Climate Depot’s Morano on Kerry’s claims of ‘climate refugees’: ‘It is the lowest common denominator of politics’

Marc Morano, spokesman for Climate Depot, tells OneNewsNow that Kerry is after a climate legacy.

“A global warming legacy has eluded him for decades – and this is his year, this is his moment,” says Morano. “He’s coming up to the Paris (climate) talks. So he’s going to say any kind of nonsense to make that happen.”

The global-warming skeptic says while there are no climate refugees, “There are weather refugees. There are extreme disaster refugees …. Now they’re trying to say that ISIS was in part created by global warming because it created the drought in Syria which created the conditions that made ISIS.”

Morano adds there is no standard for this. “It is just the lowest common denominator of politics, and I don’t even think fellow Democrats follow this stuff,” he says. “This is preaching to the ten-percent environmental activists who like these kinds of linkages.”