Nine blue whales ‘probably crushed to death by ice’

Nine blue whales “probably crushed to death by ice”

Warning: Disturbing images!
9 Apr 2014 – According to, “several endangered blue whales have been found dead in ice off Newfoundland – probably crushed to death by ice, says the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).”

Dr. Jack Lawson, a researcher with DFO, said the whales were around 20 metres (65 ft) long – the “length of two school buses.”
Blue whale carcasses on the ice on SW coast of Newfoundland – Credit: Dept of Fisheries & Oceans
The massive whales are accustomed to ice, but this has been a particularly bad year for sea ice off Newfoundland.
“We’ve had ferries unable to get across to Newfoundland. We’ve had ice breakers having a real tough time moving through this stuff. It’s under a lot of pressure and it’s thicker than it has been in the last few years,” Lawson explained.
“So, it’s just too much for them.”
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