Report: Papal Climate Encyclical Postponed – To Undergo Revision – Skeptics’ Trip To Rome May Have Forced Revisions?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Encyclicus Maculatus: Eco-Encyclical To Undergo Revision

According to Vaticanist Sandro Magister, Pope Francis has decided to postpone the publication of his long-awaited encyclical on the environment. The reason, according to Magister, is that the Pope realized that the document in its current state had no chance of receiving the approval of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under the leadership of Cardinal Gerhard Müller. If it seems somewhat improper for a Cardinal to be telling a Pope what he can and can’t write, don’t fret, gentle reader: the text wasn’t written by Pope Francis at all.
The ghostwriter behind the heavily discussed encyclical is one Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández of Tiburnia, a native of Buenos Aires. Archbishop Fernández, who belongs to Pope Francis’ inner circle in the position of most trusted theological adviser, was already heavily involved in the writing of Evangelii gaudium, and spent the Summer of 2013 in Rome for that purpose. Last March, as Pope Francis set about to compose his Eco-Encyclical, Archbishop Fernández was again flown in to do the heavy lifting. The close working relationship apparently stretches back to the time when Pope Francis was still Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, with Fernández working largely behind the scenes, drafting the future Pontiff’s important speeches and letters.
Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández
However, it seems that Archbishop Fernández has let the influence he enjoyed over papal affairs go to his head. In an interview published in Corriere della Sera last Sunday, he took the current wave of Ultramontanism to new heights, implying that the Curia and the entire body of Cardinals are non-essential to the government of the Church – which, while technically true, is Vaticanese for “we will push ahead, with or without the Cardinals’ blessing.” He also felt safe enough to criticize Cardinal Müller’s recent comments that his job as Prefect of the CDF is to give the Pope’s magisterium theological structure:

I have read that some say that the Roman Curia is an essential part of the mission of the Church, or that a Prefect in the Vatican is the sure compass preventing the Church from falling into ignomy, or that this Prefect guarantees the unity of the Faith and facilitates serious theology from the Pope. But Catholics know from reading the Gospel that it was to the Pope and the Bishops that Christ granted a special governance and enlightenment – and not to a Prefect or some other structure. When one hears such things, one could almost get the impression that the Pope is merely their representative, or one who has come to disturb and must, therefore, be monitored. […] The Pope is convinced that what he has written or said cannot be treated as an error. Therefore, all these things can be repeated in the future, without having to fear receiving a sanction for it.

We don’t know how Cardinal Müller reacted to these sharp words, or whether, as Giuseppe Nardi surmises, he spoke directly with Pope Francis regarding the encylical, but Magister relates that sources inside Santa Marta are reporting that the Pope will not be publishing Archbishop Fernández’ already completed text, and has – for the time being – tabled the entire project. It’s clear that he can’t let it disappear entirely without a tremendous loss of face in the public arena; UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, apparently moonlighting as a Vatican spokesman, has announced that the encyclical is set to appear in June of this year. But who will be behind the next incarnation of the encyclicus maculatus is anybody’s guess.
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  1. The Pope’s theologian who apparently wrote the climate change encyclical, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, wrote a book on kissing?! While he was a priest?! The book is entitled “Heal Me With your Mouth”, in which “the author stresses the importance of sustaining the kiss as both romantic relationships as affective, as well as teaches the reader to kiss better.”????

    Strange things are occurring with Pope Francis, that is for sure.

  2. One would think that after 400 years the Catholics wouldn’t repeat the Galileo or Inquisition type of thing again.

    People can be warned against doing idiotic things, but if they have made up their minds they usually can’t be stopped. .

  3. Wait, wait, wait…let me get something straight here. Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez is the author of the Pope’s Eco-encyclical, and this is the same Victor Manuel Fernandez, who as a “Catholic” priest, wrote a book entitled “Heal Me With your Mouth” on KISSING?! The book’s description (auto-translated): “On these pages, the author stresses the importance of sustaining the kiss as both romantic relationships as affective, as well as teaches the reader to kiss better.” (Found here:

    So, can one say that Archbishop Fernandez is an expert in human kissing and tree hugging? And he is the Pope’s right-hand theologian? This cannot possibly get more comical.
    May 13, 2015 at 7:28 PM

  4. I’ll bet this Pope could have inspired Che Guevara and Fidel Castro to be Catholics!

    Maybe a few other notable Communist murderers too, who knows.

  5. Great work, Mr. Morano. You have achieved something truly important. Some fine words will be written about you. And thank you for standing for the integrity of science and the good of the masses.

  6. What people must understand is that just because these men in robes have fancy titles and clothing it does not mean they are free of corruption in thought or in actions. David Yallop’s 1980’s book “In Gods Name” was a fine work exposing the corruption within the vatican, much of it driven by money… obscene amounts of money.

  7. Wishful thinking. A delegation from Heartland that was nearly completely shut out of the event, not allowed to ask questions at the presser with Ban K-Moon, was apparently being monitored by Vatican Security, and never had any meeting with any official at the Vatican somehow is going to influence the writing of the Pope’s Encyclical?
    From here:
    “But before he could finish the conference hosts interrupted to ask which
    organisation he worked for, then directed the microphone to a more tame
    questioner, while a security guard came over to mutter in Morano’s ear
    “You have to control yourself or you will be escorted out of here.”

    If Heartland can’t find people other than the fake “lord” Monckton et al to accept a free trip to Rome, they can expect to continue be treated as bomb-throwers who have nothing of substance to contribute to the climate change debate.

  8. The Global Warming, Climate Change agenda is the biggest SCAM ever perpetrated on the American people. It’s costing tax payers $22 billion dollars a year.

  9. Of course, this charade in Rome is no longer the Roman Catholic Faith as it was before 1965. The post-conciliar bumpkins have trashed the old faith (or tried to anyway) in order to implement a revolution: liberal modernist type. What we have today is the rotten fruition of this increasingly disorientated babble of sectarians who sold out for a mess of protestant potage even before the 1960s. Today, imagine, the western rite Latin church has a pope who knows no Latin and studying much of what he does & says in public knows very little about The Real Catholic Faith.

    Banking on another globally set stage for marketing his already grossly overexposed public image, this pope was hoping to impress the world audience with yet one more of his politically correct radical liberal views on another pet liberal hobbyhorse. No wonder he has embarked on this disastrous risk venture of “climate change”. Naturally enough seeing the word “change” in the title is a sure magnet for the post-conciliar regime in Rome today since this all they have done since 1965. Nothing must remain untouched – everything has to yield to the sectarian bigotry of liberal modernism.

  10. It may have made him remember that he will not go to the Kingdom of God if he sells the Catholic Church for money. Not that it is anything new.

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