Listen Now: Climate Depot’s Morano Unleashed in One hour UK interview! ‘Do any cursory examination of who is behind this & how this warmist narrative was crafted and you will realize you have been conned by the global warming establishment’

Listen Now: Full One Hour Audio of Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano available here: 

Selected Excerpts: ‘If you just start scratching the surface of this issue, not only will you not believe, but you will be angry…Warmist climate claims are ‘insulting to our intelligence. They are insulting to science’

‘No matter the weather, they can point to what study they need, they have covered themselves on both sides of the aisle by all of the contradictory predictions they have made. This is where it morphs into horoscope or astrology. They can credibly cite some study to  support  their claim. Why? Because they pretty much predicted everything and anything as some point. This is what they are calling science…If you predict everything and anything, you will have a study to back it up. That’s where the bastardization of science continues unchecked.’ (See: Unfalsifiable: More Than 30 Contradictory Pairs Of Peer-Reviewed Papers)

But the warmists still claim ‘it’s worse than we thought.’ But how is worse than we thought? Sea level is not accelerating, polar bears are thriving, global avg temps stalled. They will reply ‘Haven’t you heard? By 2060 they (the warmists) are now predicting x,y,z,.’  — But wait a minute, that not worse than we thought. That just another scary prediction. As the real world data fails, prediction of the future get scarier and scarier. It’s almost as if they want to distract us from reality.’

‘Regardless of environmental scare — and we are talking global cooing [of 1970s], overpopulation, species extinction, sustainable development, deforestation — they always have the same solution. You can go back and plug and play, plug in different environmental scare, but guess what, it is always the same solution. More centralized planning, more international government control., perhaps a global tax of some kinds, management of countries, violation of sovereignty. We now have German climate advisor calling for co2 budget for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

Morano on Medieval  Witchcraft  in 21st Century: ‘They actually believe they can vote in Congress or parliament change the weather!’

Full One Hour interview available here.

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