8+ trillion) did not directly subsidize new private-sector jobs.

                    3. Agreed, except for the 20th century world wars, which certainly needed the correct winners, and were uncharacteristically Constitutional, when formally declared by the U.S. Congress.

                    4. You’re an asshat, Dave. The federal government rakes in about $.18 per gallon of gas sold. Compared to the miniscule tax credits the oil producers get, the Feds are raping all of us. GFY!

              1. Yes, the energy density of gasoline (mostly benzene) and diesel fuel is so incredibly dense (36.6 kWH heat energy for one gallon of gasoline) that if fossil fuels cannot be economically mined in the future, air travel for the average human will not be affordable in the coming centuries.

              2. If you would come out of your conservative “we can’t” bubble you might have heard about the solar powered plane that just circumnavigated the globe a couple weeks ago.

              3. If you would pull your head out of that right wing bubble you live in you might be aware that a solar powered plane just circumnavigated the globe. How’s that work for ya!

            3. Dave, do you have any idea how far behind we are on those technologies to be a viable replacement? By all means, I am for getting off dirty energy, but let’s work on the technology and make the switch without committing societal suicide.

                1. Yes, we do need to start now. We need to start perfecting the technology so that WHEN we make the switch from fossil to renewable it makes sense. What you are advocating is nothing short of national suicide. The technology isn’t there. Not by a long shot. Don’t tell me we need to start as in the government does. This is a job for private industry. Which can do it cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently. There is no emergency. That’s the political side of this scientific bate raring its ugly head and pulling on your heart strings. Don’t give in to fear mongering. Science keeps a cooler head. What you are seeing is nothing more than a collection of fools who have based their livelihood on government grants scurrying for cover while the rug is pulled out from under them. Nothing I’ve seen yet has explained the pause. CO2 and other so-called “greenhouse gases” have been on the rise in the previous 20 years, yet no warming. There literally is no emergency. The only real emergency we face today is geopolitical, not geothermal.


          3. I have been telling people that forever and it is why I would buy a plug in. Coal miners need jobs too! It didn’t take a study, it just took knowing how electricity is produced.

            1. Electric cars support the coal industry that Obama hates. Funny how everything is backwards. Like when he says I hate guns it causes record gun sales. I’m honestly not sure if it’s his plan to do that or not.

              1. Have you seen how inept he is at everything he does? He’s probably the greatest Republican we’ve ever had. No one makes a case for Conservatism like Barack Obama.

                    1. Yes, and one or two governors of my state were too, and were impeached and removed from office a few years ago, if I recall correctly.

                    1. I am not a member of the U.S. Congress.

                      The corrupt Democrat U.S. Senators would not impeach Obama even if he were caught committing a felony.

                    2. The right is in control now, let’s see how far that goes. And I’ve noticed many more repubs up for corruption charges lately than dems.

                1. He did achieve everything conservatives said that they would do, gas below $2.50, unemployment under 6%, GDP growth 5%, only they said they could do it by 2016. I don’t know why they have a problem with him… oh right, there’s that one.

                    1. You guys are the america haters, you hate everything about it, along with minorities, gays, women, science, pretty much everything that’s not like you, it’s nice that you love unicorns so much, they don’t threaten your fragile mentalities.

                    1. Of course black youth have a much higher unemployment rate than any other ethnicity, I wonder why that is?

                  1. U.S. Jobs 2007: 138,350,000 (at the peak)
                    U.S. Jobs 2014: 139,225,000

                    This is LESS than one million NEW jobs above the peak in 2007.

                    The real unemployment rate is 23%.
                    The real inflation rate is 9%.
                    Real GDP growth is ZERO or negative.

                    (John Williams – ShadowStatsDotCom)

                    1. 2007 when bush still had 2 years in office, right before we started losing 750,000 jobs a month? Of course THOSE BOOKS WERE COOKED, if I say it enough I’ll start to believe it, seems to work for you guys.

                  2. Under obama’s regime we also have the highest number of people not in the workforce, record numbers on welfare, higher food costs, higher electricity costs, near destruction of health care, ISIS, record debt, a corrupt IRS, drone murders, a couple wars, mass surveillance, CIA torture, I could go on and on… Ya, we should all be thanking Barry for a job well done. He is a tool…

                    1. Just reported on Drudge, new Medicaid enrollees younger, fitter and in need of addiction treatment………..

                    2. Instinct tells me that free health care is for the hippies that lounged about spreading free-love, stds and drugs, need meds to treat their twisted minds in their weathered days, which they can’t afford.

                    3. Best part: Barry’s the poster (poser?) boy for the failures of Socialism and Communism. Mix in Narcissism and a little brain damage and the rest of the world will remember him via the internet. The U.S. isn’t a country for hand-outs, it’s the country for making profits – all the others coming here (and they keep coming, mind you) want the same thing as our forefathers did: Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness! Life! Somehow, they just don’t believe the lefts’ lies. Namaste”

              2. like t.v. get subs from gov…u have to wait for your channels to change,can’t get some channels,and a bubble telling u to wait…gees, we need to go back to bunny ears…a giant step backwards….that is what gov. run tv is all about…thru the cable companies….can’t get a credit for no service…

            2. What are you talking about?! Everyone knows that electricity comes out of holes in the wall. Coal plants just produce pollution, nothing else.

              Its the same with welfare. The money comes out of the welfare office when they print those checks. As long as they don’t run out of checks there will be plenty of money for everyone!

              1. (1) To “HATE”. one must have a decisive intellect and an analyrical (judgemental) psyche. (2) Ubama “hates” what his handlers COMMAND him to “hate”.

              2. Some clown calling himself leftwingrightbrain thinks that education in the U.S. is free. Perhaps he’s looking for a circus or he’s a tosser from a director’s cut. Either way, writes angry words, like he’s defending something he saw on TV or a reality show!

          4. Many electric and hybrid hippie cars are sitting en masse on asphalt lots, hated and unsold. The WH freak wants a way to force feed them to unwilling buyers.

            They are manufactured to create an average mpg to balance the profitable vehicles that people by the most: pickups and SUVs.

          5. People who drive hybrids and electric cars are using our roads and bridges but are not paying their fair share. We support our infrastructure with the gas tax. These rich liberal elites who can afford them are the first ones to say we need to increase the gas tax knowing they don’t have to pay it. All hypocrites.

            1. You think that’s bad, wait til the bill for your health care comes after breathing polluted air your whole life. And what’s happened with our infrastructure for the last 40 years, nothing.

              1. Best to know what in air is hazardous, and what is not hazardous.

                CO2 is not.
                CO, NO, and SO2 are, but CO and NO have short half-lives in the presence of sunlight.

                Particulates encountered in the workplace or elsewhere are *much* more worrisome.

                  1. In the history of life on the earth, CO2 has NEVER attained levels that are hazardous.

                    During the Jurassic Period 150-200 million years ago, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was estimated to be 1950 ppm, which is 4-5 times *greater* than the modern concentration of 400 ppm. The average earth surface temperature was only 3 degrees C greater than the modern average temperature.

                  2. So do everyone a favor and stop breathing it out.

                    Oxygen in high amounts is hazardous as well. I suppose we should cut down on oxygen production by your idiotic logic.

              2. Shovel ready jobs? Infrastructure spending in the stimulus, remember the signs at construction area’s on the highway? I do, and so do a lot of other people, where did the hundreds of billions of our tax money go? They squandered it and now they want more. I’d rather drive on dirt roads than give one more dime of tax money to those corrupt bastards.

          6. coal is less fuel efficient and is less energy-dense than oil…but try telling that to an electric car user – they think electricity is free and generated by unicorn farts.

            Even when gas was 3 dollars a gallon, the economic payback rate is 3-4 times the lifespan of the car itself; they cannot pay themselves off in fuel saving unless gas is over 12 dollars a gallon

          7. Ethanol has a terrible shelf life, perhaps one to two weeks tops. Electric cars are hard to clean up after too, talk about toxic waste and battery acid spills. The enviros news champions have those stories hidden pretty well too. (shh, don’t tell them there’s an internet)

        2. Electric cars are coal powered cars. Electricity and hydrogen, darlings of the tree-hugger class ARE NOT SOURCES OF ENERGY, THEY ARE ENERGY TRANSPORT MEDIA. Solar and wind are unreliable miliwatt sources of energy. the only place you are going to get the energy necessary to GENERATE electricity and hydrogen is from hydrocarbons and nuclear sources. Period. For ever. Unfortunately the government educated population is too ignorant of that fact to affect any change in the narrative so I am reconciled to paying Gov. Moonbeam’s Carbon Tax here in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. I only have to do that until I retire from my oilfield job where I make obscene amounts of money, then I will move to Texas and leave this hell-hole to the illegal immigrants to wallow in.

            1. NO! Those photovoltaic modules are made from…..wait for it……PETROLEUM products and will never produce more energy than they required to be built, transported, installed, maintained…etc., etc. Never mind the environmental disaster of smoking millions of birds that fly into the glaring reflection of those panels.

              1. NO! The Energy-return on Energy-invested (ERoEI) for PV modules is 20:1.

                Can you name the single item used in the manufacture of PV modules, that uses the MOST petroleum? Bet you can’t. This is a test of your knowledge.

                1. That may be the return on the building of the unit itself. But the fact is the cost to purchase and install all the equipment can never be recouped. You could spend $50000 installing a decent system. And the systems tend to become less efficient after 10-15 years and may well need to be replaced…another investment. Technology isn’t there yet. And the cost (short of government subsidy) is prohibitive.

                  1. An 8.8 kW system can be installed on a three-tab shingle roof for about $22,000. That is the system I have and it is *quite* decent, for the sunny desert.

                    The rated degradation on my *monocrystalline* U.S. manufactured panels is 0.7% per year. Their *proven lifetime* is at least 50 years. After 50 years, they will be producing at 65% of rated output.

                    They are rated to survive the impact of a 50 mph one-inch hailstone. I had a half-inch hail storm last March.

            2. I live in the Southern San Joaquin Valley of Kalifornia, probably the best place for solar power in any inhabited area of the US and we installed solar on our roof last April. We did it because our summer power bill was hitting $800/month. It has pretty much zeroed out our power bill but trust me, it is not economic compared to decently price conventional power. Our electric rates are being screwed up by the PUC and Moonbeam Brown’s idiot tree-hugger policies which skew utility prices horribly upward by at least two-fold over the cost of generation. And even in our drought stricken area which has clear skies for the vast majority of time, there are enough overcast days (and even if there weren’t, winter months with the low sun only produce about 30% of max power) that we must supplement heavily with utility power to make ends meet. In other words, if you went 100% solar, you still need 100% installed backup generating power. Then there are the 14 hours of dusk/night that cause real problems. Solar is not and never will be more than a small supplemental source of power.

              1. Agreed. California electric rates are so high, I understand, it could be profitable to pay someone to peddle an exercise bicycle with an attached generator (LOL).

                For comparison with your system:

                I harvested 15,556 kWH in last year with a well-designed 8.8 kW system (almost no shading). The overcast months (right after you lose your NEM credits after being paid) are the most difficult, though.

                Near 12 noon (peak sun from the South), I routinely get 6+ kW production. However, high temperatures reduce production by -0.40% per degree C over 25 degrees C, cell temperature.

                1. Your system is just slightly smaller than mine. Mine is rate 9.7kw best I got in June was about 7.8kw. Diurnal and seasonal variations just make it not practical. Sounds sexy but Americans are used to and deserve power at their fingertips. There is no technical or economic reason we can’t have all the energy we need to drive this engine of liberty for ever. We don’t have energy problems, we have government problems. Energy is what made us the miracle country that we are (plus a pretty good constitution) and to throw that away for some crazy tree-hugger fairytale is sinful. I’ve notice the heat problem too. we get our best 15 minute report right after a cloud goes by when the panels are coolest, sun is brightest. Plus in our dusty climate I have to go up and wash them off a couple times a week during the summer. I am an engineer and love fooling with tech like this but it isn’t economic and fairly high maintenance.


        1. NASA is a big fat giant money sucking HOAX run by a bunch of Jokers and Liars. …… Oh, and the moon landings. Real as Micky Mouse…….And we have the proof….Google this….. Wellaware1.

          1. People, please do not google what Isaac1 (aka Robert Govan) asks, or go to his looney tune website.

            He is completely delusional.

            Do not waste one second of your time.

            1. Listen up patriots…. What the 2% shows us on the tv and in the “news” is a false reality. The news they give you is fake. It’s entertainment. It’s a show. The news is fabricated with actors. You live in an actor based reality. You are under their mind control and under their spell since birth. They control you through their mass media, alternative media (Alex Jones, David Icke) and Hollywood. NOTHING they tell you is real. ISIS is a HOAX. All of the beheadings are fake. “Climate religion” is a hoax. Your politicians and officials are ACTORS. Obama is the son of Richard Pryor. Michelle is his half sister Rain Pryor. To see who the 2% are that rule you just look at my profile (click on my name) ……….You are welcome.

                1. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

                  That you are a slave, Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what it is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

                  You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember — all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.

                1. Go back to your internet game Dave, otherwise you might just blow your top. Cool down. Can it. Relax. Cause the boogey man’ll gitcha iffen ya don’t watch out !!


          2. We went to the moon dude. Plenty of real conspiracies but here you just lend credence to those selling the lies. Aside from the LEM it required no more than the flights to the station.

            1. Why don’t you people care about the unicorns? The unicorns are dying off at a alarming rate and their only source of nutrition, rainbows are being attacked by global warming. If it wasn’t for George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Republicans, tea party members, big oil, big coal, the Koch brothers and capitalism the unicorns would have a fighting chance. Many inner city children will never enjoy the unicorns and that is racist. Thank Allah we have a green warrior president who has surrounded himself with the greatest climate scientists like Al Gore George Soros and Leonardo Dicaprio. They know the unicorn waste and farts are the greenest of energies. The unicorns waste to energy program will create trillions of shove ready jobs and will save gazillions of dollars a year. Let’s save the unicorns, for the children.

                1. When elves move into your neighborhood, they bring down property values. Their kids running around after dark shooting arrows at barking dogs and stray cats, you know.

                  1. Q: Why is “diversity” and “multiculturalism” demanded in All white populations & Only white populations?

                    A: Diversity means Chasing Down the Last White Person.

                    Racial/cultural elimination is the white “privilege”.

                    Q: Why don’t Self-Proclaimed “anti-racists” attack the “racist” immigration and social policies of, say, Japan? Korea? Mexico?

                    A: Anti-racist is a Codeword for Anti-White

                    white ge no cide project dot com

                    Twitter: #white gen oc ide #antiwhite

                    1. Q. Why is bringing race into a discussion of science an indication of racism?

                      A. Because race is irrelevant to the topic of science. Race is not a scientific category.

                2. I am sure all of the fairy dust will be at the Supreme Court as the world waits with bated breath and anxiety as the Nine Nerds decide what perversion between two men is.

                  1. Yeah, the same nine that said a baby is tissue that can be legally ripped from the mothers womb, and that the Ten Commandments shouldn’t be in schools because students might be tempted to follow them. Yeah the same bozos that said forcing Americans to buy a product (obambacare) is constitutional will now decide if perversion and deviance is normal and worthy of “Holy” matrimony. Surely today evil is called good and good is called evil by the SCOTUS!

                    1. Do you have auto insurance? Are you going to take care of an unwanted child that will most likely grow up in poverty? Are you going to allow the Koran in your schools? The constitution will decide that people with deviant, perverted minds, like you, aren’t going to decide who can marry who.

                    2. arent you the pot calling the kettle black….deviant? Next will you legalize marrying your dog? I think yes you will deviant libtard

                    3. You make no sense, like most tea bagging fools, if you want to marry your dog it’s none of my business, it might improve your blood line.

                    4. How on earth can you equate two humans marrying with a human and an animal? Are you the same kind of person that equates being Gay as being a pedophile. I think the people with the best record of deviance are the religious ones who think that they can foist their beliefs on populations of whole countries. Only a few steps away from stoning people for not believing. Religion was invented in the dark ages (Except the more recent ones that saw a money making and or control making opportunity) To keep people under control of a particular group. The inherent denial most people have that when they die they cease to exist anywhere just like before they were conceived. Has led to catastrophic harm on our planet. and will get worse NOT better unless our leaders grow some balls. Sticking your nose into someone else’s marriage is one of the consequences of that. If you believe that somehow, Gay people wanting the same rights as you already have is somehow taking away from what you have. You are seriously immature and insecure!

                  2. Speaking of the 9 pervert Justices and their decisions on two queers can marry ,what is to say I cannot have two or three wives( beautiful women like Sara Brightman, Helene Fisher ect. ) along with the beautiful sweetheart I am currently married to….haven’t checked that out with her , yet!

                3. It is no surprise that Thomas Paine is dead.
                  Capitalism (and those you mentioned) killed him as surely as it has killed everyone (except for those currently alive, whom it will kill in time) whio has lived under its evil regime.
                  Capitalism and evil industry with its smoke and such.
                  In fact. Just smoke. And breath and farts.
                  Maybe just breathing and farting.

                    1. You are a Trollicorn, and you have been this way before, and you get paid to do what you are doing here. So now that everyone is on to you, stop wasting our time, and The DNCs money.

                    2. You have such an open mind being ok with all those racist comments? You fit right in with the people making them.

                    3. Get the drift yet? No body here seems to LIKE you PERIOD! Go away to where you will be welcomed, at a radical liberal site.

                    4. That’s your problem, you live in a hateful little bubble where only people that think like you can get in.

                    5. @ Dave — Nothing racist intended, and only seemingly ‘stupid’ to you if you don’t know what a ‘GOOK UNIKORN’ is. Have a good day.

                    6. Clearhead is a good tag for you since your head seems to be clear of any thought or knowledge, like the word “gook”, just so you know it’s a racist reference toward Asian people, I am a bit surprised you know a little about mythical Asian paleontology.

                    7. Well, Davey boy, let me explain: Once I strightened out the sentence structure in your ‘comment’ so I could see what you probably were trying to say, it became apparent to me that you hadn’t read “Punditator’s” comment above, referring to North Korean unicorns. When you ‘Googled’ “gook” you missed one of the explanations there that the term “gook” was first used by U.S. Marines. You further missed that it was used extensively during the Korean “police action” as a derogatory term toward the North Korean enemies of the world. If you’ve ever set foot in North Korea (which obviously you haven’t), you would understand the use of the phrase. So, just continue your judgmental denigrations and try to be happy. I do sincerely wish you well. Semper Fi.

                    8. John, pay attention, racist comments made, someone says something about it and they’re pulling the race card? Kind of backwards thinking, no?

                    1. She actually said ‘erection’, so it’s gonna be awhile as Hillary is a complete boner killer.

                    2. On Saturday Night Live, Gilda Radner said “Flea Erections,” rather than “Free Elections.” I’m sure they’re the same thing….

                  1. Since 30 million babies have been ” f88ked” as you so crudely put it doing for the children coming from the likes of Hilary Clinton woul;d make a dog puke.

                    BTW do you know where that “Doing it for the children” that Hilary use to spout came from??
                    As the story goes a lefty black woman named Edelman told Cankles I mean Hillary “Doing it for the poor” is worn out and has no cachet so she suggested the ” Doing it for the children ” to sway stupid pole to support the slave holders and their policies, e.g Democrats.

                    1. Websters 101 for dummies: Cankles…the combing of calves and ankles on hideously ugly women. ie, Hillary.

                  2. Only if it really were for the children. PS: Children make excellent political, libtard props unless they are being aborted by the same libtards, in which case, they could make a case for a self imposed, prop shortage. See what I’m saying?

              1. Leonardo Dicaprio drives a massive rv, takes a plane from Manhattan to the Hamptons to avoid traffic, and we all saw him take a 500 ft yacht to go watch soccer

              2. I too forgot the unicorns. Thank you so much for an outstanding comment, listing the long list of racial infractions against narrow minded anti-unicornists.
                We need an Al Sharptacorn to lead us politically out of Big everything.Big oil/pharma/Ag/
                Big big big & big that. Those evil republicans and the bush hierarchy and let’s not forget illuminutcases, Halliburton, etc

        2. My girlfriend told me about a great way to make $2900 per week by claiming to be scientist and spewing hot air to the gutter-like media on behalf of the progressive agenda at NASA, the democratic party, the UN, Brussels, the Vatican and the seamy bowels of western academia.

          At least there’s one thing the ‘musslemen’ have right: Drill Baby Drill.

        3. My problem with this topic – real scientist would not focus purely on “supply” of plant food (CO2) but would equally focus on the demand – PLANTS that consume CO2… OH yeah, they also would not manipulate their data to show the view they want, nor change their prediction from 1970’s of “New Ice Age” to a “Global Warming”

        1. You should have your teeth kicked down your throut, you punk azz b itch. I would take your black tinted window Dodge away from you violently, and run you over with it.

      2. Obama should have gotten a parrot for a pet. It’s only fitting and it doesn’t need a plane to fly. The reason why he didn’t is because he didn’t want it blurting out at the wrong time what it heard behind closed doors.

      3. Liberals need to stop being hypocrites and stop acquiring and using anything related to fossil fuels. Stop using computers, stop using electrical or gasoline powered vehicles of any type. Stop purchasing anything that gets to market by these types of vehicles! Don’t eat anything that is processed and or any plants that comes from seeds delivered to a store. Do not use credit cards and or watch tv or use any kind of electronic equipment. Just stop being hypocrites and move to a cave and dress in animal skins and you will have more credibility!

          1. Nobodies? When you call out someone as simple minded….make sure you are not spelling words wrong or placing commas in incorrect locations. LMAO. You must have your Master’s Degree in Stupidity. Lefty troll.

      4. Interestingly, Snopes who use Ignoratio Elenchi constantly to justify FALSE would call this false. Why? Because the dog was not sent on Air Force One but on another plane ergo to Snopes this is FALSE.
        Ignoratio Elenchi is where they find one irrelevant fact to the report that may be wrong and therefore claim the entire report is FALSE. Snopes hopes we do not read further into the article than FALSE. Check them out…it is amazing how many times this is used by them. If you want the truth just Google and read all the reports and forget Snopes.

      5. One jumbo jet transpacific flight burns enough to fuel a month of average commutes for everyone in a small city of 250k. If they were really serious the first thing to go would be air travel.

      6. That is indeed my FAVORITE and BEST revelation about the “global warming fraud”…. IF it’s so “real and threatening” why are the global warming gods, Obama and Gore, so cavalier about jetting helter skelter all over belching CO2 – I’d bet we could all change our lamps 4 or 5 times to LEDs and not compensate for the Obama vacation safaris. (Yes, I know, multiple changes is BS, but hey, we are in the realm of BS here…). Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 are no longer fiction, of course they weren’t when Orwell wrote them after visiting his erstwhile leftist liberal dream society (the USSR) and saw the realities first hand. Yeah, I know… the “new” leftists liberals are just warm and fuzzy folk – would never, ever use the powers of govt like the IRS and NSA against the citizens!

      7. No lie is too stupid for GiveMeLiberty to try to push.

        “Once again, Bo did not have the aircraft to himself. According to an August 10th article by CBS News, he travelled with White House Staff, media and Secret Service. “

        1. Media Matters troll. Even you must realize that a claim of a temp rise of 1/25 of a degree is statistically insignificant. That means no change in temp since 2005 by your own data. There’s nothing there. Just an idiot headline generated for the those who don’t read beyond the headline.

    2. I am confused. In July 2014 NASA & NOAA reported that record lows out pacing highs… Is this why they have pushed everyday math in order to limit critical thinking? Sounds like they propaganda depts need to talk first or use NSA’s data.

      1. The next big move is to start claiming that the warming is occurring in the Ocean. They are starting to say: Ocean temps and deep Ocean temps are ‘the hottest on record’ as if they have a robust long term record of underwater temperatures.

        They can basically say anything they want and the rubes will just buy in.

        1. Of course, you have to ignore most of the Laws of Thermodynamics to claim that all the missing heat is being sucked out of the atmosphere into the oceans… but the left is sciencey.

        2. Joseph Goebbels could take plays out of the envirocommies playbook, these people are something else. (dangerous). On a serious note, these people are driving this country into destruction full speed, our education system is failure and the health system is on life support; and these clowns are worried about something that won’t happen in 300 years.

    3. Stupid is still clinging to erroneous mathematical models and twisting facts to suit theories, rather than twisting theories to suit the facts. It is sad to see what the climate scientists have done to the scientific method through their continued intellectual dishonesty. That truly is a special kind of stupid…

    4. Even taking their data at face value, they claim that the previous years for “highest temperature ever” was a tie between 2005 and 2010.

      2014 is higher by….. drum roll…. 1/25 of a degree.

      That’s right. 0.04 degrees.

      That’s WAY BELOW the margin of error.

      So in other words, the temperature has been completely flat since 2005, no warming in a decade. THAT’S WHAT THEIR OWN DATA SHOWS.

      I quote Morano: “Claiming 2014 is the “hottest year” on record based on hundredths of a degree temperature difference is a fancy way of saying the global warming ‘pause’ is continuing.”

      That’s the actual headline. Not HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD. But no statistically discernible change in a decade or more. Temperature flat.

      1. When you’re talking goverment overreach, fear mongering, hysteria, power, command and control…YUP! It quite easily can be billed as a global conspiracy! The amount of money changing hands for this pseudo-science is staggering! And the amount of “buy-in” from an unsuspecting public…breathtaking! Thankfully, the intellectual skeptics are now being heard and their numbers are growing…There’s still time to expose this “Invoneient Truth!”

    5. This kind of a pathological lie is usually reserved only for psychopaths who will do anything to trick us into surrendering control of our lives to them. Are these guys psychopaths or are they beholden to the behind-the-scenes psychopaths who control their purse strings?


      1. Not only 1, but 3 ships got stuck in the ice trying to save those morons. They finally got rescued by helicopters from either china or Russia.
        The whole world was laughing at them.

        Of course, they’ll keep on pounding away with their dogma in a vain attempt to get everybody to believe them….
        They have latched onto the old nazi trick of telling a huge lie & keep repeating it often enough until everyone starts to believe it…

        I don’t think its working out for them this time….

          1. Yes indeed.
            I’m sure that right after it became apparent that the U.S. was going to be the dominant country, certain element began scheming to get their hands on the levers of power and steer the narrative in a direction of their choosing.
            The education system has been a target ever since. It’s rotten with leftists…

    7. Libs are tireless.

      They never get tired of being wrong.
      They never get tired of being made a fools of by lib politicians.
      The never get tired of lying.

      I mean think about it. The leading Obamacare architect has come right out it was all a lie from the start. Went on to say they needed their supporters stupid to get their agenda passed. Did democrats get pissed about being played for suckers? No they got mad at Gruber because it gave a sound byte to the GOP!

      Yet millions of moronic leftists still think Obamacare is going to save them money and lower costs.

      Look how long global warming has been proven to be a hoax yet they continue to live the lie. Every single prediction they have made has been dead wrong. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Hell odds would be they might have a few come true out the hundreds of predictions but they could not even get one right.

      1. A bunch of the gruberites are already whining about being suckered.
        Wait till the employer mandate kicks in & they start getting laid off or having their hours shaved back to part time…
        That ought to be about election time in 2016….

    8. Did you read the article. 18 year halt in the change. “The satellites show an 18 year plus global warming ‘standstill and the satellite was set up to be “more accurate” than the surface records.” Why are we stupid and not you? There is no real evidence except from agenda driven institutions. Wake up and smell the real world. Really when you get down to the reality of it all, the climate on earth has been in flux since it was formed billions of years ago. The idea that we can influence the climate is a non starter. Ice ages come and go, we have no control over those things.

    9. I like how they say that this warming period must be due to man and the odds of it being natural was 650 million to one. Unfortunately if they look at their own temperature charts and go back only 150,000 years, the planet was warmer, before it descended into a long cold streak, broken only in the last 12-15000 years. This is where the Flood myths all come from.

    10. AL GwhORE couldn’t get this bogus scam past most Americans so now they are enlisting the Black Pope…which makes perfect sense as the entire global warming charade is nothing but bad religion…pretty soon we will all be tithing our tax dollars to “fix” the problem.
      My guess is that they know the petrodollar is very nearly down the toilet so they are looking at creating a new fiat currency backed by carbon credits.

    11. Superman shirt in avatar? You believe in heroes. made up one. and if you were your man of steel you would force your point of view on everyone else.

    12. I think your comments are confusing us all. Are you just some redneck retard who doesn’t believe in science or are you probably not even a real human and just a product of big petro’s marketing team? I’m not sure which is worse…

    13. All the planets are warming up. Russians have studied for 50 years… and called it “torsion field energies” as per Richard C Hoagland. Other Astronomers mention energies coming from the center of our galaxy. HAARP antenna arrays also contribute to heat and change jet streams. Solar Coronal holes increase storms on Earth and other planets. Mankind are like fleas: puny compare to the power of the Sun.

      1. Interesting post!’ll have a hard time convincing the Global Warming devotees that our car exhaust is floating all the way up to our solar system! 😉

    14. It’s not stupid. It’s more like a stubborn refusal to let go of a lie. They still believe there’s political power to be gained through the lie.

    15. “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. When once this initial and final sentence is understood, everything about liberalism – the beliefs, emotions and values associated with it, the nature of its enchantment, its practical record, its future – falls into place.”
      ― Kyle Bristow

      1. Very well saidd gerry! One of my fave’s, “A young man who is NOT liberal….has no heart. An older many who is not convervative…has no brain!” (Winston Churchill, ca. 1945)

  2. I would like to know how often the thermometers that provided this data were calibrated..

    I know the answer – NEVER.

    Any analytical chemist will tell you uncalibrated measurements are nothing boy noise.

    Might as well use a moist finger

    1. Actually, they “calibrate” them frequently. The trick is, what they call “calibration” is actually “miscallibration.” Literally. I mean that if a land-based weather recording station gives data which does not support “the model,” they adjust the output of that station until it does “fit the model.”

      That the model is utterly false, and does not fit the REAL data… that’s of no consequence to scammers like Hansen. What matters is “how can we use this to alter human behavior,” not “is this true, or is this false?”

      They are, honestly, just plain evil. Sociopathic.

      1. That’s the same exact technique they use for the climate computer models. In fact, it was a savvy computer programmer who blew the lid off the East Anglia den of deception emails.

    2. Don’t forget that most of the measuring apparatus are located near MASSES of concrete and other heat storing material which affects the localized temperature, then add the fabricated hocky stck to it and you have bold faced liars. Move the measuring devices out to the country free from man made items and you will see a difference, confirming a COOLING trend
      These cycles have been going on for millions of years and to implicate man as the cause ( without nuclear wars that is) is like sticking you head in the sand. The warming, we have had since the last ice age, is a NATURAL event. Now we are reversing to a cooler time.

    3. And if they were calibrated them, who did the calibrations?
      Given how nasa & noaa have become so politicized, and are headed by biased political hacks, it’s no big leap to imagine that they tinker with their equipment to show the desired results.

  3. When someone explains to me why the Middle Ages were warmer than today and why glaciers were as far south as Chicago I will listen. How was that “man made”?

    1. Well, you know, breathing, flatulence…all leads to more CO2 and methane leaking into the atmosphere (that’s what they’ll say). The ultimate goal of these people are to eliminate most of the human population (which means get rid of the poor and middle class). Funny thing, when I eat just fruits and vegetables, I tend to flatulate more. I have asked the same question and have gotten no answers. I have also asked what proof is there that humans, and not nature, is causing this. Scientists have shown that Earth has gone through periods of global warming and cooling for eons, yet for some reason, this time it must be humans fault. How did it happen eons ago? Did someone from the future travel back in time with a V8 engine? I find it really odd that these same people make fun of people of faith (in God) but seem to have all this faith in these scientists who say we are the cause of global warming without proving why they believe this.

    2. No problem, 18 or so years as Meteorologist. It’s actually quite simple, and boils down to two key components. The sun has cycles in how much energy that nuclear cauldron puts out. It’s certainly not constant and fluctuates. If one sees the comparison of how large the sun compared to Earth, even being 93 million miles away, yeah it has an impact far above anything else. Second, volcanoes, those put out far more “emissions” than we ever could possibly by heavy industry or driving. In the Middle Ages the sun went into a cycle known as the Maunder Minimum and there were huge volcanic eruptions. For example, in 1815 Mt. Tambora in Indonesia exploded releasing 38 cubic miles of ash, which caused worldwide climate change and in the N. Hemisphere for 2 years there were NO summers. Plenty of records on this, on how much crop failure and starvation was caused by it. If this happened today, the effects would be far worse. Volcanic activity has perked up recently but it’s actually very quiet in that regard and something big will come, it’s inevitable. The volcanoes are far smaller of the two key factors. There isn’t enough out there to determine how the sun is going to behave. What we put out in CO2, methane, etc… is minutia. The only way man can truly change the climate would be a nuke war. Everything else is largely irrelevant. Now, I’m all for a cleaner environment, green energy, less sprawl, etc etc, but we have to establish the green energy as reliable first, which it is not at this point.

      1. Question for you. I understand the volcano’s, ash can be pulled from ice cores. How do we know about the sun cycle that far back?? Thanks in advance.

        1. No “direct” ice core evidence for the sun cycles. It’s mostly written records of astronomers at the time of when sun spots were observed or not. Sun spots meaning the sun is “hotter”, no sun spots means it’s relatively “cooler”. The Maunder Minimums feature few if any sun spots and means the sun isn’t as active or putting out as much energy as when it has sun spots. Another way to look and compare is like when you’re boiling water on the stove. When the water is cooler and the stove is on, it’s moving but not bubbling when boiling. The “bubbles” on the sun show as sun spots. All depends on the nuclear reaction within the sun and that is way harder to predict then any weather forecast. You’re absolutely right the ash layers can be found and accounted for. The lower energy of the sun isn’t as easy to tell as say tree rings, because ice compacts and can’t tell exactly one year or a decade of snow/ice accumulation. It’s a combination of “back-fitting” the sun cycles for the written record with today’s computers, adding available tree ring data, any additional written sources. It’s not exact, but regardless, the sun is the #1 weather factor.

  4. ‘We are arguing over the significance of hundredths of a degree’
    . . . I believe we are talking about what is known in the science
    realm as BEING STATISTICALLY DEAD. The increase means NOTHING.

    1. That’s the ongoing swindle here in California. Sacramento want to get a 75 cent gas tax put on ever gallon sold here… They’re starting with a 12 cents with plans to move up in increments.

  5. We aren’t going to let science get in the way of the biggest wealth redistribution and tax initiative in the history of the world! Let us hope the world warms up, because we’ll all be living outside in tents when it’s all over… Living outside and speaking Mandarin…

  6. It’s all for the headlines. The sheeple see the NYT headline about the “warmest year on record” and that’s all they need to be convinced that Al Gore is right, they should pay more taxes and have less freedom.

    Baa baa baa baa baa…I can hear them now.

  7. Scientists in Australia, USA and the UK have all
    been caught manipulating the data to ARTIFICIALLY create global warming.
    Scientists at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology are under indictment for
    manipulating an entire century of data to show a warming trend of 1.73C/century
    instead of the actual NEGATIVE 0.35C/century!!!! NASA & NOAA have also been
    caught making dishonest adjustments, as has the Climate research unit at the
    University of East Anglia in the UK. Yes they were illegally hacked to discover their
    lies…but lies and collusion PROVEN none the less.

    1. We have to break the law to prove the truth? Oh boy are we in trouble folks. This is as serious as it gets. To abuse Hellenism in the promulgation of a political motive shows we have a serious problem.

  8. The federal bedwetters are at it again – must be time for Barry to announce he’s tossing a few billion $ more to his (bundler) friends at A123 or other ‘startup’.
    What a load of commodity.

  9. HOW are record cold temps possible anywhere on the planet if it is getting warmer all over the entire world?

    Democrats are too stupid to know what global and/or warming mean…..

  10. More lies, more exaggerations. Weren’t all the coastal cities suppose to be under water by now? Come back when you have something a bit more substantive than your chicken little horse$hit. Until I see mankind forced to change a single behavior that isn’t imaginary or precautionary based on a fantasy and a string of proven lies then I remain firmly in the non-Kool-Aid drinking camp.

  11. The EPA has 2 BILLION earmarked for phony research.
    The bigger culprit is linked to the UN. It is the SERI institute in India.
    SERI Institute is run by the same doofus that runs the U.N.
    IPCC – Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri. Don’t be fooled by his cryptic Doctorates.
    Those degrees are for work he did with his former employer – The National
    Indian Railway!!!! Nothing to do with Climate Science!

    The BAD Dr. launders Billion$s through SERI Institute to buy
    phony “Research” with Junk Science for Global Warming. You didn’t
    think all those papers flooding academia & the “Sciences” were
    real, did you?

  12. This is all a lie. Record ice on both poles, record longevity of ice on the Great Lakes and the lowest temperatures across the country in decades with this year promising to be colder. This is a lie pure and simple. Like the nazis said, keep repeating a lie long enough it becomes the truth and the bigger the lie the more you double down on it.

  13. “the heat is hiding in the oceans”

    Is that the same heat that made it too cold for fairy-boy Obama to go swimming in the ocean on his 7th vacation to Martha’s Vineyard last summer, or the heat that froze the boatload of global warming liars into the Antarctic sea ice last Antarctic summer….you know, when they were studying the shrinking sea ice?

  14. NOAA and NASA are government funded and will and will continue to receive government funding as long as they produce data that support the political progressive agenda. Follow the money.

  15. If anything is making the earth’s climate change it is because everything we buy now is made on the other side of the world, and it all has to be transported. It’s not cheap energy for the poor who aren’t allowed to work!