Schwarzenegger touts ‘air-drying your clothes for 6 months to save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide’

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Governor Schwarzenegger Discusses Earth Day 2009 in Weekly Radio Address – Written by Imperial Valley News – Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sacramento, California – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses Earth Day in his weekly radio address, which he broadcast on YouTube for the first time. Last night’s first broadcast caps a week full of social media use by the Governor.

Excerpted Text of Governor’s Address: Oh hello. This is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Welcome to a very special California Report, the first one broadcast not just on the radio, but also on video. This week we are celebrating one of the most remarkable days of the year, which is Earth Day. […]

Everyone can do something. This is the bottom line. By adjusting the thermostat, unplugging unused electronics, using efficient fluorescent bulbs, carpooling, or buying recycled products, and the list goes on and on.

These are the kind of things that anyone can do. Did you know that air-drying your clothes for 6 months saves 700 pounds of carbon dioxide?

You see the impact that you all have. Keep the right tire pressure in your car and you will reduce gasoline costs by 4 percent.

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