Obama moves to slow global warming: EPA moves to limit emissions of future coal-and gas-fired power plants

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Obama energy secretary Ernest Moniz admits to Congress: Unilateral U.S. climate action is pointless — From Ernest Moniz’s written testimony for today’s House hearing on Obama’s climate change plan: ‘Although we are still one of the largest emitters on a per person basis, U.S. emissions represent only about a fifth of the global total. As such, a global effort will be required if we are to avoid increasing climate damages in the future.’

EPA admits its climate efforts will NOT solve climate change: Reaction: ‘If the federal court system were a sane place, this admission of futility would doom CO2 regulation under the Clean Air Act’ — ‘McCarthy admitted the EPA on its own could not deliver all of the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions needed to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.’ — Gina McCarthy: ‘Can the EPA alone solve the problem of climate change? No, we cannot.  We are working within our authority to do what we can.’