Round Up: Meteorologists Slaps Down latest warmist claim of ‘Less snow = more blizzards’ — AP’s Seth Borenstein rebutted

Round Up:

Meteorologist Slaps Down latest warmist claim of ‘Less snow = more blizzards’ — ‘Whac-a-moling Seth Borenstein at AP over his erroneous extreme weather claims’ — By Dr. Richard Keen, Meteorologist Emeritus, University of Colorado, Boulder — ‘The last IPCC report claimed snowfall would decrease, and made no mention of larger storms. In 2000, Oppenheimer himself lamented his daughter’s unused sled and that ‘the pleasures of sledding and snowball fights are as out-of-date as hoop-rolling’

Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo: ‘No surprise – alarmist pseudo scientists now blame blizzards on warming’ ‘Another embarrassing moment for science brought to you by AMS, HUFFPO & Borenstein’

Meteorologist Anthony Watts to AP’s Seth Borenstein: ‘Here’s why your article yesterday is a journalistic embarrassment’

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue mocks warmist blizzard claims: ‘Hint, if your theory or hypothesis involves contradictions, may be time to admit your original knowledge of subject was inadequate’

Dr. Maue: ‘Love AP blizzards story on contradictions. Studies not yet released & PR machine gins up to tie in recent events as exactly as expected’

Identifying Global Warming Snow And Global Cooling Snow: ‘Heavy snow during 1970s was caused by global cooling, but equally heavy snow in recent years is caused by global warming’ — ‘Global warming snow can be differentiated from global cooling snow, based on the current funding scam of the climate séance community’

Flashback: Climate Astrology: Blizzard blamed on global warming?! Is there any weather event that is inconsistent with global warming?

UN IPCC 2001: ‘Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms’

Obama Wants More Snow! ‘A winter storm of epic proportions has pounded the northeast. The president’s solution: make it colder’