Leo DiCaprio isn’t the only climate change hypocrite

Here, in no particular order, is an incomplete list of warming hypocrites and do-gooders, which might be redundant:

  • Mark Ruffalo — “But it’s my kids, man,” Ruffalo, 48, said. “I look at my kids, and the thought [of] mass extinction, and I see the change that’s happening with the trees . . .” The guy who was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in 2015’s overrated “Spotlight’’ (but lost), and plays The Hulk/Dr. Bruce Banner in fuel-munching “The Avengers’’ movies, is perhaps the loudest whiner in a celeb-choked pack of environmental zealots — Sean Penn! Robert Redford! The fracking opponent vowed in 2014 to dump his investments in companies he says cause climate change — in three to five years. What’s the hurry?
  •  President Obama — The Golf-Nut-in-Chief, 54, called reducing greenhouse gases a “powerful rebuke’’ to ISIS (or, as he calls the terror-mongering group, ISIL) before flying aboard Air Force One to the United Nations climate summit outside Paris last year, joining many jet-setting representatives from 195 countries who agreed to lower emissions. According to the most recent estimates, it costs more than $200,000 for an hour of Air Force One flight time. Some or most of that is borne by taxpayers, including to pay for the first family’s vacation jaunts to Hawaii and the prez’s 2013 taping of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’’ in California. The France trip alone was estimated to leave nearly 100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. After his presidency ends on Jan. 20, 2017, Obama is set to move with his family from the White House into a Washington, DC, leased mansion that measures 8,200 square feet and boasts nine bedrooms and 8½ bathrooms, Politico reports. I hope the Obamas remember to switch off the lights when changing rooms.
  • Fifty shades of mind control. School board members in Portland, Ore., last week voted unanimously to ban from classrooms books and materials that cast doubt on the existence of climate change. A Los Angeles Times editor banned publishing the views of climate-change “deniers’’ in the newspaper’s Letters to the Editor section, outdoing even warming hysterics at the New York Times.
  • Pope Francis — I’m not one to criticize the rock-star leader of the world’s estimated 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. Suffice it to say that the pontiff, 79, has eclipsed the Bozo of Ozone, former US Vice President Al Gore, 68, as the world’s go-to alarmist, penning a breathtakingly anti-capitalist encyclical last year that blames “the myth of progress’’ for global warming. It seems to me that progress greatly helps the plight of the poor. If only the good pope, who has urged the acceptance of homosexuals, divorcees and women who express regret for having undergone abortions, would butt out of this.

Leonardo DiCaprio is in good company.