Leo DiCaprio joins campaign to fight global warming by shedding his fossil fuel investments


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NEW YORK (AP) — Leonardo DiCaprio is joining a campaign to use investment decisions to fight global warming: He’s planning to shed his own investments in fossil fuels, an activist group announced Tuesday.


The star of “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Blood Diamond” joined members of the Divest-Invest Coalition as it announced his plans and highlighted growth in such pledges during the past year.


DiCaprio plans to divest his own and his foundation’s fossil fuel holdings, said Ellen Dorsey, a leader of the campaign and the executive director of the Wallace Global Fund, an environmental grantmaker. The actor didn’t speak at the event.


Taking a page from the anti-apartheid movement on college campuses in the 1980s, students began pressing various colleges in 2011 to drop their holdings in the fossil fuel industry and increase their stake in renewable energy companies.