Michael Mann’s trick to hide the decline — still shocking

Mann’s trick to hide the decline — still shocking


Jean S revisited “Black Tuesday” with a post on Climate Audit. Even though I’ve seen these graphs before. It is still so arresting: (Click to enlarge) Graphs from a Richard Muller presentation People can debate the finer details of “splicing” but ultimately the second graph is deceptive. Do tree rings work, or don’t they? When it comes to “tricks”, this is not like a trick to get the photocopier to work. It’s a trick to hide something. We don’t need a committee report to tell us whether it’s OK. It’s not science. Climate Audit has well written a minute by minute breakdown of the emails at the time. (It was Barry Woods suggestion to add the graphs but they finish up at the end of the post.) MBH means Mann, Bradley, Hughes. Jones writes to the MBH crew (cc Briffa and Osborn) explaining WMO plans and exactly what the graph will look like. Jones explained that the graph was intended for the cover of the WMO annual statement, which had a print run of 10,000. Jones said that he had voted against using the millennial series in the promotion because he knew that he […]Rating: 9.1/10 (60 votes cast)

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