Macquarie ‘University’ sabotages, exiles, blackbans, strands and abandons skeptical scientist Murry Salby

Macquarie “University” sabotages, exiles, blackbans, strands and abandons Murry Salby

Short of sending Murry Salby to Siberia, Macquarie University have done everything they could to sabotage and silence him and his PhD student. His research is so dangerous to the cash cow that is “global warming” that it had to be stopped. It threatens the religion. But the truth will out, and the reputation of Macquarie will not recover until those responsible are sacked. If this is true, Macquarie no longer deserve to be called a “university”, and do not deserve taxpayer dollars. The Science Minister, (Senator Kim Carr, the fourth person to do the job this year), needs to state his position on this, does he support this? [email protected]. Until this is rectified, why should this corrupt institution receive any funding from the ARC? The good scientists, indeed the good staff of any department there, must be appalled. Will they speak out against it, or are they too afraid? Does Tim Flannery, also at Macquarie University, support this? Did he have anything to do with it? Does he cares about the scientific method and academic freedom. Under the facade of caring about the planet lies a very ugly self serving greed. The CO2 theory, and the power and money […]Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)