Latest storm likely to make the 2010s the snowiest decade in the east coast in the NOAA record – surpassing the 1960s!

Via Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo

Latest storm likely to make the 2010s the snowiest decade in the east in the NOAA record
By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM (Certified Consulting Meteorologist)

It was quite a storm. I have never seen Logan Airport report heavy snow with an air temperature of 1F (not wind chill) before. The ended up with 15.1 inches. Boxford had 23.8 inches.


Even as more cold and snow invades the central, near the east coast, the post storm blues have set in with the inevitability of an inside runner following rapidly on its heels. But snow loving friends, we have lived through quite a decade and the millennium so far has been a boon to snow lovers despite the continuing claims that snows are becoming rare and hurting winter sports as erroneously reported last week in Boston Magazine.

We here are using NOAA’s own NESIS scale – which we used to call the Kocin/Uccellini storms.

The Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS)

While the Fujita and Saffir-Simpson Scales characterize tornadoes and hurricanes respectively, there is no widely used scale to classify snowstorms. The Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS) developed by Paul Kocin and Louis Uccellini of the National Weather Service (Kocin and Uccellini, 2004) characterizes and ranks high-impact Northeast snowstorms. These storms have large areas of 10 inch snowfall accumulations and greater. NESIS has five categories: Extreme, Crippling, Major, Significant, and Notable. The index differs from other meteorological indices in that it uses population information in addition to meteorological measurements. Thus NESIS gives an indication of a storm’s societal impacts. This scale was developed because of the impact Northeast snowstorms can have on the rest of the country in terms of transportation and economic impact.

NESIS scores are a function of the area affected by the snowstorm, the amount of snow, and the number of people living in the path of the storm. The diagram below illustrates how NESIS values are calculated within a geographical information system (GIS). The aerial distribution of snowfall and population information are combined in an equation that calculates a NESIS score which varies from around one for smaller storms to over ten for extreme storms. The raw score is then converted into one of the five NESIS categories. The largest NESIS values result from storms producing heavy snowfall over large areas that include major metropolitan centers. For details on how NESIS scores are calculated at the National Climatic Data Center, see Squires and Lawrimore (2006).


Kocin, P. J. and L. W. Uccellini, 2004: A Snowfall Impact Scale Derived From Northeast Storm Snowfall Distributions. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 85, 177-194

Squires, M. F. and J. H. Lawrimore, 2006: Development of an Operational Snowfall Impact Scale. 22nd IIPS, Atlanta, GA.

They had added the mid December storm to the Northeast NESIS list as a category 2 (Significant) event.



The table below is enlarged with hyperlink snow amount VIEW maps here.


Enlarged Part 1
Enlarged Part 2

This week’s storm was at least as impactful and covered a wide stretch back to the Midwest.



If it joins the NESIS list, it will be storm 49 and make the 2010s the snowiest decade for the east coast in the record, surpassing the 1960s.



Of course we are just beginning the 4th year of the decade. Also note that 21 of the 49 have been this millennium.

Posted on 01/04 at 08:39 AM – By Joseph D’Aleo

Meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo served as the first Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel and was the Chief Meteorologist at Weather Services International Corporation and served as chairman of the American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting. D’Aleo founded the website International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project at  – Mr. D’Aleo is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin BS, MS and did his doctoral studies in Air Resources at NYU. Mr. D’Aleo is currently co chief Meteorologist at 


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    1. Global warming creates climate destabilization, which creates more temperature extremes…… it’s proven. That is why Australia has had record highs this years while Canada is experiencing record lows. You act like nature owes you a life. It doesn’t. EVERY other planet in this solar system is a dead rock.
      It is far more normal to find dead rocks than living planets.

      The only reason you even exist is because of the atmosphere, a thin blue line of moisture….. the daylight sky, without the atmosphere is black as empty space.

      1. Funny that “Australia has record highs” every year…even when it doesn’t. And in Canada we’re not expericing record low, rather we’re experiencing lows outside the normal temperature trends. I remember it being -30C to -35C when I was a kid in the early 80’s. Which is also backed by the metrological data–which in some cases only starts in 1976, And I don’t even live in the northern part of the country.

        1. Australia experienced its hottest year on record in 2013, officials have said.

          Temperatures were 1.2C above the long term average, the
          warmest since records began in 1910, the Bureau of Meteorology said in
          its annual report.

          The year also saw a record-warm winter that led into the most devastating fires in Sydney since 1968, it said.

          The warming in Australia was consistent with global climate
          trends, where rising temperatures were influenced by greenhouse gases,
          it added.

          1. First sentence, to second paragraph. Read that again. Then jump to third sentence, and note that Sydney hasn’t had a proactive burn program since…you guessed it 1970, much like California.

            Always good to see people can’t think for themselves, and simply give something by rote.

            1. Exactly, I am not egotistically, deluded thinking anything.

              These are professional reports by experienced scientists based on empirical data.

              It’s not opinion.

              Your opinions are worthless junk, just like the billions of tons or garbage filling up landfills while you drive around “thinking” you are separate from nature.

              1. If that’s empirical data, then the following statement is true: I can cure cancer with gasoline.

                And neither of my posts are opinion, those are quantitative observations based on fact.

          2. Earth is over 4 billion years old the records are kept for hog long? At one time Alaska was tropical the vegetation is there frozen along with eh mastrodons to prove it. Even if there was warming (and there is not world wide its been fly the last 5 years), it would be part of earths normal cycle base on sun activity. What we have hear is politicians and scientists lying for a political purpose to control the masses.

      2. Sorry, barking moonbat, but recent independent studies have shown that at least 2013 was one of the most benign years for extreme weather events. Take your lies somewhere else.
        Climate has always “changed” withOUT the help of man. Sure mankind has had some small effect on planetary climate, but it’s so small that it’s pretty well masked by the forces of nature. Even the IPCC has grudgingly admitted global temperatures the last seventeen years aren’t measurably higher than the normal statistical background noise and have taken to the unscientific excuse that “global warming is on a haitus.” Yeah, right.
        We may actually be entering a mini-ice age over the next thirty to fifty years and if mankind is actually “warming the climate” (sic) then we should be thankful for all those SUVs and eeeevil power generating coal plants for moderating temperatures now. Far better a “warming climate” than a cooling climate. QUIT DRINKING THE KOOL-AID, DUDE!

        1. This is from the Australian Government.

          Summer 2012–13 was the warmest on record nationally, spring was also the warmest on record and winter the third warmest
          Overall, 2013 was Australia’s warmest year on record: annual national mean temperature was +1.20 °C above average
          All States and the Northern Territory ranked in the four warmest years on record
          Nationally-averaged rainfall was slightly below average for the year, with 428 mm (1961–1990 average 465 mm)
          Rainfall was mostly below average for the inland east and centre,
          and above average for the east coast, northern Tasmania and parts of
          Western Australia

          1. And in the USA we have had lower then normal temperatures in those same seasons the world balances out. The temps have been fly the last 5 years. New York is not under water, the poles have not melted, the Polar Bears are not dying out, its all a politically calculated lie to control people.

          1. You are not convincing anyone. As you type using electricity, from your heated or air conditioned room, with a refrigerator full of food produced from OIL… with a car in your driveway. I can go on… you are a loser and hypocrite.

            1. As well as Al Gore flying around to his various mansions, maybe he is enjoying his oceanfront mansion right now watching his bank account grow fat from all of this.

          2. What Government are you talking about? The ones that want other governments to pay them money for causing “global warming”?
            You are aware that according to the data, facts, and professional analysis of the IPCC that man is responsible for less than 1% of changes to the earths temperature. And methane gas from livestock (considered man made) is responsible for more carbon in the air than ALL of transportation combined.

        2. “Warming is unequivocal. Ocean measurements, decreases in snow cover,
          reductions in Arctic sea ice, longer growing seasons, balloon
          measurements, boreholes and satellites all show results consistent with
          records from surface weather stations. The urban heat island effect is
          real but small; and it has been studied and corrected for. Analyses by


          , for example, use only rural stations to calculate trends. Research has
          shown that if you analyse long-term global temperature rise for windy
          days and calm days separately, there is no difference. If the urban heat
          island effect were large, you would expect to see more warming on calm
          days when more of the heat stays in the city. Furthermore, the pattern
          of warming globally doesn’t resemble the pattern of urbanisation, with
          the greatest warming seen in the Arctic and northern high latitudes.
          Globally, there is a warming trend of about 0.8C since 1900, more than
          half of which has occurred since 1979.”


          It is being debated by people who have no real education in the subject.

          1. “GLOBAL…SCIENCE.”

            Of course not. The actual temperature record is that temperatures have been flat for at least 15 years. This is n, per the CAGW theory.

            So we know it is wrong.

          2. That may be true, but climate shifts have happened since before there were humans, much less humans building industries. Besides, killing manufacturing and energy production in the west just mean other places like China do it, and they don’t have the laws on scrubbers & environmental protection that we do. So you end up paying for stuff to be made over there anyway. Except western workers get laid off and their families lose their homes.


                1. honorary phds don’t count in the real world bub!
                  Damon ‘attended’ Harvard, and considering Barack was a ‘constitutional law professor’, I can’t get Haaaavaaaad much weight. Didn’t bush go there too? LOLZ!
                  Obama: no phd, he’s got a bachelor’s.
                  Oprah: honorary. she’s got a speech and comm degree though!

                  womp womp….

          4. Good chance you don’t even know where the measurement locations are, how often each one is sampled, what their errors in measurements are, and which pieces of data are just thrown out for whatever reason. You must remember that this whole very complicated thing of ‘climate science’ isn’t very good science at all, but full of poor scientific methods. Anyone who is scientifically honest doesn’t jump in for what they want the outcome to be lock, stock, and barrel, but rather takes huge helpings of skepticism until the ‘TRUTH’ is known unequivocally. Please get behind good scientific methods and not behind political tax, rob, spend, and redistribute propaganda.

          5. NSAS has admitted to moving some of there stations which game them false highs. The Hockey Stick graph from England was faked data. Al Gore predicted the ice caps would be gone by 2014 using what NSA god him. That ship just got stuck down by the south pole because there MODEL shows there would, be no ice there LOL Wake up. You seem intelligent. You are being lied to.

      3. “Climate destabilization” the new word of mystery. “Global Warming” became to problematic when cooling was occurring, so then we had “Climate change” which also is problematic since we all seem to know that the climate does change. So now the idea is to proclaim that any variation in temperature or weather patterns are the result of the carbon that we are releasing into the atmosphere. I can hardly wait for the new work “Climate disruption”.

        1. still have yet to ever receive an answer to ‘what is the perfect climate’… apparently the ‘perfect climate’ was sometime in the 60s or 70s, when the baby boomers were growing up… so, that’s it!

      4. The earth is how old again? And we’ve been keeping temp data for how long? Oh that’s right a fraction of time. Get back to us when you determine what the earths thermostat should be set at.

        1. Nothing is right or wrong. Nothing is left or right wing.
          It’s science not morality.
          Science can measure C02 levels in the past.
          Why don’t you educate yourself ?

          “The last time the world experienced such temperature rises was 55
          million years ago when large areas of frozen methane were released from
          the ocean and filled the atmosphere with carbon, warming the planet by

          Unfortunately humans did not learn any survival lessons from the event as we only evolved a quarter of a million years ago.

          Many experts hope our species will continue but warn we are not doing enough to try and prevent a catastrophe.

          ‘In order to be safe, we would have to reduce our carbon emissions by 70
          per cent by 2015. We are currently putting in 3 per cent more each
          year,’ said Nobel prizewinning chemist Paul Crutzen.”


          1. So now, what is the “CURE”… don’t just say reduce… You don’t have a cure.. you just want a worldwide tax.. how much EXTRA have you given to the Cause??? show us, prove it to us.. I don’t believe anything you say.. you have accomplished nothing… It’s so EASY to be YOU in your Alarmist shoes… and STOP playing the EDUCATE YOURSELF CARD on us..
            it’s tiresome and insulting… my proof is that CO2 is such a small amount of ‘greenhouse’ gas compared to water vapor…
            and Alarmist only have Models as Proof.. there is no actual proof… what about the sun cycles.. aanonn is a NUT. what a guy like that need to realize is that I resent him restricting my life with his false theory…

          2. Yeah, Obama got a peace prize practically before he even moved into the White House, so they are nothing more than political anymore, and nothing is more pc right now than man made global warming.

          3. You are aware that according to the data, facts, and professional analysis of the IPCC that man is responsible for less than 1% of changes to the earths temperature. And methane gas from livestock (considered man made) is responsible for more carbon in the air than ALL of transportation combined.

          4. Science has been wrong many many times. Almost no one believe the nebular hypothasis anymore. Java Man, Nebraska Man, Peking man all proven false. Also look at earths history the pools have been iceless more then they have been iced.

          5. considering one guy who won bombs civilians in countries we are not at war with, and another for a ‘documentary’ that has to be accompanied by a list of falsifications/lies when viewed in UK schools, Nobel Prizes are junk.

      5. Its normal to have periods of warming and cooling. If we look at the History of the earth the pools have been iceless more then they have been iced. So its normal an natural to go through these phases. BUT thats not what we have hear, what we have is politicians and the scientists they fund lying , saying human beings are causing global warming by their normal daily actions, Its all about control and controlling peoples actions. Marxism could not win by wars so now they are winning by subverting science.

      6. and those dead rocks generally have the same warming/cooling spells as us, via the sun. i know, it sucks to find this out, but it’s ok. you can believe if you wish… believe that raising taxes is going to stop the climate from doing whatever the hell it wants to do.

      1. Ahem @aanonn. I wonder if I could break into your sanctimonious, know-it-all reverie to draw your attention to the following from Judith Curry’s Blog:

        The latest issue of Nature Climate Change includes the following Opinion & Comment by Fyfe, Gillett and Zwiers: Overestimated global warming over the past 20 years. [link; behind paywall]. Its a short piece, some excerpts below. Perhaps the most intersting to your sanctimonious self is

        Global mean surface temperature over the past 20 years (1993–2012) rose at a rate of 0.14 ± 0.06 °C per decade (95% confidence interval). This rate of warming is significantly slower than that simulated by the climate models participating in Phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5). To illustrate this, we considered trends in global mean surface temperature computed from 117 simulations of the climate by 37 CMIP5 models. By averaging simulated temperatures only at locations where corresponding observations exist, we find an average simulated rise in global mean surface temperature of 0.30 ± 0.02 °C per decade (using 95% confidence intervals on the model average). The observed rate of warming given above is less than half of this simulated rate, and only a few simulations provide warming trends within the range of observational

        The inconsistency between observed and simulated global warming is even more striking for temperature trends computed over the past fifteen years (1998–2012). For this period, the observed trend of 0.05 ± 0.08 °C per decade is more than four times smaller than the average simulated trend of 0.21 ± 0.03 °C per decade. The divergence between observed and CMIP5- simulated global warming begins in the early 1990s, as can be seen when comparing observed and simulated running trends from 1970–2012.

        The evidence, therefore, indicates that the current generation of climate models (when run as a group, with the CMIP5 prescribed forcings) do not reproduce the observed global warming over the past 20 years, or the slowdown in global warming over the past fifteen years. [S]uch an inconsistency is only expected to occur by chance once in 500 years, if 20-year periods are considered statistically independent. Similar results apply to trends for 1998–2012. In conclusion, we reject the null hypothesis that the observed and model mean trends are equal at the 10% level.

        1. Way too technical for aannon to read and comprehend. You need to translate to Sesame Street levels for him/her/it to get it. However, I think aannon will be like most other liberal children who just go into denial when they don’t get their way and find out they are far more impotent with respect to influencing climate change than they want to admit. Good post though.

      2. You are a true believer in Liars. The Hockey Stick Graph was faked its been admitted now and yet you still believe. The NASA Study has been wrong they move there heat sensing stations. These same people were telling us man made global cooler was gonna kill us snow they say warming, Its all about controlling you ad I, wake up.

    1. Gore only pops up in foreign countries and when we have a natural disaster here at home, which he always blames on global warming. He is just like his daddy, Senator Gore of Tennessee, a segregationist Dixiecrat, aka Southern Democrat, a complete phony and liar.

      1. The senior Gore was Armand Hammer’s man in the Senate. Armand Hammer was the “investor” for Joseph Stalin’s money. That’s the source for the Gore family wealth, built on the blood of Stalin’s 50 million victims. That Al Gore is getting richer with the global warming scheme is small potatoes compared to his old man’s dealings with Moscow, through Armand Hammer, Stalin’s bag man.

    1. No, it’s science…….that has been proven by both computer models, monitored data and ice cores ………your petty FALSE DICHOTOMY of left wing and right wing is nonsense…………’s cultural.

      1. If the computer model is designed to provide a “politically correct” answer, it will provide that politically correct answer. Facts, logic, truth, science mean nothing to the politically correct cult.

        1. No….I am not a “liar” or a “douche”……..and nothing was busted……..except maybe your opinion of yourself “Hank”.


          It is only debated by people who are not educated in the subject.

          Ice-cores dating back nearly one million years show a pattern of
          temperature and CO2 rise at roughly 100,000-year intervals. Ancient ice-cores do show CO2 rising after temperature by a few hundred years – a timescale associated
          with the ocean response to atmospheric changes mainly driven by wobbles
          in the Earth’s orbit.

          NOW CO2 is leading temperature.
          Furthermore, the situation today is dramatically different. The extra
          CO2 in the atmosphere (35% increase over pre-industrial levels) is from
          man-made emissions, and levels are higher than have been seen in 650,000
          years of ice-core records. They may in fact be higher than at any time
          in the last three million years.

          Warming is unequivocal. Ocean measurements, decreases in snow cover,
          reductions in Arctic sea ice, longer growing seasons, balloon
          measurements, boreholes and satellites all show results consistent with
          records from surface weather stations. The urban heat island effect is
          real but small; and it has been studied and corrected for. Analyses by


          , for example, use only rural stations to calculate trends. Research has
          shown that if you analyse long-term global temperature rise for windy
          days and calm days separately, there is no difference. If the urban heat
          island effect were large, you would expect to see more warming on calm
          days when more of the heat stays in the city. Furthermore, the pattern
          of warming globally doesn’t resemble the pattern of urbanisation, with
          the greatest warming seen in the Arctic and northern high latitudes.
          Globally, there is a warming trend of about 0.8C since 1900, more than
          half of which has occurred since 1979.

          1. “NOW CO2 is leading temperature.”

            If true, then why are real life temperatures not cooperating with this theory?


            Historically, every time temperatures have been higher then they are today, CO2 levels have been much,much, much lower then their current levels. If CO2 raises temperatures to the degree you claim, then today’s temperatures should be astronomically higher (proportionally to CO2) then any other time in the history of the planet, should they not?

            Oh that’s right, it is well known why they aren’t…


            …the only real unknown is why anyone still pushes this “CO2 is causing warming!!!!1!” nonsense when it is well known that it is just that.

        2. easy answers, personal insults and attempted justification of environmentally abusive lifestyles are futile…….

          the reality is not your ego “Hank”

          it is nature.

    1. Global warming creates climate destabilization, which creates more temperature extremes…… it’s proven. That is why Australia has had record highs this years while Canada is experiencing record lows. You act like nature owes you a life. It doesn’t. EVERY other planet in this solar system is a dead rock.
      It is far more normal to find dead rocks than living planets.

      1. Repeating your pseudo-scientific garbage ad nauseam doesn’t make it true. Quit living in the barking moonbat echo chamber. THINK … FOR … YOURSELF. BTW, I bet you’re one huge hypocrite by living in a nice warm house warmed either by natural gas, coal, electric, or home heating oil … all of which contribute to global warming. Physician, heal thyself first before preaching your Marxo-fascist gospel to free thinkers who know a lie when the hear one.

        1. It’s pseudo?
          Not according to REAL scientists, unlike you Hank ?

          I have a carbon footprint of close to ZERO, FYI.
          I live this way intentionally.

          I can smile and know it’s true.

          1. have you ever asked yourself: if there was no climate ‘problem’, what would happen to groups like the IPCC and the million universities/programs and ‘research councils’?

    2. Ice-cores dating back nearly one million years show a pattern of
      temperature and CO2 rise at roughly 100,000-year intervals. Ancient ice-cores show CO2
      rising after temperature by a few hundred years – a timescale associated
      with the ocean response to atmospheric changes mainly driven by wobbles
      in the Earth’s orbit. However, this time, CO2 is leading temperature.
      Furthermore, the situation today is dramatically different. The extra
      CO2 in the atmosphere (35% increase over pre-industrial levels) is from
      man-made emissions, and levels are higher than have been seen in 650,000
      years of ice-core records. They may in fact be higher than at any time
      in the last three million years.


  1. I remember when the ‘end of snow’ was predicted, than lots of hurricanes, then lots of tornadoes, then no ice, then 200 foot rise in the oceans, what’s next, post nasal drip?

  2. What I’d like to see is a scientific — not political, scientific — explanation by the people maintaining that global warming is a problem. I am not a scientist, and nobody ever got PhDs reading the news. But I wonder if they have a good explanation for everything getting so cold for so long, but the trend is actually opposite of how things seem.

      1. Read: The trend is (what the environmental political scientists purport as things happening) opposite of how things seem, (what is actually before our eyes.)

        You read my statement as the opposite of what it actually was.

    1. All you need to know about their truthfulness is that they all derive their predictions from computer models that they have proven to overstate the temperature increase significantly when you plug in data for the past 50 years and have it estimates current temperatures.

      So they are all using models that lie to predict the future and no one in the media reports that minor detail, mostly because they refuse to release that data.

      I am an engineer and neither I or any other engineer would ever buy a computer modeling system which could not accurately model known results. Software companies would get thrown in jail for selling it.

      1. It’s a little worse than even that. There was a story about the “father” scientist that predicted the death-by-CFCs REVERSING his position, citing that he’s a scientist and not a political scientist and that he will believe what the scientific data shows, rather than the spin on TV. He was widely criticized by the movement he started — and they proceeded to run things hoping nobody noticed.

        That’s why I am saying get some scientists in here. Give us some science. I think this political movement is losing its steam, but there are so many people with so much invested in it that they can’t let go of their sacred cow.

      2. When Mann and his co-conspirators were compelled by the FOIA, after kicking and screaming, to produce the raw data on which they derived their forecasts, independent scientists found that the algorithms (not Algore rhythms) they used were designed so that whatever date was plugged in would always result in the predetermined result. Mann, of course, was also responsible for the infamous, lying “Hockey Stick” graph, which conveniently left out the Medieval Warming Period.

      3. I am a semi-retired biomedical scientist and also know something about computer modeling. Most are inaccurate but they have intrinsic value. A mathematician once said tha computer models have more value when they are wrong because they show that not all the variables may not be included and more basic investigation needs to be done. (or trhe variable values are incorrect)

  3. WOW! This global warming thing is terrible. If it gets any worse, the whole planet will be one big ball of ice!
    Al Gore… YOU are a leftist, A** HOLE !!!

  4. Meawhile, from his vacation paradise in Hawaii, the prez reiterated his support for ending coal production because of the global warming crisis.

  5. This IS where WE ARE HEADING AmericA!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHO RUNS CHICAGO??????!!!!!!!!
    NOT TWO TERMS AGO?????????
    Pull your HEADS OUT of your A$$E$ and GROW UP!!!!!!!!!


  6. Here in America and around the world many millions of people are suffering through, and are endangered by, record cold. The recent widespread snow and ice storms dramatically demonstrate that the earth is profoundly threatened by a new weather phenomenon, “Global Cooling.” If left unchecked the earth will turn into a frozen, lifeless ice cube like Mars. This calamity is being caused by the atmospheric changes brought on by all the rich left wingers. By overheating their large mansions, flying around in their personal jets and spewing toxic waste from their mouths, they block sunlight from reaching the earth. Fortunately, there is a solution. By imposing a 100% tax on left wingers we can save both civilization and the earth. Al Gore, we’re gonna get our money back.

  7. How is that possible? AL Gore and all the Global Warming people told us that the earth is warming up too fast and we are in a lot of trouble, unless we stop burning coal and oil products. Wait a minute, these people are probably 99.5% democrats and we know that democrats lie. An example is the Muslim in OUR HOUSE in Washington, D.C.

    1. How dare you disparage crap in such a heartless manner. Chris Matthews is your classic metrosexual putz who hasn’t a clue how the real world works. He’s a one-percenter moron, too. He’s gotten rich off the morons who tune in to watch him spew more Obamabot lies.

  8. The climate has changed literally tens of thousands of times over the past 4.5 billion years with out any help from mankind. The real issue is that the environmental fanatics have latched on to the idea that it’s caused by man to further their political agenda. The proposition that we can change the environment
    simply by going out and buying a Prius and banning the use of coal is utter nonsense and arrogant in the extreme. If indeed mankind is in
    the midst of an epic world wide change in climate then the solution is obvious “adapt to the new environment, otherwise you’ll go extinct. Your Prius won’t save you!

  9. The amount of snow has nothing to do with how cold the average weather is. Big storms followed by periods in the 50s make the overall temperature actually warmer than it used to be. P.S. Global warming means more big storms because ocean temps are higher. It’s simple science.

    1. TMC, you forgot to drink the koolaid when you were down in Guyana with Jim Jones…
      You should start reading some facts about climate change – start with WUWT…

    2. Warmer than it used to be? Like the record in 1934? Or the Medieval Warming Period 1000 years ago, when the world was much hotter than today? Hot enough for the Vikings to establish vast sheep farming settlements in Greenland (hence the name, from the great pastures) and grew grapes in what is now Newfoundland (which they called vineland.) A temperature rise of 0.8 degrees in 133 years?
      And the greatest increase in atmospheric CO2 occurred in the 30 years up to 1970, as first all industrialized nations very greatly ramped up heavy (coal-powered) industry for armaments, then for reconstruction materials and consumer durable (cars, refrigerators, etc.) in the post-war boom. And … (wait for I … Global temperatures went down. For all 30 years. Then there was a brief uptick between the late 70s and late 80s, then they went down again, and have now been static for nearly 17 years.
      The smart money is on what a minority IPCC report predicted, a New Ice Age. This is historically due. The Medieval Warming Period was followed several hundred years later by the Mini-ice Age (The “Maunder Minimum”). As has happened since the earth was born, we swing from warming to cooling periodically, mainly due to solar variation (sunspots, tilt etc.) with all of man’s activity being the equivalent in effect of p*ssing in the sea.

  10. The amount of snow on the East Coast has nothing to do with the average global temperatures. More snow just means bigger storms (a result of global warming). Science!!

    1. No, it means that temps are colder because, first, you get much more snow out of a given level of moisture when temps plunge and secondly, while places like NYC used to get roughly equal occurrences of rain and snow during the winter (with the snow mostly at night) it’s almost exclusively snow now…and HUGE amounts of it compared to historical norms dating to Colonial times.

    2. Right, but by now Barbara Boxer as well as Al gore gores warming army which includes you I guess said that the shipping channels on the North Pole would be open and there would not be any snow in the mountains. All mentioned claimed this over 10 years ago to happen at this time.

          1. I don’t know the exact number of billions of dollars spent by the Obama administration and the administrations before his.

            I just using an analogy because the current administration has been accused of acting like a king or dictator. I can’t make this crap up which is true to some extent.

            The stories that come out today 24/7 are comical to sometimes. Just trying to make it a little less serious about all the negativity. I guess your the only one here that makes complete sense here.

            How many stories can you comment on with the same content.

            The al gores and Barbara boxers have been spewing this crap for a long time.

            I guess if you call it cult nonsense than it must be true.

            So There folks.

    3. Even the loopy and liberal government controlled IPCC admits that there has been no measurable global warming for 16 years and counting, and the total warming has been 0.8 degrees in the past 133 years. Gee, we’re obviously on the fast track to being roasted! Science! Facts!

      1. Sweetheart you claimed the IPCC admits there has been no measurable AGW for 16 years, didn’t you? Please post the evidence that proves your point. Remember be specific and name your sources, so I can make fun of you. Thanks

  11. The east coast states should be in state of emergency with mass evactions being coordinated by king Obama. It will be too late the day after tomarrow.

  12. FROM 2011.
    Humans now control Earth’s climate, James Hansen of NASA told
    CBS’ “60 Minutes” recently. His evidence: the edges of the Greenland
    ice sheet are melting rapidly. Hansen says the speed of this melting proves
    that man-made greenhouse gases are responsible.

    Sorry, Dr. Hansen, but the melting edges of the Greenland ice
    sheet don’t prove your point. Melting around the edges is exactly what the
    Vikings saw on Greenland 1000 years ago when they named the island for its green
    coastal meadows. They moved in with their cattle, and thrived for 300 years,
    during what we now call the Medieval Warming.

    The Vikings’ mistake was thinking that Greenland would stay
    warm, that the Earth’s climate was stable. Greenland was then warmer than
    today, and the summers were longer. There was ample grass and hay for the
    Vikings’ dairy cows. The Norse settlement grew to 3000 people.

    Then Greenland’s climate suddenly got colder. The Little Ice Age
    had begun. Sea ice moved south, and the Vikings’ sailing ships could no longer
    get through to trade wood for seal furs. Shorter summers produced less hay to
    feed the Viking cows through longer, colder winters. The last written record
    found in the abandoned Viking colonies was dated 1408.

    Our panic-prone scientists seem to have forgotten their own ice
    cores, drilled deep into the Greenland ice sheet in the 1980s. These ice cores
    document a natural, sudden-but-moderate 1500-year global warming cycle. This
    natural 1500-year climate cycle raises temperatures about 2 degrees C above the
    mean for 750 years or so and then abruptly drops the
    temperatures 2 degrees C below the mean (at the latitude of northern Europe).

    Man’s climate impacts are puny compared to the million-degree
    heat of the sun. There’s no evidence that human-emitted CO2 has added much to
    the current temperatures. Our moderate warming to date 0.8 degree C, virtually all occurred before 1940, and
    thus before much industrial development.

    If you want to talk about sudden, ice cores from the Freemont
    Glacier in Wyoming show it went from Little Ice Age cold to Modern Warming warm
    in the ten years between 1845 and 1855. Naturally.

    Greenland today has 20,000 people, 50,000 sheep and a sizeable
    fishing industry. But the climate cycle will turn in a few more centuries. Then
    Greenland’s sheep will be in serious trouble and its fishermen will need
    icebreakers to reach the fishing grounds. (There were no fish bones in the
    Norse colonies’ trash heaps).

    As for melting ice from Greenland flooding London, remember that
    it didn’t happen during the Medieval Warming, so it’s unlikely to happen in the
    Modern Warming. The melting of 100 cubic kilometers of Greenland ice would
    raise sea levels by only 0.01 inch. Dr. Hansen should know that recent satellite
    research shows Greenland’s interior ice sheet has thickened 2 inches in the
    past 11 years, because warmer temperatures are evaporating more seawater to
    make more snow.

    The Vikings can be forgiven for missing the 1500-year climate
    cycle. They didn’t have thermometers, written records or the ice core
    histories. NASA’s Dr. Hansen cannot be let off the hook so easily.

    Avery serves as a senior
    fellow for the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. and is the Director for
    Center for Global Food Issues ( He was formerly a
    senior analyst for the Department of State.

    1. Sweetheart, thanks for proving you don’t know dick about AGW!!! You “simple-folk” are so cute. When you get a little older I’ll explain to you why the Vikings called Geenland, Greenland and Iceland, Iceland.

      1. They called them them that to discourage settlement on Iceland. Even someone with your limited perspicacity but massive ignorance should know that.

        1. WRONG!!! You “simple-folk” never mind making fools out of yourself, do you? What is limited perspicacity? Do you boneheads make up your own words too?

          1. per·spi·cac·i·ty
            keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment; penetration.
            Archaic. keen vision.

            You ignorant simpletons need to get an education.

          2. Do you have a dictionary? Oops, forgot your aversion to reading. Try Google or Bing. Gets you to a definition in seconds (seriously). Are you typical of global warmers? If you are I don’t know whether to feel sorry or angry for your condition.

    2. Wow, someone who knows something about earth history and human history. Should have mentioned that the impetus to go toward North America was to get timber for boats because Greenland didn’t have trees. Iceland didn’t either but they got their timber from the British Isle. However, Iceland and Europe were too far away to get shipbuilding wood. It seems that there has been a reputed Viking site found just east of Quebec City on the St. Lawrence. It’s significance is that in that area wild grapes are found. The term Vinland used by the Vikings has always been mysterious since there are no grapes near the purported Viking sites in Labrador. For purposes of this discussion the warm and cold cycles have been with us for a long time. But what are a few facts to lo info liberals.

    3. Don’t forget, CO2 presently comprises 430 parts per million of our present atmosphere whereas in ages past it had several time naturally peaked at 1800 ppm. There was no “runaway greenhouse” effect then even though the rest of the atmosphere was essentially the same. Now get your heads around that, the global warming cult is claiming that 430 molecules of a gas out of ONE MILLION molecules can somehow act as a runaway global thermostat. Thank God for the natural planetary reverse feedback mechanisms which continue moderating temperatures today despite how many CO2 molecules per million are in the atmosphere. AGW Cultists … QUIT YOUR LYING NOW! Talk about anti-science morons!

  13. After consulting my crystal ball, I believe we will see a shift in the left wing loon environmental sector from “global warming” to “the coming ice age”. Of course it is all man made and will be caused by carbon dioxide.
    News at 6:00.

    1. Sweetheart, I’m proud of you. You’re starting to get the idea. I thought AGW was too complicated for you “simple-folk” to understand. But you’re tight co2 is the problem, good for you. Thanks.

        1. Sweetheart we want to lower the amount of co2 in the air to about 350PPM. The planet can survive at this level. Anything higher and we’re doomed. Get the idea?

            1. Sweetheart, I’m not a pompous buffoon, I’m a professional B!TCH-SLAPPER!! and you sound like you need some. Are you in the mood to get the snot knocked out of you?

                    1. Sweetheart, I’m not trying to scare you, hopefully AGW is scaring you. But if you’re one of the “simple-folk” it might not.

                  1. vacaman, you need to get some professional help. You’ve been living in that left-wing Marxo-fascist echo chamber far too long. BTW, how’s that pathological 12 year Bush-hate fest working out for you? I guess this is all Bush’s fault, too, eh?

                    1. Sweetheart, why would you assume that I hate bush? I feel sorry for bush. He’s a creationist!!! Which proves he doesn’t have a clue!!! Any questions?

                  1. Global warming requires the faith of the fanatical. It is preached by prophets like father Al Gore. Global warming preaches the coming armageddon brought upon the sins of mankind. It also preaches redemption if man turns away from sin. If you must sin, you may purchase absolution in the form of carbon credits as a means of penance for your continuing sin. Any body that turns from the word of the prophet is deemed a heretic.

                    1. Sweetheart, why would you make the assumption that using a computer creates CO2? You “simple-folk” feel you can make up whatever you want, don’t you?

                    2. So, are you peddling a bike and turning a generator to produce the electricity that runs your computer … or that is warming your house? You disingenuous, hypocritical moron!

                    3. Sweetheart, there are many different ways to power my computer. Who are you, to make the assumption that fossil fuels are powering my computer? You know what happens when you make assumptions, don’t you? You end up looking like a bonehead who just makes a fool out of himself!!! She how this works, honey?

                    4. Sweetheart, why would you assume what powers my computer? Haven’t I taught you anything yet? You “simple-folk” are tough to teach, aren’t you?. BATTA-BING!!

                    5. You’re just a vacuum cleaner salesman. You’re not intelligent enough to teach people.

                      Folks, this fool only deals in insults.

                    6. Hank,

                      Vacman (Richie) powers his computer with electricity from a coal plant. He drives a gas guzzling Van and he heats his house with oil. He’s a hypocrite.

                    7. Vacman (Richie) powers his computer with electricity from a coal plant. He drives a gas guzzling Van and he heats his house with oil. He’s a hypocrite.

                    8. Moron, unless you’re using a perpetual motion electrical generator, your computer is using electricity largely generated either by the “fossil fuels” of coal or natural gas (with just a very small fraction of it generated by solar cells, wind turbines, hydro-electric or nuclear). That means you using your computer is contributing to global warming … not to mention the natural gas, coal or home heating oil you’re using to keep your worthless carcass warm as you’re sitting in your mommy’s basement tapping on your keyboard like so many proverbial Chimpanzees.

                    9. Sweetheart, why would you embarrass yourself by assuming what generates the electricity that powers my computer? Also, why would you assume that I’m in my mommy’s basement? You “simple-folk: just make up whatever you want, don’t you?

                  1. What’s religion have to do with this topic?

                    Folks, this fool is trying to change the conversation. It’s what he does when he has no answers.

                    Read his profile posts.

                    He never backs up his BS.

                  1. J_Biggs backed up his post. “the pollution he produces when using a private jet to promote his film.”

                    Folks this fool has nothing to back up his BS.

          1. If you actually understood that the planet has had much higher concentration of CO2 in the past and it did not bother the wildlife at the time then you would understand just how stupid that comment is. Now you may take your junk non-science and the religion it has spawned and help Al Gore make a few more millions off the stupid and uneducated.
            The fun thing is that more and more people are beginning to realise that they have been lied to by the so called environment crowd. Of course the fact that there has been no increase in temperature in the last 17 years may have a little to do with it.

            1. Sweetheart, you claimed there has been no increase in global temperatures in the last 17 years didn’t you? Okay, please post the evidence that proves your point, so I can make fun of you. Thanks

                1. Sweetheart, I want to thank you for posting the sources of your information? Most “simple-folk” are too stupid and too embarrassed to name their sources, but you seem proud to tell us who dumbs you down. Thank you!!! So you get your information from Forbes and the Daily Caller, don’t you? Know wonder you’re all mixed up, look at your sources. BATTA-BING!! Thanks for being honest!!!!

                  1. “Are too stupid and too embarrassed to name their sources, but you seem proud to tell us who dumbs you down.”

                    You never back up your BS. You’re a hypocrite.

                  2. As for condescending, you are trying to win a price. Of course I notice that there is no report of anyone refuting these studies. Please take you bigoted opinions and go bother someone else.
                    More and more people everyday are realizing this is the biggest hoax in history.

                    1. Sweetheart, calling your sources B.S. is not condescending, it’s the truth. I’m sorry if the truth bothers you but read the crap you posted and you’ll stop posting it. See how this works?

                    2. Sweetheart, I’m getting ready for tonight’s show. It’s called #39 “SIMPE-FOLK” You’re gonna get top billing as the Stalker-in-Chief!!! You’ve earned it. BATTA-BING!!

                    3. I’m not interested in your clown show. Make sure you tell people how many web sites you’ve been booted from because of your hate filled BS and how you only deal in insults and vulgarity. I doubt you will though, you’re a piss-ant. Look it up. LMFAO

            2. James,

              vacmancan posts the same posts over and over all over the internet. He’s a spammer with no knowledge of anything. All he knows how to do is insult people. Read his posting record in his profile. He’s an illiterate vacuum cleaner salesman trying to be important.

      1. Yes, I lived through that bunch of environmental stupity. I still remember, fondly, the cover of Time magazine on the coming ice age and the story about what the would would be like by 2000.

  14. I think this leaves no doubt that AL Gore is an idiot.

    But Sadly, is brainwashed followers will keep drinking the Kool-aid, and AL will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. What you say is a contradiction. I mean how does an idiot become a billionaire. Ol’ Al is a business model. Find an issue that a large number of mind-numbed real idiots who do not know that 2 + 2 =4, who will accept pseudoscience, and who are low infos but who think they are smart and need a religion, and bingo, let the money roll in. That a guy who looks and acts like a poor rendition of a wooden Indian could do so well is amazing (if not perplexing). But he may have reached his limits. If it hadn’t been the weather betraying him, I believe he would have been a viable (at least to Demos) alternative to Hillary.

  15. “Latest storm likely to make the 2010s the snowiest decade in the east coast in the NOAA record – surpassing the 1960s!”

    Nothing like shoveling ‘global warming’ each and every winter……………..

  16. I’ll bet the North East is tired of this global warming heat wave. Then there’s those global warmist scientist fictionists in the Anti-Artica stuck out in the middle of the water because the ships engines overheated from the heat wave. WOW, sure is getting bad on this Big Brown Marble huh?

  17. So the idiot on MSNBC complained that the “deniers” always point to the cold temps and snow as proof of no global warming. Does this moron not see the irony? Kinda like how the left always points to a hurricane or tornado as proof of global warming. Remember after Katrina how they said it was gonna just get worse?

    2013 – slowest Atlantic hurricane season in 30 years.
    2013 – slowest tornado season in US history.

    I suppose this is because of global warming as well. Just like how they said winters were going to keep getting warmer but now they say the cold temps are due to global warming. These people are truly truly insane.

    1. You are right about pointing out A tornado or A hurricane, because we have yet to get one of these super outbreaks they predict year after year.

  18. New England is not “the East Coast”. This is not the snowiest winter on record in Delaware or Virginia or North Carolina or South Carolina or Georgia or Florida.

      1. Snap out of it. I was merely referring to the 21st century kiddie media constantly referring to the NorthEast and New England as “the East Coast”. It irritates the rest of the country.

  19. I know, us “deniers” (also known as heretics), are just using these ridiculously cold weather events as a way of saying, “See, there is no “global warming” going on.” That’s right, we’re just using these events to further our misguided cause.
    Not like the “climate scientists” and politicians would EVER use a weather event to further their cause. No, that would NEVER happen (See: Katrina, Sandy, the Philippines typhoon, any warmer or drier than normal day, any tornado…..basically, any weather event that is NOT a cold weather event, is evidence of “Climate Change”, and needs boatloads of your tax dollars to make it magically go away.

  20. Forward to 2020. There is snow and ice covering the U.S. and still record cold. Yet, someone is out there crying in the distance. Gggggggglobal wwwwwwwarming!!!

  21. Global Warming is more religion than science. Global warming requires the faith of the fanatical. It is preached by prophets like father Al Gore. Global warming preaches the coming armageddon brought upon the sins of mankind. It also preaches redemption if man turns away from sin. If you must sin, you may purchase absolution in the form of carbon credits as a means of penance for your continuing sin. Any body that turns from the word of the prophet is deemed a heretic,

  22. I don’t care if it’s hotter or colder. Fluctuations have been going on since the beginning of time.

    Libs, explain the Ice Ages to me and why things got cold and then warm without human influence. Also, do you think sun activity may be a factor and a wee bit more powerful than a few SUVs on the road?

    You Libs should practice what you preach. Drop the cars, computers, and move into a grass hut. Send ALL your money to the cause, that’s your right and your business.

    Leave smart, level-headed people out of it, and stop the distortions.

  23. I love the arrogance and the ignorance of people like Vaca. The earth could care less about carbon emissions. Carbon emissions could be 500000 time higher, and the earth would survive. The earth could have zero CO2, and it would still survive. Vacation doesn’t care about the planet’s survival, he simply want to “save” his own miserably worthless skin. Earth will continue to exist long after the fall of man.

  24. When will humanity ever learn that the only way to stop the Earth from killing us all is to tax society into the stone age and give the profits to Al Gore?! It’s time to get real people!

  25. Would someone please go wake up Al Gore and let him know he has some explaining to do!

    Never mind. He’ll just say ” Due to global warming, it has to get colder before it gets hotter”.

  26. funniest one of the season is the global warming adventures on the search for melting sea ice during the antartic summer get caught in record ice flows.
    Oh and then require a cabon belching helicopter to rescue their freezing butts.

  27. hey why is it, the only ones who support the global warming scam
    are either selling green tech stuff
    are on govt grants to study this
    or just loons that do weed in colorado

  28. Reminds me of the mid to late 70’s. I was a kid in NW Arkansas and even there we had snow Thanksgiving and Christmas most of that time. It was a blast as a kid.

    1. Personally, I believe the “Liar-‘n-Cheat” label is more apropos. This incompetent, mendacious closet Marxo-fascist will be the destruction of the American middle-class yet. His liberal socialism is the opiate of the low-information masses.

  29. I am guessing that the global warming scientists and their supportive group picked the summertime to visit Antarctica to confirm that Global warming is real. We shall get that report once they get home after being frozen in ice for weeks. Their ship still frozen in. Now, what can we expect in our future summers. Lemonade anyone

  30. In spite of the warnings by weather authorities that a big blow was coming, Boston Magazine actually said that there would be less snow? Wow, we are surrounded by cultists in the media who worship the environment and/or Marx.

  31. ALBERTO GOREZ…..Noted S. American GLOBAL COOLING Climatologist has been warning the world of the coming ice age for over a decade…….yet the Socialist Semite Mainstream Media has ignored him!
    GOOGLE “ALBERTO GOREZ” and prepare for the truth!
    Sadly, the Jewish Socialist democrat Media has ignored Alberto, because he DOES NOT want to raise taxes on America’s middle class by trillions!

  32. Global Warming causes melting sea ice in the Antarctic which freezes global warming “scientists” into the ice pack that they are studying because the ice pack is melting from global warming…….any questions?
    Seriously, who still is really this stupid to believe in man made global warming?

  33. When will you ” Global Warming ” people give it up ? It’s just not true. Anyone with a bit of sense can see at this point that it was just the same hysteria as ( Global Cooling , Rain Forest , Ozone hole , Acid rain , blah blah blah…. It’s NEVER true !

    1. Mike, with all due respect the MMGW cult will never give it up. The reason? Really very simple, the more The Warm-est’s claim to want to study MMGW the more money they want from the federal / state / local government (you & me) to fund their research. The more research they do the longer they don’t have to get a ‘REAL JOB’ in the ‘REAL WORLD’ & use my tax dollars to fund their life style.

    2. “Global Warming” is a religon. These people don’t need or want proof that there is no “man made” global warming. There have been at least three ice ages and five mass extinction of the species long before man arrived . The last ice age ended about 13,000 years ago long before cars, power plants etc., ect.

  34. Care to comment, pseudo-meteorologist, sorry, former vice president and ( . . .must . . .not. . .smirk. . .) environmental activist Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-yann-et have a fa-hee-ver?

    Yes, I see, and, no, you can’t “eff” me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  35. I wish there was a way to hold these morons accountable for any predictions projected for further than 2 weeks. To pretend that anything past 2 weeks is total guess work and not at all based on science. Fooiee !!!

  36. do not Ever refer to this scam as “climate change”, do not give these frauds an out.

    It is global warming, and we are all going to drown by 2013 … or some such thing

  37. Global warming is a 1992 Hoax perpetrated by the Club of Rome think tank to : 1) get our money, 2) push the Agenda 21 (released in 1993) 3) depopulate the planet

      1. Must be lonesome being you. Come on Frank, you can get a better education about climate if you like. You could have even gone on that southern cruise that got stuck in the ice. Get up close and personal and actually know what you are talking about.

  38. They so-called experts say, that because of global warming, we must REDUCE carbon monoxide that is released into the atmosphere.
    Following that theory, if we have now begun global cooling rather than global warming, maybe we should INCREASE the carbon monoxide. we release?
    Good. We can go back to the days, when cars did not have all of that pollution control BS. Give me a car that gets 40MPG in the city on regular gasoline and I’ll be happy….happy….happy.

  39. Gore’s Inconvenient Un-Truth gets more obvious each and everyday! Now the Global warming nuts have had to be rescued a second time because even the rescue ship got stuck in of all things, ICE! Makes me wonder what, if anything Gore has to say about this?

    1. GOP Tea Baggers get so excited when it snows. Then they scream: “Global warming is a lie.” No one says it will not snow in the winter. But EVERY glacier in the world is shrinking – year after year. Dip Shi^ Tea Baggers, explain that.

      1. Unfortunately for you Frank, the global warming scam was originally exposed years ago by left wingers.

        Take your politcally divisive BS somewhere else…..

      2. Every glacier is not shrinking; only the ones Algore and the AGW extremists video. They are expanding rapidly in many areas, especially in the southern hemisphere. If you can stand a little education, here are two links that a) totally destroy “An Inconvenient Truth,” and b) expose the conspirators in the data faking in Climategate:

      3. Yeah, I don’t know what a tea bagger is, but let’s suppose for a moment that glaciers are shrinking, which is in dispute. Try explaining why. If global warming is caused by the CO2 emissions of burning fossil fuels, how do you explain the temperature plateau, while CO2 emissions continue to rise?

      4. Ha ha ha! I got your liberal goat today……. That global warming idea is a pathetic attempt at ignoring the way this earth was created by the Almighty! Granted man screws up everything they take charge of attempting to make better what God made. Look at the canal by the Government you love so much. The one in Florida that has removed the slow twist and turns that supplied water to the Everglades. By removing the twist and turns and making a straight path for the water to flow, it has removed needed water killing umpteen species of animal. Oh, but the cattle industry has grazing land where water once flowed. No-one hears about that! We also don’t hear about the hundreds of volcano eruptions happening globally these past few years. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out with that much molten lava under the earths crust would cause the crust itself to get warmer. But scientists and people like you who buy into this BS theory of global warming don’t understand through hurricanes and tornados, it’s the way this planet was designed to clean itself setting things back to where they should be. What I find funny is each time the scientists try to disprove God? You all get bent because you aren’t as smart as you’d like to believe…….. God reminds me of that everyday!

  40. “Marc Morano is the owner and founder of the website Climate Depot, funded by conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife[1] and a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.”
    It is reported that every thing Marc Morano says is a lie as it is well known the he is paid solely by the Koch Brothers. If they told him to write about a large number of sun spots, that is what he would do. He has no scientific background as he earned a college degree in marketing.

    1. Ouch! Sounds like somebody’s angry that it’s not 117F with rapidly rising sea levels, like AlGore (who has impeccable scientific credentials, no?) predicted. Time to cash in your carbon credits, Frank, ’cause their value right now is ZERO.

    2. “It is reported … ” By whom? Hansen? Mann? IPCC? Algore? Obozo? This is a typical case of “shoot the messenger.” (Gore’s degree, for the record, was in divinity). Instead of repeating the AGW mantra, instead of just criticizing the site, why not refute the facts here by your own facts? If you can.
      Speaking of millionaires and funding: A recent example (described in the Wall Street Journal of Oct. 26, 2010) is the world’s largest solar-thermal power plant, on 7,000 acres of Federal land in the desert of southern California. The $6-billion project is a venture by two German companies, and it may be eligible for a cash subsidy of nearly one billion dollars in taxpayer money. Even after these subsidies, the cost of the electricity generated will be 30 to 70 percent more expensive than electricity generated by natural gas, the dominant electricity-generating fuel in California.
      In addition to direct subsidies, the companies are seeking federal loan guarantees and, no doubt, an array of benefits from the State of California. Solar Trust of America, a joint venture between Germany’s Solar Millennium AG and privately held (mostly by Arab oil money) Ferrostaal AG, is awaiting approval from the Energy Department for a federal loan guarantee for the first two of its four planned units. Deutsche Bank AG and Citigroup Inc. are working with Solar Trust to obtain project-equity and tax-equity investment.

    1. Global warming will destabilize the environment creating hotter and colder extremes.

      You know NOTHING about the subject.


      1. a very simple question you should clearly be able to answer without any problem what so ever since you claim to know so much…

        what percentage of the Greenhouse Effect is man responsible for, and what percentage do we have absolutely no control over?

  41. Meanwhile in sunny Hawaii Berry and moochelle are basking in our taxs and plotting their next power grab. “Global warming” and “Hope and change” 2 things that are purely political but never were real.

  42. It is worth revisiting the underlying political agenda behind “climate change” science revisiting the Stockholm Conference on the Environmental Crisis. Conference preparatory meeting minutes reveal they needed a vehicle (climate change chosen) to get people to accept global governance and the gradual erosion of national sovereignties and private property rights (which belongs to the “common humanity”).

    From the ITEST April 14-16 1972 Conference on the Environmental Crisis meeting
    minutes: “What kind of vehicle will get the world community along the road that we’ll have to travel?…Sometime something is going to happen that is truly irretrievable, but we have not yet come to this…Stockholm is looking to world-wide situations and there is no particular environmental…issue that needs an immediate global response…Earth Watch, as a global effort at environmental cooperation, should obviously be directed to a global problem. The problem priority for Earth Watch should involve that global problem which may most easily become irreversible. We
    suggest the seas and oceans represent a prime global concern.”

    The warming seas and the oceans is the basis for the climate change science. In a nutshell: Earth Watch was directed to manufacture a crisis because “in every revolution there is an idea and ideal”.

  43. All hail to Global Warming friends,
    True believers to the end,
    No matter what the weather be,
    It’s global warming can’t you see?
    The ice is thicker than before,
    Well that’s just something to ignore.
    Al Gore stands with them in defiance,
    He says that warming is settled science.
    They point with pride to his Nobel Prize,
    To hell with all the proven lies.
    They call all disbelievers deniers,
    And those who present real data are liars.
    Facts and figures they rush to conceal,
    Ever spurred on by their hardened zeal.
    Arguing with them is a waste of time,
    Since they have already made up their minds.
    So hop on board and drink the kool aid,
    And be a member of the Al Gore brigade.

  44. This is what the TROLL vacmancan is going to do to this site.

    1. First he going to insult you with his “sweetheart” BS

    2. Then he’s going to insult you with his “You “simple-folk” so cute.” BS

    3. Then he’ll use his vulgarity to insult you.

    4. He’ll use his “stupid people from shooting their mouth’s off, by making stupid statements” insult

    5. He’ll work in his “peer review” nonsense if you’re discussing global warming like it’s some sort of final statement to back up his BS.

    6. He’ll never answer your questions, (TROLLS never do) but he’ll constantly ask you to back up what you say. He’ll ask you to “be specific” but he never is.

    7. He’ll claim that you’re “embarrassing yourself and your family” while he embarrasses his every day.

    8. He’ll call you a “KOCH-SUCKER” like a vulgar idiot when he starts losing the argument.

    9. Then he’s going to ask you to go to his show, (a hate filled repeat of all his insults here) or visit his website which is a copy of his clown show.

    This is what you can expect from this TROLL. ‘Sweetheart, so you think asking you to be specific is acting like a stupid pr^ck? You “simple-folk” are so cute. Thank you. Whoever dumbed you down did a good job, you’re as dumb as they come. BATTA-BING!!

    Insults and vulgarity. Flag him or watch this site be spammed for days. It’s up to you.

    1. Run into vacmancan before. He told me he uses data to back up his arguement. He probably got his data from the University of East Anglia. Just another fraud. He didn’t like my Gorebull warming comment.

  45. I’m happy for all the NEers that they get to experience record breaking cold instead sweating through global warming…and they should exalt Al Gore for bringing them cold instead of warmth.

  46. Nice job everyone! We have conquered the threat of global warming decades ahead of schedule!
    I will be expecting Al ‘the sky is falling’ Gore to write each American a personal ‘Thank You’ for our successful efforts.
    Drinks around!

  47. Thanks Al Gore. God always makes idiots out of those who think they control things that happen on Earth. God controls the weather and now we all suffer for the lies of these moronic lefties. Are you freezing your butt off? Perhaps you can blame Al and company because we all must suffer In order to prove that Al Gore’s an idiot.

  48. Warmists are very fond of citing high temperature records in hot years as proof of AGW, but then immediately argue that record low temperatures are merely anecdotal and prove nothing. They are wrong on both counts. According to the theory of AGW, the total heat in the oceans and atmosphere has to increase so long as atmospheric CO2 is increasing – the theory demands that global surface temperature continue to increase and has no explanation if they don’t. The theory demands that polar ice decreases year after year and that sea level rise increases exponentially. The theory demands that temperature move in only one direction. And yet in a year in which arctic wildlife is finding its way to Florida and the ice packs in both poles (including summer in the antarctic) are at record levels, the warmists look only at their failed climate models and ignore empirical evidence.

    This has long ceased to be science and has become bad religion. We are a mere two years and 21 days until the end of the world as predicted by Algore. If we still exist in two years and 22 days, I demand that Algore be ritually sacrificed on the National Mall to satiate the Climate Gods.

      1. Sorry it doesn’t fit the “Global Warming” religion.
        How are Facsist going to transfer wealth from one sector of the economy i.e. energy to another sector or another country if the religon of “global warming” is destroyed??

  49. Go to any liberal website (let’s say NPR) and they will be calling you uneducated or ignorant for not knowing the difference between seasonal weather & “global climate change’. They will point out that right now Australia is experiencing record breaking temperatures or that the data says the temperature worldwide is increasing yearly. I say it is vain to believe that us little ants can have a significant effect on something so huge as a cooling core of molten rock that has been speeding around the sun for billions of years. It could take only one little event to send the earth into a cataclysmic climate change. Who or what caused the global warming or climate change that ended the last ice age 12,000 years ago (when glaciers covered half of North America reaching as far south as Manhattan)?

  50. Make supporters of Global Warming state clearly what they think the “CURE” is.. . don’t even ask if it is happening or not… make them go on record saying what they’d do with our worldwide taxes, and then make them PROVE WHY, and WHAT they ask for is the CURE, and that it will actually work..
    THEN, make them go on record with what they will do for humanity if their “CURE” is WRONG and does not work, or wastes resources and money.. Put the burden of PROOF on the Global Warming ALARMISTS…. Nobody should ever spend money without the option of a warranty, receipt and or refund for a bad product… AGW alarmists would be cooked… notice they never do any of these things… as I always say, Alarmists and Progressives can simply not reproduce, and otherwise… adapt…..

    1. Everyone survives temperture swings of over 50 degrees every day, just by walking out the door from an air conditioned or heated building, to the outside… It’s called winter or summer… nobody dies…
      A fraction of a degree would never make a different. you cannot even prove that Global Warming OR cooling would be good OR bad.
      Some say HUGE portions of the continent would be extremely fertile if they permafrost was lifted… with the ability to grow much more food… which, would absorb the carbon, actually NEED IT… life adapts…
      Are Alarmists only concerned about property values on coastlines?? That is what it sounds like… I know as a person who went through Sandy Storm… people a mile inland don’t give a crap about your ‘beachfront property’ if it means their taxes go up… … human nature I suppose…
      Don’t try to sell me that Global Warming Alarmists care about peoples beachfront Property… they want a worldwide Tax.. They hate The USA…

    2. The thing is there is no cure. Their programs are only wealth redistribution to other countries to help them “adapt” to climate change. There is supposed to be some grand world program that does this but so far only the US really pays into it at the tune of 7 billion in Fast Start Finance. It’s Bs, plain and simple. Warming at this point would be better than cooling, and at any rate, this planet never has and never will have a set temperature. It will always change, man or not, quite a bit more than they can apparently imagine. It is yet another tax on the middle class of the US that these politicians spend so much time saying they protect.

  51. Let’s hear it for Slick Willy’s faithful servant Algore and his global warming theory from which he made a billion dollars. Too bad Algore didn’t get elected and destroy the Commiecrat Party, as he would have spared us from living in the Dictatorship of King Obongo the Destoryer.

  52. Man thinks he is all powerful, and controls the weather. The Earth will do whatever it, the sun, and the hundreds of factors totally out of mankind’s control decide, not puny mankind. Believing in AGW is like believing that if an ant pisses on a sidewalk, it will cause a flood.

  53. Realize that the entirety of the ‘east coast’ is about 0.25% of the Earth’s surface. Making any suggestions or inferences about the entire Earth’s climate based on the what happens on the East Coast of the US is quite inappropriate.

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