NOAA Tornado data: 2016 ‘one of the quietest years since records began in 1954’ – Below average for 5th year in a row


Another Quiet Year For Tornadoes

NOVEMBER 12, 2016
By Paul Homewood  


As the year winds down, it looks like being yet another very quiet one for tornadoes in the US.

Based on provisional data to Nov 11th, only 2013 has had less tornadoes since 2005.

After “inflation adjusting”, which takes account of the fact that many more tornadoes get to be reported nowadays because of changing technology, 2016 also looks like being one of the quietest since records began in 1954.


It normally takes about three months for local storm reports to be confirmed as tornadoes, and classifications made. Currently, the SPC have confirmed data up to July, so there may some small changes to the above figures.

Meteorologist Bastardi on 2016 Tornado season: ‘Extreme lack of tornadoes. Will need ‘second season’ to stop it from being quietest year on record!’

Flashback: NOAA: Number of major tornadoes in 2015 was ‘one of the lowest on record’ – Tornadoes below average for 4th year in a row – ‘The year finished with 481 tornadoes of EF-1 strength or greater, the fourth year in a row that has been below average. Perhaps more significantly, the number of EF-3 and stronger tornadoes was one of the lowest on record. You have to go back to 1987 to find fewer. There were no EF-5s at all, and only three EF-4s.’


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  2. Hey libnutz isn’t climate change supposed to mean more tornadoes? Climate change theory is like the typical libtard, no basis of reality. Kumbaya loons on drugs drooling like retards.

    1. You can get less tornadoes with global warming. I understand that you can also get more. And sometimes nothing changes at all. Global warming is great like that. /s

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        1. The Enviro Fraudsters that push ” Climate Change ” used Man Made Global Warming until that became poll tested to be used up and ineffective for raising fear and taxes. Then the went to just global Warming , Then Anthro- something . Its almost as bad as John Cougar Melloncamp changing his name every so often on his albums…John cougar , Melloncamp and what ever .
          Well lets get back to ” Climate Change ” but lets try a new name now….like : ” Man caused Climate Death warming destruction , Sky is falling , Darth vader attacking , horrible travesty and unimaginable temperature variation and certain death change weather ” ….Yah that works for now

          1. Have you already forgotten the terrible ZIKA plague recently visited upon us by global warming?
            Thank God for President Obama and Big Pharma for jumping right on that and stamping it out with $2B+ taxpayer dollars!!!!!

          2. As far as I know, the thing with Mellencamp’s name was because of the record company’s insistence that “John Mellencamp” was not a showbiz name. He became “John Cougar,” but he never liked it. As he became more famous and successful, the need for a catchy name was reduced… but people already knew him as John Cougar, so rather than go to his real name at that point, he simply tacked Mellencamp back on. It was enough like his old stage name to let people know it was still the same guy, but it was a lot closer to his real name too.

            Eventually, enough people knew him as Mellencamp to justify removing the “Cougar” completely, so he did.

            It was about a rookie on the music scene doing what his record company told him to do in order to sell records at first, but when he had the fame and the record sales to push back, he did so.

            That’s not at all like the change in terms for climate change. The left frequently uses a sleight-of-hand to disguise its efforts; rather than change the substance, they change the terms. The communists and socialists became liberals (though they are anything but liberal in real terms), and when that term began to bear the stain of association with their poisonous ideology, they adopted the “progressive” moniker from the early 20th century.

            In other words, it’s a lot worse than Mellencamp’s name changes. It’s more akin to fraud… they avoid being pinned down by moving the target just as people begin to learn what they’re about. As it is said, conservatives are afraid that people won’t understand what they’re trying to do, while liberals are afraid that people will.

        2. Right. When they found out there was no warming, they renamed it. Because with climate change, you can claim you are right no matter what happens, LOL! It’s propaganda, not science.

            1. To Smoking Frog — No!! Because to the nut-bag eco-nazis, the increased CO2 can lead to either warming or cooling!! More rain or less rain, more hurricanes or less hurricanes, stronger or weaker hurricanes,…. They are fruitloops!!

        3. Climate Change is a meaningless term, since the climate is in a constant state of flux. The entire thing is nothing more than a fiction upon which to hang global governance and to install a taxing system based on carbon. Since nearly all life on Earth is based on carbon, you can imagine the fun they would have charging us tax to be born and breathe.

        4. Only because the algore couldn’t come up with a new and stunningly frightening name for it. Thousands upon thousands of little snowflakes grovel at his feet.

        5. “Climate change” is a phrase because the warmists realized the unadulterated data showed cooling. It’s just weather. Wanna know why tornadoes are down? Look at the sun’s activity.

      2. From what I have read and learned over the past 20 years, Global Warming causes whatever weather you are experiencing right now. Generally, the theories change every time the weather does, but it always involves homo-genesis.

              1. The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in
                some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate at Bergen Norway

                Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.

                Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81degrees 29 minutes.

                Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.

                Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report
                continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

                Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

                Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

                * * *
                * * * * * *
                I must apologize.

                I neglected to mention that this report was from November 2, 1922, as reported
                by the AP and published in The Washington Post – 93 years ago.

                This must have been caused by the Model T Ford’s emissions or possibly from horse and cattle flatulence?

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        1. The doctrines of the Church of Environmentology are good like that in that they help make political sense of everything. Now, please make a donation using the convenient envelope you can find on the back of the seat in front of you.

        2. We must stop the term Global Warming because that’s something everyday folks can monitor with an outdoor thermometer. We don’t want ordinary people using metrics so that success or failure can be properly evaluated. So Climate Change should be used from Cap and Trade proponents. The “let them eat cake” crowd should be kept ignorant.

      3. Yes you can get less tornados with global warming. But we’ve all been told, shouted at actually, that we would get more and that was a major arguing point for increased regulations regarding CO2. Funny thing about that is the president still insists that we are getting more tornados and more hurricanes with increased intensity. And he claims everyone that doesn’t believe it is a “science denier”. Myself, I’m getting tired of the BS.

    2. No. It doesn’t predict more tornadoes, and as for hurricanes, the increase, if any, is supposed to be small. Prof. Kerry Emanuel of MIT, who chiefly originated the “more and worse hurricanes” idea, partially recanted many years ago. Yes, the libs are tards, but so are lots of other people. It’s really idiotic.

          1. As for all things, it’s relative. There are indeed some loons on the Right, but the degree of looniness and the numbers afflicted by it are far, far greater on the Left.

    3. Harry your points are dead on correct, and I agree with you. However, the name calling detracts from an otherwise thoughtful post. In other words, you sound like them….

    4. Oh, no, no. no. Everything is evidence of climate change, don’cha know? More tornadoes. Less tornadoes. More hurricanes.More rain. Less rain. Bigger icecaps. Smaller Icecaps. Less hurricanes. Higher temperatures. Lower temperatures. Everything is proof for them. It has everything in common with a religion.
      1) Cannot be readily observed by lay people
      2) Even opposing observations are given as proof of its existence.
      3) Skeptics are heretics and must be persecuted.
      4) The Answer is to feed it painful amounts of money.
      Yep. Meets all the criteria to be a religion.

    5. Climate Change means the climate changes, shit-for-brains. There are obvious trends that may or may not be caused or influenced by mankind. If you think the Ice Ages never happened, CO2 has never been over 400ppm, sea level has never been 10 meters higher than today or that the earth hasn’t been 20 degrees warmer than today, think again.

        1. Lol, you must not fly often.
          Nowhere in the US can you see halfway to the horizon because of the smog. And according to astronauts, it’s not just the US, it’s the whole world.
          But assuming you’re a retard right-winger you likely think the ISS is a hoax.

          The global CO2 levels and temperatures where declining until the 1920s – 1950s, strange indeed.

          There have been over 600 atmospheric nuclear detonations, most of which were hotter than the center of the sun. That’s thousands of square miles at 50 million degrees, and you think that hasn’t had an impact on the environment?

          The Idea that man cannot influence the environment is ridiculous. I’ll mention HAARP as my final example.

    6. …and more and stronger hurricanes…didn’t the NWS predict something like a dozen major Atlantic hurricanes this year – seems like the best they can do is name a few thunderstorms…

  3. Congress voted down the Kyota deal. Nevertheless, Obama has paid Billions to the UN for Global warming.


  4. The global warming predictions clearly were created by the same idiots who created the predictions for president and who still lie about Obama’s approval rating.

  5. It’s global warming, we need more tornadoes. Here’ thinking out of the box on faux global warming, if all the sheep would just commit mass suicide ah-la Jim Jones style, just think of all the Co2 that would not be released into the atmosphere out of the pie holes of all these bleating sheep. Problem solved.

  6. Lets hope that with the election of Donald trump that the weather starts cooperating and bring back Tornadoes , Hurricanes and more wild swings of the temperature. Under Obama and the ” Man Made Global Warmers ” at the UN the weather has made them look like total Fools .

      1. You’re an idiot if you can’t detect sarcasm in a comment that lays out a logical fallacy as plainly as I did. Honestly, was my sarcasm not obvious?

        Also, please cite one instance in the past where I blamed a hurricane on global warming. TIA.

      1. To figure it all out We need Inner Earth scientists for a discussion on volcanoes and then we need Atmospheric and Geographic scientists to understand the effect of volcanoes on the Earth’s surface climate. Then it takes a political scientist who can put the whole shebang together and assign blame to ????

        In the words of the late, great Hillary ….IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

  7. I thought with Climate Change or Global Warming or whatever they want to call it, was projecting every increasing hurricanes and tornado’s in numbers and intensity. Huh? Oh I forgot we are going to have winter’s without snow because of higher temperatures but at the same time the polar vortex is going to cause us to have colder winters. My head is spinning I think I need to sit down for a while. Wait until generation of global warming find out the oceans are at a level 200 feet higher than it was 15,000 years about not including the Industrial Era emissions. I guess someone needs to go and adjust their computer models, AGAIN!

    1. Actually the warmers have given up adjusting the computer models to the temperature. Now they go back and adjust the temperature record to match the models.

  8. Magic Climate… i’m coining the term here and now.
    Thank God for algae and trees
    TG for CO2
    TG for the sun
    TG for the water
    TG for the soil
    It’s tricky business, but thank God we know to keep as clean as possible and let Him sort the rest out.

  9. It makes sense to the pervert libturd, global has caused a decrease in tornado and hurricane activity because global warming has shifted the polar vortex.

  10. Who writes your headlines?

    We had FEWER tornadoes, not “Less” tornadoes.

    Would you write that an economical car uses “fewer” gasoline?

    Learn the difference between “less” and “fewer.”

  11. Yea, bur how about those 125 hurricanes that hit the US this year — increasing the warmth and speeding up Man Made Climate Change. Was the first fire built by the cave man the first step in Man Made Climate Change? Splain that, please.

  12. The basic problem with the position of current day Climate Change promoters is that the underlying force behind their beliefs is based on ideological irrationality rather than a truthful analysis of climate science.

  13. Hey, where are the paid CAGW trolls since the election? Anyone else notice the absence? Not missing them, it’s just that we’ve been able to peruse and digest the news rather than sort through the subterfuge they were blaring.

  14. And thus came down the Pharisees from the high church of Climate Change and Cardinal Gore said “I told you this would happen!” Now bow down and pay me your carbon taxes of I will melt your polar bear habitat.

  15. This is an alarming trend. The sudden paucity of tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, and earthquakes is endangering the livelihoods of our entire professional alarmist community. Both Ralph Nader and Al Gore were recently seen in threadbare old clothes and with holes in the soles of their shoes, with Gore actually panhandling on the streets of West LA and drinking from a bottle of Jive Seven Wine, a popular beverage among the “street people.” This is a looming crisis that deserves immediate attention.

  16. Climate change is a growing problem. Just yesterday it was cold outside but today it is several degrees warmer. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cool and rainy. See the climate is changing every dang day. I’m building a bunker.

  17. When data is reported honestly without a political agenda the results speak for themselves. In this just completed election cycle there was zero mention in any of the debates related to “Global Warming/cooling” or climate change, why? It wasn’t raised because internal polling at the DNC indicated that the issue wasn’t on the radar of the public. The DNC without a platform to push or a successful administration whose coattails they could ride into the White House resorted to gutter political attacks against the opposition. They lost because they lost track of what really concerns the majority of the people, their personal well being.

  18. The meme, can’t call it a theory, that global warming will bring more and stronger tornadoes and hurricanes was advanced for one single reason, to scare people and ingender concern for life, property and the children. Never mind that data for the last several decades refutes the warning. Effectively this is the same old liberal clap-trap.

  19. Remember Zika? That was a global warming plague that nearly got us all!
    Thanks to the quick action of President Obama, he authorized $2B taxpayer money be handed to Big Pharma to develop a vaccine. Now its gone! THAT’S the value of Big Government!

  20. Once again we see the effects of man made global climate change. First a pause in raising temperatures. Then a dramatic decrease in hurricanes. Now a slowing of tornados. What’s next? We must act now!

  21. Even IPCC’s 2013 AR5 report (Chapter 2 pages 155~283) admits NO increasing global trends of severe weather incidence/severity for the past 60~116 years for: hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tornadoes, floods, droughts, tropical storms, sub-tropical storms, thunderstorms, hail, etc.,….

    And yet Leftist political hacks and the MSM keep repeating the lie that global severe weather trends are “increasing at unprecedented rates.”

    If CAGW is “no longer up for debate”, why do Leftist feel the need to lie about what the empirical evidence actually shows?

    Why indeed…

  22. Dang it, we need to redefine what a Tornado is. How will Catastrophic Climate change be supported if none of the predictions is accurate????? There must be more Tornadoes and Hurricanes, there have to be, or the Climate Cult Gurus look like parasitic fear mongers and corrupt money grubbers.

  23. Well maybe…but one missed my house by less then half a mile last July…I was in the basement…got very dark and suddenly very noisy. Not much fun.

  24. Global warming, or cooling, or something, or whatever the wizards are calling it today (global hockey stick?) strikes again. I’m sure the Paris climate deal will get us right back to having lots of tornadoes, again; that’ll fix it.

  25. Not wait a minute. I heard the man made global warming folks shouting a few years ago, we were going to have a massive increase in tornadoes a massive increase increase in hurricanes , Also Gore said in 1988 that by the year 2000 Tennessee was not going to have anymore winters. He also said the ice would gone at the poles by 2012. I could type for hours about how wrong these global warming, climate change people have been wrong

  26. HURRICANES TOO! so…lack of sunspots on Sun (seems to) correlates to lack of atmospheric disturbance on Earth. Makes sense…no, or little, UltraViolet light hitting upper atmosphere does not heat the upper atmosphere, so that low density air is not created up there as it is during high Sunspot activity…hot upper atmosphere is less dense causing an uprising of cool – more dense – air….which is not normal for cool air to rise…but if there’s a layer of LESS DENSE air above it – it will ! like a bubble on an bicycle tire bulges. And that causes hurricanes and tornadoes….well…THAT’S MY EXPLANATION OF IT>

  27. Simple. All the tornados have been sucked down the fracking holes and THAT is pure anthropogenic climate change. Those tornados are spinning down there and one day they will all release. When they eventually all whirl to the surfae? Only Trump loyalists will be sucked into the funnels and Obama will be president again. At least that is what I read in the NYT and saw on MSNBC.

  28. Gee! Weren’t we supposed to have more bad tornadoes and hurricanes due to global warming? Wait let me fall back on the alarmists’ theorem ‘When it gets colder, it is a sign of global warming’. So applied to storms the lack of storms is a sign of global warming. But wait, isn’t that a good thing? However, I won’t talk about Danny Glover’s blaming global warming for earthquakes. Have we had any of those lately to confirm his statement?

  29. Like all the other facts, these facts will not dissuade the faithful. The way most of them defend climate change is by stating that fewer tornados, hurricanes, less rain or snow, or whatever the weather condition is, is the result of man-made behavior. It’s the new religion, which interestingly enough, is 100% man-made.

  30. So…….are they going to lower the requirements to call something a tornado so they can report more of them to prove globull warming? That’s what they want to do for hurricanes.

  31. Global climate change isn’t about climate; it’s about dismantling capitalism. To deny climate change is like claiming there was no ice age, but the ‘why’ is what’s disputed. There is more direct evidence in aluminum and barium aerosols causing glacier and polar damage than climate change’s unaltered numbers on CO2 emissions.

  32. I’d say this is bad news for Climate Chicken Littles but since “man-made climate change” results in ALL extremes (too hot, too cold, more hurricanes/tornadoes v fewer hurricanes/tornadoes, etc.) then it won’t stop Gore or DiCaprio from jetting around the world to lecture the rest of us about “environmental awareness”.

  33. So there are some very significant benefits to Global Warming. Sorry I meant Climate Change since there really hasn’t been statistically significant warming. Funny how virtually every other prediction made by the Global Warming charlatans 20 years ago has not occurred. Gore’s Inconvenient Truth should have been titled Convenient Lies.

  34. Empirical scientific data either proves or disproves a theory and in this case, as in countless others, the theories of MAM-MADE climate change are false. This doesn’t mean that mankind is off the hook for his treatment of the only home he can safely live on, on the contrary… our pollution, while not enough to effect the temperatures on the planet, are still enough to kill wildlife, create disease, and ruin our ecosystem in other, more profound ways. One only needs to look at the extinctions of animal species since the 20th century to know where we are headed. If the scientist are accurate who are currently studying our sun, the sun is showing signs of another Mulder minimum, where sunspot activity is low or nonexistent. Earth may also be going thru it’s own changes, as we may be headed for a pole reversal, which happens from time to time. Who knows, we may be taken back to the stone age before all is said and done.

  35. The Greenhouse Effect did it did it!
    Global Warming did it!
    Climate Change did it!
    Global Climate Disruption did it!
    Kimate Kaos did it!
    Anthropogenic Meteorological Higgledy-Piggledyness did it!
    A tornado is that which requires the Carbon Tax on Everything to be paid. We are all tornadoes.

    The dog ate my climate.

  36. If this were the result of “Global Warming”, then the climate change advocates would be forced to admit it is a *beneficial* effect. So I don’t expect to see this data as part of Al Gore’s travelling PowerPoint presentation. If there were slightly more tornadoes than average this year, you bet your sweet @ss the warmists would have it plastered all over the news. And every grammar school student would be regurgitating it to their parents when asked what they learned in school today.

    One of the big reasons people see through the hoax is that the advocates focus only on hyperbolic gloom and doom scenarios. So even the most casual skeptics can easily recognize the totally biased reports as propaganda. If the climate were indeed getting slightly warmer as a result of AGW, I believe for the most part the consequences would not be exceptionally dire (certainly not worth destroying the economies of every advanced nation on earth over) and there would be as many winners as losers. It’s very hard to get people to hand over their hard-earned money and their freedoms to the U.N. telling the truth though.

  37. Global warming causes more extreme weather. It is extremely nice to have fewer hurricanes and tornadoes. Therefore, this wonderfully moderate weather is an extreme expression of the reality of global warming.

    – Some Befuddled Grant-Seeking Climate “Scientist.”

  38. Well, we’re glad on one hand that there have been less tornadoes. On the other hand…it’s sure made sales a lot slower for us in the storm shelter business.

  39. AGW just caused a huge earthquake in New Zeeland. Either AGW caused or was it George W who caused it? Whatever the source it just couldn’t be random chance.

  40. How is Gore’s beach house in Florida? Shouldn’t it be underwater by now, according to his own predictions? and yet the beaches are virtually exactly the same as when his movie came out. we just got lucky I guess.

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