Read all about it: Climate Depot’s round up of UN’s ‘sustainable development’ efforts

UN’s Sustainable conference in Rio finds AGW panic unsustainable Environmentalists throwing global warming under the bus

Flashback 2010: Demoted: UN officially throws global warming under the bus: UN now says case for saving species ‘more powerful than climate change’

‘Environmental governance’: 100 countries back French proposal to create a ‘World Environment Organisation’ at UN’s Rio Earth summit – ‘It should be part of a rethink of the world’s economy, in which green issues and social questions should be integrated into the search for profit…’The new capitalism which emerges from the crisis has to be environmental, or it won’t be new…We are looking for a new kind of environmental governance, something more inclusive, in which all parties have a stake and it’s not just governments which have the right to speak’

S. African activist slams UN’s ‘Green Climate Fund’: ‘Government to govt aid is a reward for being better than anyone else at causing poverty’ — ‘It enriches the people who cause poverty’ – ‘The UN is saying to poor countries: ‘Those of you who adopt more anti-prosperity, anti- jobs, and anti-growth policies — under the pretense of environmentalism — we will enrich you’

Flashback: ALERT: German Climate Advisor ‘proposes creation of a CO2 budget for every person on planet!’ Climate Reparations: ‘West would give back part of the wealth it has taken from the South in the past centuries’

UN IPCC’s Pachauri: There is a huge need to re-orient higher education for sustainable living – ‘We have to create a body of citizens who carry a global vision of the problems that humanity is facing today and the solution which work. At the core of this vision is the protection of this planet and preservation of our eco-system’

What Pachauri Means by ‘Sustainable’: ‘When the IPCC elected him chairman in 2002 they chose a political activist to lead what is supposed to be an impartial scientific body…for Pachauri the word sustainable is shorthand. What he’s really talking about is a campaign to eliminate world poverty. That’s an ambitious goal. Why would he not set his sights a little lower and attempt to eliminate poverty in his home country of India first?…he also believes that people in rich countries should be transferring more cash to people in poor countries. This amounts to a rather naked argument that organizations such as his own, operating in countries such as his, deserve funding. It suggests strongly that, prior to becoming head of the IPCC, Pachauri’s support for climate action didn’t rest on objective evidence. Rather, he regarded a global emissions treaty as a useful mechanism – as one more way in which his fantasy of introducing a new ethic to govern human behavior might be realized’

UN pitches Rio+20 talks as a departure from political strife over climate change? –’Don’t be fooled by this re-branding of the global governance movement…now emerging is an overt attempt by UN officials to shift away from the divisive politics of climate change to a broader debate on the green economy..’Climate change … has very strong resistance from sectors that are going to be substantially altered, like the oil industry’

Pachauri’s 5-Star Sustainability Summit: Sustainable. The 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit in India is ‘so eye-popping because it’s taking place in an over-the-top, five-star hotel that’s described this way:

‘Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi offers guests a choice of Deluxe Rooms and Luxury Rooms. All guestrooms are luxuriously appointed with central air conditioning, these rooms measure 304 square feet and feature luxuriously large bathrooms…Meanwhile, a UK newspaper quoted Pachauri, in late 2009, declaring: ‘Today we have reached the point where consumption and people’s desire to consume has grown out of proportion,’ said Pachauri. ‘The reality is that our lifestyles are unsustainable.’ According to that news report, Pachauri believes Hotel guests should have their electricity monitored; hefty aviation taxes should be introduced to deter people from flying; and iced water in restaurants should be curtailed… A few months prior Pachauri told a magazine: ‘First, we need to reorient our value systems. We need to start feeling responsible for our own individual carbon footprints…The thermostat for air conditioning or heating being kept at a level where you feel some degree of discomfort’ — So where is this leadership? Which part of modest consumption includes three-day extravaganzas at five-star hotels?

Small Pacific Island Nation of Palau seeks World Court opinion on climate change: ‘The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is being asked to give an opinion on whether all nations have the responsibility to ensure that emissions of greenhouse gases on their territories don’t harm other nations…President Johnson Toribiong of Palau warned that within a generation, rising seas threaten to swallow entire countries along with their unique histories, languages and cultures’

The Master Plan of Agenda 21: ‘Agenda 21 is a comprehensive master plan to reshape and control U.S. & lock us into clutches of UN under the innocuous phrase Sustainable Development. Advocates of Agenda 21 talk about the three E’s of Sustainable Development: Economy, Equity, and Environment. Equity means replacing our American constitutional system with central planning and ‘social justice,’ which is a code word for redistribution of wealth and the abolition of private property rights. Economy means shifting from a private enterprise system to government-private-corporation-partnerships. That would be a giant step toward Socialism. Environment means giving animals and plants more rights or at least equal rights with humans’

What happened to the Terminator? He became the Incredible Hulk: ‘Terminator turns green crusader in India — Schwarzenegger attends the 12th TERI Sustainable Development Summit’ — Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘now trying to save the planet from the adverse impact of climate change’

Time for next eco-scare already?! As Global Warming Movement Collapses, Activists Already ‘Test-Marketing’ the Next Eco-Fear! ‘Laughing Gas’ Crisis? Oxygen Crisis? Plastics? — Global Warming Being Thrown Under the Bus as New Replacement environmental Scare is Sought

Flashback: Next Eco-Scare is Here! ‘Biodiversity’: ‘The new Big Lie’: The green movement is ditching ‘Climate Change’ in favor of species extinction fears

Flashback: UN Species Scares Debunked: ‘Persistence of Species’: ‘Earth’s plant & animal species are not slip-sliding away – even slowly – into netherworld of extinction’

Different Eco-Scare, Same Solution! UN species report ‘will advocate massive changes to the way the global economy is run’

UN Biodiversity report ‘has multiple errors in first chapter alone’ (It really is ‘IPCC like’) — ‘This looks like yet another gov’t-created piece of science-plated garbage. It looks like science on outside, but don’t scratch the surface! — From an estimation with no source to a verified fact, in just three sources. This is like a citation version of the telephone game. — Should we take the recommendation of a UN report which advocates spending trillions of dollars annually and can’t even keep its citations straight? No way’

It is ‘IPCC Like’: New Biodiversity report for Business report contains multiple errors

Report: The Nazi Roots of Sustainable Development: ‘What, you thought the neo-greens invented ‘sustainability’? – ‘Much of the European Union’s green sustainable development plans are largely based on government controlled land use planning theories rooted in the lebensraum tradition. Literally, lebensraum means ‘living space.’ Lebensraum was originally developed by German geographer Friedrich Ratzel (1844-1904) and then greatly expanded under the banner of National Socialism (1933-1945). ‘Sustainable Development’ is an official term, coined in a 1987 report produced by the World Commission on Environment and Development. Entitled Our Common Future or the Brundtland Report,

Gro Harlem Brundtland, first Vice-President of the Socialist International heads report that began term ‘sustainable development’ – For more on Bruntland’s link to socialists, see here.

Use Rio+20 to overhaul idea of growth, urges EU climate chief: ‘The world must use a landmark environmental summit this year to change forever the current damaging model of economic growth, Europe’s climate chief has warned’ — Translation: You must never aspire to improve your standard of living and nor may the world’s impoverished. You may not have freedom of movement or choice. Your betters, the self-selected global elite will tell you what you may have, how much and when’

UNEP to become ‘planetary super-agency’? Just what we need — an EPA that doesn’t speak English. – ‘The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is emerging as a hot issue in preparations for June’s Rio conference, styled as a once-in-a-generation chance to restore a sick planet to good health. The US is fighting a proposal, backed according to France by least 100 countries, for transforming UNEP from a poorly noticed, second-string unit into a planetary super-agency’

CO2 Causes Contempt for Childhood: UNESCO sees children less than 6 years old are seen as ‘instruments’ ‘for the achievement of a sustainable society’ that ‘we’ must make them ‘understand deeply…’

‘…and even shock them out of their unawareness’

Move over global warming: UN panel says retool world economy for sustainability – ‘The world must redefine the very concept of national wealth’ – UN panel: ‘Current global development is unsustainable’ – EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard, said report should be a ‘wake up’ call for action. Hedegaard said the Rio+20 summit was an opportunity to ‘kick off this global transition towards a sustainable growth model for the 21st century’

UN chief ‘uses climate hoax to promote global governance’

UN Still Pushing for Global Environmental Control: ‘Greatly expanded system of global environmental governance and for a multitrillion-dollar economic transfer scheme’

Flashback: Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About ‘Global Governance’

Coal is the MORAL CHOICE! No coal, no growth, says South African power company chief – ‘Coal has allowed South Africa to become the continent’s largest economy…Speaking to CNN, Eskom’s Brian Dames said coal has been key to fueling South Africa’s economic growth and improving the lives of many in the country. ‘We’ve been very successful in the use of coal in growing one of the largest economies, in bringing electricity to the majority of South Africans — we’re absolutely not defensive about it’

‘I Am A Socialist’: COP17 Global Day of Action’: ‘Protesters sing I am a socialist at the Global Day of Action against climate change outside UN Climate conference in Durban’

Al Gore Reinvention? From ‘climate change’ to ‘sustainable capitalism’

‘No doubt his handlers have given Al Gore the word: go easy on climate warming (aka climate change). The issue has little traction. You are the wrong voice for the cause. Solyndra. Climategate 2.0. Winter snows…. Not now, Al’

EPA Ponders Expanded Regulatory Power In Name Of ‘Sustainable Development’ — ‘Vastly expanded power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems’ – ‘Vastly expanded power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of “sustainable development,’ the centerpiece of a global United Nations conference slated for Rio de Janeiro next June. The major focus of the EPA thinking is a weighty study the agency commissioned last year from the National Academies of Science’

Flashback Sept. 2011: Report: Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming

UK Guardian: African tribe in Kenya ‘abused, beaten and raped by police’ and evicted as land they lived on is purchased by two US environmental groups – ‘Members of the Samburu people in Kenya have been abused, beaten and raped by police after the land they lived on for two decades was sold to two US-based wildlife charities’ — the Nature Conservancy and the African Wildlife Foundation

S. African scientist disputes AGW: Renewables not the solution for Africa – ‘Electricity use is set to rise rapidly in Africa. To try to oppose this reality is not only immoral, but also totally impractical’

International Climate Science Coalition: ‘No Climate Debt Owed to Developing Countries’

Exclusive: UN Climate Draft Text Demands ‘New International Climate Court’ to compel reparations for ‘climate debt’ — Also seeks ‘rights of Mother Earth’ & 2C° drop in global temps – UN Draft Text Demands: The West will pay ‘climate debt’ because of its ‘historical responsibility’ for causing ‘global warming’ — UN seeks end to wars to ‘protect the climate system’

Botswana residents reject man-made climate fears: Kelapile Molefe: ‘If using firewood contributes to that climate change, then what can we do?’ – ‘We can’t even afford using a paraffin stove because paraffin is expensive’ — ‘The Dir. of Met Services Phetolo Phage, says wood has carbon hence burning wood for home use also adds to effects of global warming through carbon emissions’

Botswana talks global warming: ‘Ordinary folks puzzled’ – ‘Don’t you know that scientists lie a lot to make money? I don’t believe them when they tell us that there is global warming…’‘… because of emissions from fire or burning coal.” – said unemployed Mothusi Songa in front of his shack…He does not believe recent heat waves were due to global warming because Botswana has always been a hot country thus an extra hot day is not a surprise’

Sen. Inhofe Calls for Investigation into Alleged Human Rights Violations Sanctioned by UN’s Climate Policies: ‘20,000 Ugandan farmers brutally kicked off their lands’ – ‘20,000 Ugandan farmers were brutally kicked off their lands’ to allow a British company to plant trees for carbon credits…armed guards burned houses to the ground, which, at least in one case, resulted in the death of a child’ — In Honduras, a UN sanctioned industry stole farmland and murdered 23 farmers and their families between January 2010 and March 2011′

Watch Now: Morano on Canadian TV debating overpopulation & climate w/ Yale Prof. Robert Mendelsohn – Morano: ‘The popular image [of population fears] is toast. Be fruitful and multiply’

Morano: ‘John Lennon made a scientific chump out of John Holdren & Paul Ehrlich. None of [overpopulation fears] came true, if you judge science by its past track record, you have to laugh…Holdren opposed bringing more food production to Asia because he did not want the Earth to have that many people, so it’s an anti-human agenda…Wealthy white nations are telling people in Africa, people of color, that they can’t develop the way we did’

German Climate Advisor: ‘The house of mankind is rotten and needs to be repaired urgently…We need a sustainability revolution’ – (Hans Joachim Schellnhuber)

UN IPCC Chief Pachauri: ‘I am not going to rest easy until I have articulated in every possible form the need to bring about major structural changes in economic growth and development…’ ‘That’s the real issue. Climate change is just a part of it’

Occupy Wall Street List of Demands Includes ‘bring the fossil fuel economy to an end’

Flashback: Climate Depot’s Round up of Eco-Wacko ‘Science’ Czar John Holdren claims

Flashback: Holdren Says He Would Use ‘Free Market’ to ‘De-Develop the United States’ — Defends Paul Ehrlich’s silly claims – Flashback: Holdren: Trees Should Be Allowed to Sue in Court — Giving ‘natural objects’ — like trees — standing to sue in a court of law would have a ‘most salubrious’ effect on the environment

Flashback 2002: Jerry Brown says ‘it’s not viable’ for poverty stricken developing world to emulate prosperity of U.S. – ‘The developed model cannot work without another 5 planets’

Climate Depot Report: Rainforest Factsheet: Clear-Cutting the Myths About the Amazon and Tropical Rainforests – ‘Reverting back to nature’: ‘For every acre of rainforest cut down each year, more than 50 acres of new forest are growing’

Flashback 2002: South African Activist Leon Louw: Poor countries should just say: ‘Go to hell’ to Wealthy Western Nations: ‘If you don’t want us to fill in our wetlands, then you bomb your big cities like Washington, a third of Holland and Rotterdam and so on, and restore them to being swamps’

Climate Depot warns of ‘a new form of colonialism’: ‘Western world is telling 1.6 billion people in developing world that they have to have their economies managed’

Flashback 2002: U.S. Environmentalist Laments Introduction of Electricity in Africa

Flashback 2002: Jerry Brown says ‘it’s not viable’ for poverty stricken developing world to emulate prosperity of U.S.

Ugandan Activist: ‘African life span is lower than it was in U.S. and Europe 100 years ago. But Africans told we shouldn’t develop’ because wealthy Western nations are ‘worried about global warming’: Excerpt: ‘Telling Africans they can’t have electricity and economic development – is immoral’

Flashback 2002: UN Earth Summit’s Failure Called ‘Good Thing’ For Poor Nations: Excerpt: The first world became rich without the IMFs and World Banks, and the less of them that are around, the more likely the Third World is to do the same.”

It is a moral issue! – ‘People cannot cook’…Chad’s Global Warming Inspired Ban on Charcoal leads to ‘Desperate’ Families! – January 16, 2009

Poor Kenyans rebel as UK grocery store’s “carbon friendly” policies may stop food exports

India: ‘It is morally wrong for us to reduce emissions when 40% of Indians do not have access to electricity’

Report: ‘Green, UN, rich nation and African elites impose deadly anti-development colonialism’ – June 8, 2009

Greenpeace Leader: There is urgent need for the suppression of economic growth in U.S…’Lifestyle of the rich in the world is not a sustainable model’ – August 20, 2009

Flashback 2002: Average American Lifestyle Called “Total Bull—t” by Environmentalist – Excerpt: ‘If anyone in a developing country looks to the U.S. and wants a lifestyle like the average American–it’s total bull—t!’

Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About ‘Global Governance’ – July 10, 2009

Former EU Environment Minister Margot Wallstrom: ‘Kyoto is about the economy, about leveling the playing field for big businesses worldwide’

‘Climate Justice…the underlying principle for global equity’

Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper once dismissed UN’s Kyoto Protocol as a ‘socialist scheme’

Flashback 2000: Actor Chevy Chase Says ‘Socialism Works’ — ‘Cuba might prove that’

Black clergymen protest Robert Redford ‘link his environmentalism to racism’

Obama Advisor Warren Buffett ‘repeats criticism of cap and trade, saying it would be a huge, regressive tax’

Greens War on Modern Civilization: ‘Diaperless Babies’ More Earth Friendly? – ‘Reusable toilet wipes’ – ‘Save the Trees, Use More Wood!’ — A Climate Depot FactSheet on the Demonization of Toilets and Toilet Paper and Diapers – Read all about the ‘easily flushable science’

Wash. Post’s Moment of Clarity: In Poorer Nations, Energy Needs Trump Climate Issues – September 9, 2009 – Excerpt: Millions of people are eager to buy their first washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners…dearth of power hinders prosperity. […] Some environmentalists see a chance for Asian and African countries to take the lead in developing renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power, bypassing Western energy models based largely on coal and oil. But many economic experts here are doubtful that will happen. “The United States and Europe have had the energy they needed to grow and develop,” said William Bissell, a prominent Indian entrepreneur and author of “Making India Work.” “But we haven’t had our 21st century yet.”