Leonardo DiCaprio climate change video declares carbon dioxide to be ‘poison’!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate film titled ‘Carbon’, produced and narrated by DiCaprio, features environmental activist and talk show host Thom Hartmann touting a carbon tax and referring to carbon dioxide, (a trace essential gas in the atmosphere) as a “poison”.

“Finland and the Netherlands implemented a carbon tax back in 1990, both putting a price tag on each ton of CO2 poison,” Hartmann is featured as saying in the DiCaprio produced video. The new video released August 20, was produced by ‘Green World Rising’ and stars DiCaprio and is supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

But scientists reject the notion that carbon dioxide is a “poison.”

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer testified to Congress in 2009 and bristled at the notion that CO2 would be considered “poison.”

“I keep hearing about the pollutant CO2, or about poisoning the atmosphere with CO2.  CO2 is not a pollutant.  It is not a poison and we should not corrupt the English language by depriving ‘pollutant’ and poison of their original meaning,” Happer explained.

Geologist Leighton Steward told Climate Depot in July that CO2 is beneficial to the Earth.

“There is not a single professor of chemistry that I have come across that can give one single example of carbon dioxide being a pollutant,” Steward explained.

Far from CO2 being a “poison,” as DiCaprio’s video states, the Geologist Steward says that rising CO2 levels are literally greening the planet Earth.

“The plants are growing more robustly, food crops, the Earth has been getting greener and greener and greener, because a real experiment, an empirical experiment has been done. We are just fertilizing the plants. the eco-system is getting more robust,” Steward said.

See: DiCaprio fights ‘carbon monster’ in new eco-documentary featuring Joe Romm & Sen. Bernie Sanders – Leonardo DiCaprio:’We no longer need the dead economy of the fossil fuel industry.’ 

‘DiCaprio and climate scientists argue that coal, natural gas and other carbon-based forms of energy are a “monster” that has created catastrophic surges in the earth’s surface temperature. In response, some lawmakers around the world are tinkering with ways to make carbon more expensive, and sustainable forms of energy — such as wind power — cheap.’

DiCaprio in new video: ‘We must put a price on carbon’ – The first film in the series, titled “Carbon,” calls for more federal action to control carbon dioxide pollution. We cannot sit idly by and watch the fossil fuel industry make billions at our collective expense. We must put a price on carbon — now,” DiCaprio said in a statement. The eight-minute long film argues that a tax should be placed on carbon in order to keep global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius.

Papa Gore?!

DiCaprio sees former Vice President Al Gore as a father figure and the greatest influence on him when it came to global warming

“I actually got to meet Al Gore, who — I asked him what was the, you know, the most important environmental issue in the world, and he, without hesitation, said ‘global warming’ and literally took me, you know, like a child and wrote out a chart and explained what global warming was and how, um, basically because of, you know, carbon emissions in our atmosphere, we’re going to, you know, change our climate forever,” DiCaprio said in an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS in a 2005 interview.

 DiCaprio Hypocrisy?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Environmental Hypocrite: Owns at least 5 luxury homes – Flies the world


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  1. DiCapiro and the rest of the Hollywood “bunch” (I restrained myself) wouldn’t give 2 cents for the environment if there wasn’t a lot of under the table money going their way.

  2. If you could harness the intellectual horsepower of DiCaprio and his entourage, you could power a lightbulb — not an incandescent one, mind you, an LED bulb, a very, very dim LED bulb.

    But using LED over incandescent would probably make Leonardo happy anyway.

  3. DiCaprio is basically an uneducated person who needs to be loved and adored and would probably endorse mass extinction if it made him feel important and loved. He uses more energy that a third world country making a living and now thinks CO2 is something “poison”. So he wants to get rid of all CO2, kill every plant on the planet then all the people and then what???? Just plain stupid.

  4. Well I don’t know. Is this guy planning to exclude this ‘poison’ from his diet? Is he planning a ‘detox’ session to have it removed from his body. Personally I’m willing to pay folding money to watch the treatment (proceeds to the actors benevolent fund!)

    No he’s not a hypocrit, flying round the world, 5 ‘homes’ etc. However much he thinks CO2 damages the environmnt, he’s just plain wrong and ignorant with it. It is unfair to accuse him of all these negative characteristics when the simpler and more accurate adjectives are available

  5. Wouldn’t his efforts be more self serving (I mean noble) if he were tirelessly flying food to starving people in Africa? I guess real humanitarian causes aren’t “stylish” anymore.
    I had the displease of meeting this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance on a few occasions and yes, he’s really this stupid.

  6. he rapes women, does drugs, does not pay taxes, has a carbon footprint greater than many small cities. He needs lead to offset his carbon.

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