New Ad: Dem Terry McAuliffe to Make Virginia Weather Better? Retired Army Brigadier General Steve Anderson: ‘VA needs a governor developing policies that make extreme storms less likely’ – Alleges GOP candidate ‘Cuccinelli’s disbelief [in global warming] and refusal to combat it through new energy technology, means Virginia will likely see an increase in super-storms…putting [VA Guard’s] lives in danger’

Reality Check: New Study: ’2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’– Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’

Via Virginia Pilot:

Full Text of Radio Ad: 

Release: Retired Brigadier General and Conservative Republican Criticizes Cuccinelli’s Ability to Lead Virginia National Guard in New Radio Ad from VoteVets Action Fund

By  |  Press Release
PUBLISHED: October 24, 2013

Norfolk, VA – A retired Brigadier General and conservative Republican calls into question Ken Cuccinelli’s ability to lead the Virginia National Guard, in a new two-week radio ad buy, running on Norfolk and Virginia Beach radio stations.  The ad, sponsored by a veterans group, Action Fund, which has over 360,000 supporters, is running at a cost of over $58,000.

The ad can be heard here:

A full script is below.

The ad features Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Steve Anderson, a conservative Republican who lives in Virginia, and one of the Army’s top brass in Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In the ad, Anderson makes clear that the Commander in Chief of the Virginia National Guard must look out for those in uniform who serve under him. But, Cuccinelli’s denial of climate change science, and refusal to combat it through new energy technology, means Virginia will likely see an increase in super-storms, which the Virginia Guard must respond to, putting them and their lives in danger.

“Virginia needs a governor developing policies that make extreme storms less likely, keeping Virginians and our Guardsmen out of harm’s way… Cuccinelli avoids the clear facts – putting Virginia families at risk.  Denying climate change isn’t fighting for Virginia.  And it’s not fighting for you,” Anderson says in the ad.

Cuccinelli not only has denied the science behind climate change, he has actively sought to silence scientists who are sounding alarms about its effects.  His actions include filing a law suit against the Environmental Protection Agency for its finding that climate change puts the health and welfare of people at risk, and waging a two-year legal battle against climate change scientist Michael Mann, while Mann was at the University of Virginia.

For years, scientists had warned that one effect of climate change could be the increase in size and/or intensity of hurricanes.  Continuing studies support that conclusion.

Founded in 2006,  and backed by over 360,000 supporters, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns and direct outreach to lawmakers to ensure that troops abroad have what they need to complete their missions, and receive the care they deserve when they get home. also recognizes veterans as a vital part of the fabric of our country and will work to protect veterans’ interests in their day-to-day lives. is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world – with force when necessary – to protect America.  While non-partisan, the group is the largest progressive




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  1. Nice to see that things haven’t changed since I left the Armed Forces…stupidity is easily found anywhere, but, if you really want it done right, you need a senior officer.

  2. Is the retired Army Brigadier General Steve Anderson serious? Every single claim about human induced global warming has proven false. Most knowledgeable scientists recognize that there has been no Global Warming for the last 17 years, actual decreases in violent weather, and the human contribution to Global Warming (when it occurs) is very small. Do these people not read both sides of the issue and look for factual information before they make these kinds of statements?

    1. Our top military staff accept that Global Warming IS happening, and the science and data behind that.
      Do you think that our proud, brave and intelligent fighting men and women are idiots?

      The hippies at the Pentagon are in on the scam? Seriously? Read the 2014 Quadrennial Review on AGW.
      The Pentagon had the SAME view under Bush/Cheney.

      Have the lefties at the US Navy joined them??

      Either you are with or against our Troops. Looks like the people here are desperate to undermine our military and preparedness.

      Treasonous. You should all be ashamed.


    Sandy was a subtropical storm that hit a whole bunch of idiots who lived on the shore and were totally unprepared for what happens every 30–60 years. Just because it’s rare, does not mean it will not happen. And there is no way we should bail these people out.

  4. I sent a reply to the organization that he used–

    Dear Vote Vets. org,
    Please don’t ruin your support for Vets by parroting the notion that mankind is the chief cause of climate change. I am a retired USAF weather officer and a retired Army atmospheric scientist from US Army Aberdeen Test Center and founder/chief of the Atmospheric Effects Team there. I have over 40 years experience with weather and climate. Contrary to your organization, I support Cuccinelli’s position on the highly-politicized climate change issue. There are two irrefutable facts that your ad totally ignores.

    First, climate changes PRIOR to the widespread use of fossil fuels was at least equal in magnitude to that experienced in the last 100 years as this graph shows as well as the historical accounts. (Graph from Energy
    and the Environment, 2007 paper by Loehle–unable to show here) Clearly human CO2 emissions were NOT the cause of previous warming. Comparison with solar sunspot number (from Baliunas, Mount Wilson Observatory unable to show here) shows clearly correlation between global temperature changes and solar activity. To
    assume as your ad and climate alarmists in general do, is to assume that all previous natural causes–including such solar activity–have mysteriously ceased to operate. Ask the General of your ad what evidence he has to
    support this assumption. What federal policies, General, will alter the sun?

    Second, as the UN IPCC documents have clearly stated, a doubling of CO2 by itself would not raise global temperatures more than a degree or two Celsius. CO2 is NOT the major greenhouse gas; H2O is, as any atmospheric science textbook documents. So the issue is whether H2O amplifies the CO2 effect or not–so-called climate sensitivity. The models assume water vapor amplifies the relatively trivial CO2-caused warming, but that is a modeling assumption that minimizes natural causes that have operated for millennia, not a clearly proven proposition. Since the model performance has been so poor over the last decade, that assumption is very
    suspect as this graph from University of Alabama Huntsville, a key satellite data downlink and database, shows.
    (also unable to show here).

    An organization like yours that is trying to help military families should not get involved in issues you do not understand or have competency in. That destroys your credibility for issues for which your effects really are needed.

    Charles A Clough
    USAFR Lt Col (retired)
    Retired Chief US Army Atmospheric Effects Team, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

    1. Lt. Col Clough: you are correct to challenge all the nonsense done by the IPCC. Here are several references that answer your question about whether H2O & CO2 increase or decrease atmospheric temperature.

      More carbon dioxide cools, not warms, the earth

      July 19, 2011 By Dr. Ed 2 Comments

      Determination of the Total Emissivity of a Mixture of Gases Containing 5% of Water Vapor and 0.039% of Carbon Dioxide at Overlapping Absorption Bands.

      by Nasif S. Nahle, from the PDF (see general description here)

      Professor and Director of Scientific Research Division at Biology Cabinet Mexico


      This assessment is a review of the common AGW argument on carbon dioxide increasing the potential of water vapor for absorbing and emitting IR radiation as a consequence of the overlapping absorption/emission spectral bands. I have determined the total emissivity of a mixture of gases containing 5% water vapor and 0.039% carbon dioxide in all spectral bands where their absorptivities-emissivities overlap. The result of these calculations is carbon dioxide attenuates the total absorptivity-emissivity of water vapor, working like a coolant, not a warmer of the atmosphere and the surface.

      Greenhouse Effect Explored

      Written by Carl Brehmer | 26 May 2012
      Is “Water Vapor Feedback” Positive or Negative?

      Exploiting the medium of Youtube
      Carl Brehmer is drawing wider attention to a fascinating experiment
      he performed to test the climatic impacts of water in our atmosphere.

      Carl explains, “An essential element of the “greenhouse
      effect” hypothesis is the positive “water vapor feedback”
      hypothesis. That is, if something causes an increase in the
      temperature this will cause an increase in the evaporation of water
      into water vapor.” ( This experiment proves that GHGE by the AGW is

      Written by H. Schreuder & J. O’Sullivan

      recent NASA
      report throws
      the space agency into conflict with climatologists after new NASA
      measurements prove that carbon dioxide acts as a coolant in Earth’s

      Langley Research Center has collated data proving that “greenhouse
      gases” actually block no less than 95 percent of harmful solar rays
      from our planet, thus reducing the heating impact of the sun. The
      data was collected by Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband
      Emission Radiometry, (or SABER). SABER monitors infrared emissions
      from Earth’s upper atmosphere, in particular from carbon dioxide
      (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO), two substances thought to be playing a
      key role in the energy balance of air hundreds of miles above our
      planet’s surface.

      Langley Research Center instruments show that the thermosphere not
      only received a whopping 26 billion kilowatt hours of energy from the
      sun during a recent burst of solar activity, but that the upper
      atmospheric carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide molecules sent as much
      as 95% of that straight back out into space.

      shock revelation starkly contradicts the core proposition of the
      so-called greenhouse gas theory which claims that more CO2 means more
      warming for our planet. However, this compelling new NASA data more
      likely serves as the final nail in the junk science global warming
      coffin and a huge embarrassment for NASA’s chief climatologist, Dr
      James Hansen over at NASA’s GISS.

      leading international climatologists have been in full retreat after
      having to concede there has been no global warming for 16 years
      despite levels of atmopheric CO2 rising almost 40 percent in recent
      decades. The new SABER data now forms part of a real world double
      whammy against climatologists’ computer models that have always been
      programmed to show CO2 as a warming gas.

      NASA’s SABER team at Langley admits:

      is a new frontier in the sun-Earth connection,” says associate
      principal investigator Martin
      Mlynczak, “and the data we’re collecting are unprecedented.”

      at Principia Scientific International (PSI) greenhouse gas effect
      (GHE) critic, Alan Siddons is hailing the findings. Siddons and his
      colleagues have been winning support from hundreds of independent
      scientists for their GHE studies carried out over the last seven
      years. PSI has proved that the numbers fed into computer models by
      Hansen and others were based on a faulty interpretation of the laws
      of thermodynamics. PSI also recently uncovered long overlooked
      evidence from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) that shows it
      was widely known the GHE was discredited prior to 1951. [1]

      a much-trumpeted new book released this month by Rupert
      Darwall claims to help expose the back story of how the junk GHE
      theory was conveniently resuscitated
      in the 1980’s by
      James Hansen and others to serve an environmental policy agenda at
      that time. [2]

      the SABER research report states:

      A recent flurry of
      eruptions on the sun did more than spark pretty auroras around the
      poles. NASA-funded researchers say the solar storms of March
      through 10th
      dumped enough
      energy in Earth’s upper atmosphere to power every residence in New
      York City for
      two years.

      “This was the biggest
      dose of heat we’ve received from a solar storm since 2005,” says
      Martin Mlynczak of NASA Langley Research Center. “It was a
      big event, and shows how solar activity can directly affect our

      PSI’s own space scientists have confirmed, as solar energy penetrates
      deeper into our atmosphere, even more of its energy will end up being
      sent straight back out to space, thus preventing it heating up the
      surface of our earth. The NASA Langley Research Center report agrees
      with PSI by admitting:

      dioxide and nitric oxide are natural thermostats,” explains James
      Russell of Hampton University, SABER’s principal investigator.
      “When the upper atmosphere (or ‘thermosphere’) heats up, these
      molecules try as hard as they can to shed that heat back into space.”

      those independent scientists and engineers at Principia Scientific
      International this is not news. The “natural thermostat” effect
      of CO2 has long been known by applied scientists and engineers how
      have exploited it’s remarkable properties in the manufacturer of
      refrigerators and air conditioning systems. The fledgling independent
      science body has repeatedly shown in it’s openly peer reviewed papers
      that atmospheric carbon dioxide does not cause global warming nor
      climate change.

      diehard climate alarmists will still say that in the lower atmosphere
      the action of carbon dioxide is reversed, but there is no actual
      proof of this at all. PSI suggests it is time for the SABER team to
      have a word with James Hansen.


      [1] Brooks,
      C.E.P. (1951). “Geological and Historical Aspects of Climatic
      Change.” InCompendium
      of Meteorology,
      edited by Thomas F. Malone, pp. 1004-18 (at 1016). Boston: American
      Meteorological Association. It shows the American Meteorological
      Society had refuted the concept of a GHE in 1951 in itsCompendium
      of Meteorology.
      They stated that the idea that CO2could alter the climate “was
      never widely accepted and was abandoned when it was found that all
      the long-wave radiation [that would be] absorbed by CO2is [already]
      absorbed by water vapor.”

      Darwall, R., ‘The
      Age of Global Warming: A History,’ (March, 2013), Quartet Books,


      Clash —

      Dr. Ed Berry, former consultant to Naval Weapons Center, only
      civilian participant in DOD’s Top-Secret Project Popeye. AdmLocklear
      US Navy Admiral …

      Navy Admiral Locklear falls for climate fraud – Climate

      4, 2013 … by Dr. Ed
      Berry, former consultant to Naval Weapons Center, only civilian
      participant in DOD’s Top-Secret Project Popeye. AdmLocklear …

      Leonard Weinstein – Climate

      Weinstein. Analysis or comments:
      dnc49xz_0fb228shr&hl=en (Limitations on AGW)

      Ed Berry – Climate

      Edwin X Berry received his BS degree in Engineering from CalTech,
      his MA degree in Physics from Dartmouth College and his PhD in
      Physics from the U of …

      Navy Admiral Locklear falls for climate scam – Climate

      3, 2013 … by Dr. Ed
      Berry. US Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear commands America’s defense
      of the Pacific Region, or about one-third of the planet.

      – Climate

      means “Catastrophic AGW”; Climate
      Clash (as now defined) will focus on the AGW related
      to human emissions of CO2 resulting from burning fossil fuels.

      Claims – Climate

      are Dr. Eric’s claims. Dr. Ed disagrees with all of Dr. Eric’s
      claims. Therefore, these claims will be central in the Climate
      Clash debate. Before 1850, CO2 did …

      Limits of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Effects … – Climate

      22, 2013 … by Bryce
      Johnson. Abstract. The interactions of the fossil-fuel source of
      carbon dioxide with the atmosphere as well as in the total biosphere
      are …

      limits of carbon dioxide’s influence on world … – Climate

      29, 2012 … by Bryce
      Johnson. Foreword. Proponents of anthropogenic global warming ( AGW)
      hold that mankind causes the increase in atmospheric …

      Physics —

      About. · Climate Physics LLC · Contact;
      BLOGS. ·
      Dr. Ed Berry bio · · October 22,
      2013 …

      There is an experiment that proves that the Greenhouse gas effect
      does not exist. This experiment which has been technologically
      reviewed by Ph. D physicists . Ph. D. Chemical engineers and others
      Ph. D’s in other fields The experiment is found on the web-site
      click on the blog tab then on page 3 of 12. . It is titled “The
      Experiment that failed which can save the world trillions-Proving the
      greenhouse gas effect does not exist” replaced by the following
      This web-site is being up-dated regularly with pertinent articles
      about the real science of the atmosphere.

      It seem the higher the rank in the military the dumber they get.

  5. This is how democrats get elected. Whether it’s global warming or the war on women, they can now rely on our uninformed electoral majority to swallow their lies every time. The only hope is for the electorate to become better informed. Happily, of the democrats, the media is making sure that won’t happen.

  6. Our top military staff accept that Global Warming is happening, and the science and data behind that.
    Do you think that our proud, brave and intelligent fighting men and women are idiots?

    The hippies at the Pentagon are in on the scam? Seriously? Read the 2014 Quadrennial Review. The Pentagon had the SAME view under Bush/Cheney.

    Have the radical lefties at the US Navy joined them? Seriously?

    Either you are with or against our Troops. Looks like the people here are desperate to undermine our military and preparedness. Treasonous. You should all be ashamed.

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