No Global Warming Since The Kyoto Treaty Was Rejected

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama weather deja vu

The stars of meteorology were aligned as the White House made its case on climate change.  NBC’s Al Roker was there, along with more than 100 national and local television weather forecasters — some of them doing their TV hits from the White House lawn. They met with the president and his advisers. And the administration hoped the broadcasters’ popular appeal would help sell the public on the need to take action on global warming

No, that wasn’t the big climate-weather outreach that the Obama White House held on Tuesday. It was a quite similar event that the Clinton White House held in October 1997, as that administration was preparing for discussions of a global climate agreement in Kyoto, Japan.  But yes, Roker was invited both time

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama weather deja vu – Bob King –