Physicist: 175 nations signed, Paris ‘climate insanity hasn’t come to force yet’

175 nations signed, Paris climate insanity hasn’t come to force yet

Era of consumption without worries is just getting startedVladimir Lenin would celebrate a birthday yesterday so a couple of his true heirs – who want to cripple the world economy for much of the 21st century, much like their guru did 100 years earlier – gathered in New York to sign the insane Paris climate treaty.It’s a treaty in which the green activists in every nation invent an arbitrary five-year plan and they help their comrades in other countries to enforce this nation-specific anti-industrial terror on everyone else. They schedule a new convention each five years where their conspiracy is supposed to be updated. Whether this setup without any universal predetermined commitments may actually harm anyone is still debated. But the increase of the number of dirty parasites in the climate bureaucracy across the world and of the deceitful propaganda that these parasites need for their survival will certainly be genuine.Czechia where almost everyone considers this deal to be just another big theft of the public money had the decency to send just a third-rate politician, the environment minister Richard Sparrow, to sign the deal in New York.The U.S. decided otherwise and a more visible politician signed the treaty, namely John Kerry. He took his granddaughter as a hostage for the signing ceremony. She couldn’t even choose. Not even Lenin was abusing children in this flagrant way – Kerry’s behavior is Nazi-like. Kerry could have very well ruined much of the girl’s future life because he linked her to his own personal scams.Another giant aß, the chieftain of the so-called United Nations Pan Ki-Moon, offered another thought. The era of consumption without consequences is over. Oh, sure. Everyone who has owned some commodities such as your humble correspondent has lost a huge percentage of this particular “alternative investment”. We know very well that things such as natural resources are basically free. When it comes to the bare material etc., things are easier to get and buy than ever before. Everyone who has to sell things agrees that it’s harder to find demand for the products than to find the resources and produce them. The production is also safer and cleaner than ever before – just another reason to worry much less than in the past.The era of consumption without worries and consequences is just getting started and if Mr Moonbat would try to prevent someone from doing what he can do, this Moonbat will also be consumed without worries and consequences. If this Asian loser thinks that he is a kind of a dictator who may tell millions if not billions of people what they should consume and whether they should consume anything at all, he will be proven wrong.Lots of other jerks have used the opportunity of Lenin’s birthday to promote their “views”. The far left actor named Alec Baldwin has pleased a group of Apaches by telling them that the climate denial is a form of mental illness. Thank God, I live in a nation where most people are ill enough – or, using normal English, mentally healthy – to belong to the group mentioned by Baldwin.Meanwhile, as I already predicted last Summer, we’re going through the strongest El Niño episode on the record (since 1950, weekly report). As expected, this has a positive effect on the global mean temperature. It’s very likely now that 2016 will finally beat 1998 as the warmest year on the satellite record.For example, the satellite RSS AMSU dataset quantified the anomaly in the first three months of 2016 as 0.67, 0.98, 0.84 °C. That’s some 0.2 °C higher than the anomalies 18 years ago, in early 1998, during the previous greatest El Niño episode. All these comparisons are vaguely compatible with the trend of warming of the globe around 0.15 °C per decade. Can you get excited about such a rate – whose attribution is unknown – if you imagine how fast it is? I can’t.Even though it’s obvious that the warm early 2016 is mostly due to the El Niño episode, there are people who are as delighted by this extra tenth of a degree or two as mosquitos during a warm and wet summer evening. A good example of these nuts is Grant Tamino Foster whose blog has boasted literally dozens of excited claims of the type “it’s cool and groundbreaking, another dataset also warmed by a tenth of a degree” since the beginning of the year.The only problem is that if he ties his good mood to the weather in this way, it is very likely that he will have to commit suicide by the end of the year or so. The previously mentioned ENSO report includes projections on the page 25/32. They show that the El Niño is already rapidly weakening and virtually all models predict the transition to La Niña conditions by the end of the summer. With a few months of a delay, those will surely reduce the global mean temperature. The year 2017 may very well be one of the coolest years, perhaps just like 1999, maybe similar to the years like 2008 or 2009.What Grant Tamino Foster is doing is surely an example of mental illness. His remaining functional brain cells must know that the tenth of a degree or two doesn’t have any important implications. Moreover, it’s obvious that most of it may be attributed to a somewhat well-known natural phenomenon. But these cells are completely beaten by something else and he just can’t resist to be brainwashing himself that every tenth of this degree is extremely important and moreover, it teaches us some great lesson about the human society and what it should do. I feel that Tamino is a real believer, a really mentally sick person, and I feel lots of compassion with him because he’s really a screwed man. When you look at him, you may realize how small all your problems are. You may have some physical illness, or have lost a dear person, or a quarter of your investments. But you’re still not as screwed up as Grant Foster.The Czech media have brought some stories about the signing ceremony in New York. But these articles, such as one at, were basically uninteresting for the readers. While hot articles about provoking political topics such as the illegal immigration sometimes attract many thousands of comments, the report on the signature of the Paris climate insanity attracted 65 comments so far. Virtually all of them say that this is a ritual for stupid sheep, a theft of the taxpayer money, no one really knows what will happen to the temperatures and why, the officials can’t deal with a bunch of Arabs but they pretend to control the whole planet, and the EU is likely to be the biggest moron that will actually constrain itself because of this irrational suicidal deal.So far, the treaty hasn’t come to force yet. It must be ratified by a certain fraction of the countries, or countries representing some fraction of emissions, or something like that. Even when it happens, it’s possible to withdraw but the process may take 3+1 years.

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