Monckton & Soon: Clinton, Gore and U.N., Profiteers of Doom, vs. Donald Trump, Prophet of Freedom

First, the rate of global warming has not been accelerating. In fact, it is little more than half of what the UN had predicted in 1990, even though, despite the squandering of hundreds of billions on the climate scam, CO2 emissions are rising faster than predicted.

Secondly, Hurricane Matthew was no worse for global warming. Until it struck the U.S. coast, no hurricane of category 3 or more had made landfall for 4001 days – the longest period without a major hurricane landfall in the U.S. since records began almost 150 years ago. Warmer weather reduces the temperature differentials that drive storms, making severe hurricanes less likely.

Thirdly, sea level, which Gore and Clinton said was a big issue for Florida’s coastline, has not been accelerating, though the south-eastern seaboard of the U.S. has been subsiding.

Fourthly, there is no “consensus”. Two of us were co-authors of a paper printed last year that examined 11,944 peer-reviewed papers on climate and related subject published in the learned journals over the 21 years 1991-2001. Just 41 papers – 0.3 percent of the sample – went as far as to say that what little global warming there has been in recent decades was mostly manmade.

In 2007, one of us ran ads in major daily papers throughout the U.S. challenging Al Gore to a debate about global warming. He was too terrified to accept. In 2009, one of us asked him how much global warming would be prevented if the U.S. stopped emitting CO2 altogether. Gore could not answer: for the truth is that global temperature would barely change.

The cost of compliance with the Paris climate agreement has been estimated at $90 trillion over the next 14 years. Yet that monstrous sum – four times the entire federal debt – would not even reduce global temperature by a tenth of a degree.

Measures to tackle global warming that are inexpensive enough to be ineffective will be unaffordable. Measures that are expensive enough to be effective are unaffordable. And there is no climate crisis anyway. As a recent Pew survey showed, the global warming scam is now a vote-loser for its promoters. We, the people, are no longer fooled.