No New Record? UAH Data Show 2016 Still Trails Behind 1998 Record Warm Year

By Schneefan

Already in August, is the year 2016 a bit cooler than the year 1998, according to satellite data from UAH. That situation remains the same as September saw a reading of +0.44°C.

The global 2m temperatures with a deviation of +0.38°K eased off slightly from the August reading of 0.42°K, see the following chart:

The above UAH chart shows the monthly deviations from the mean (blue line) of the global temperatures of the lower troposphere at 1500 meters altitude (TLT) and the 13-month running average (red curve). Due to a powerful globally time-shifted El Niño event beginning in the summer of 2015, there was a record string of months from November to March. There was a strong retreat from April to June, with temperatures stagnant near 0.44°K over the past 3 months. Source: UAH Global Temperature Update for September 2016: +0.44°CC.

What follows is a direct comparison of the January – August period for both 1998 and 2016 El Niño years: