Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for climate ‘prat’ of 2016

The biggie of course has been Leonardo DiCapricko whose antics have been toe-curlingly embarrassing to watch. His activities, such as that bloody awful climate porn movie that bombed, were bad enough, but it was the impression one gained of him that was the true horror.
He was like some fundamentally cheap, snot-nosed brat dressed up in a thousand dollar suit and desperately craving respect and recognition from the world as only a high school dropout can do.
The revulsion was compounded by seeing every tongue of the mainstream media half way up his buttocks in abject adulation for his titanic non-accomplishments in saving the environment while ignoring him putting out more carbon than your average four-engine jumbo jet or fuckoff-sized private yacht. As I think upon it, he actually does own things like that.
I’m sure you folks out there can add a few more prats into the competition, though I have the feeling that such a lean year will be followed by a bumper one next year as all the climate prats struggle to outdo each other oscillating between heart-rendering despair and helpless rage as El Prez Trump takes the budget scalpel to the NASA, the EPA and various UN tax troughers with their snouts jammed into the treasury swill. A lot of them are going to end up standing on ledges or sitting in unemployment offices.