Morano in Morocco on Trump: ‘Expect both international & domestic climate agenda to be reversed. It’s about time!’


Diplomatic or deluded? Insiders say Trump won’t ditch deal

By Jean Chemnick, E&E News reporter
Published: Monday, November 14, 2016

MARRAKECH, Morocco —


Skeptic: Expect climate reversals. ‘It’s about time!’

U.S. climate skeptics begged to differ.

“The body of evidence suggests one ought to expect that any executive action on this front from the past eight years will indeed face a sincere effort at modification or reversal,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Christopher Horner, an outspoken opponent of Obama’s climate policies, in an email.

Marc Morano, who publishes the climate skeptic site, said the president-elect was not only “the most strongly skeptical” Republican president or nominee ever but unlikely to be swayed by global pressure.

“Even going back to the 1980s, Trump’s political philosophy was a form of ‘America first’ and not very supportive of international trade or similar agreements,” he said.

Morano has attended these summits in previous years to tell participants the United States wouldn’t make good on the promises the Obama administration officials made in the negotiating rooms. He arrives in Marrakech this week for events highlighting how “Clexit,” as he’s termed the U.S. departure from international climate efforts, would play out.

“Climate skeptics are back,” Morano said in an email to E&E News. “They now control the House, Senate and … the Presidency. Expect both international and domestic climate agenda to be reversed. It’s about time!”

Trump’s transition team is mulling a strategy that includes departure from the Paris Agreement alone or from the broader U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. Leaving the underlying convention means the United States would no longer be party to Paris the following year.

That would be a 180-degree shift from the current U.S. stance on climate. Indeed, Obama was credited with helping to bring last year’s deal home through persistent bilateral engagement with other countries, especially China.


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  1. Even with Trump in the White House taking apart the CAGW scam is going to be a hard-fought battle. It’s a gigantic, unimaginably well-funded corporate monolith of vested interests with tentacles wrapped right around the world. I wish Trump well if he really means to have a go, but we can expect those who stand lose big time to employ every trick in their Book of Dirty Tricks (with the usual helpful idiocy from 98% of their fellow travellers in the msm, of course) in resisting any attack on their cosy, well-paid scam.

  2. According to the Paris Climate Agreement, the rich nations are suppose to help the poor nations. We are a poor nation with a huge national debt, huge annual deficits, and huge annual trade deficits. Our participation should not matter because we are not a source of funds.

    Climate justice? The climate change we are experiending is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control. If you want climate justice then try litigating against Mother Nature in the world court. If you win, lots of luck collecting on a judgement.

  3. Worried that rising CO2 levels will raise the world’s temperature? Join my plan to plant one billion trees a year for five years. Crises solved.

    The real crises is water to let the trees grow.

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