JunkScience.com’s Summary of today’s House climate hearing: ‘GOP firmly opposed to an abusive and arrogant EPA’


  1. House hearing: Waxman says global warming will lead to more extreme weather — Dem witness Moniz says no scientific evidence for link.

  2. House hearing: Moniz says DoE looking at cellulosic ethanol for transportation — more technology that is nowhere near ready for prime time.

  3. House hearing: Asked for scientific basis 4 Obama goal of 17% CO2 cuts by 2020, McCarthy says it’s international in nature — i.e., made up.

  4. House hearing: Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) says carbon capture technology (horse) should come before EPA CCS mandate (cart).

  5. House hearing: Moniz claims effects of global warming were predicted decades ago… was the ‘pause’ predicted too, Ernie?

  6. House hearing: Asked by a Dem, McCarthy refuses to say that EPA power plant rule will accomplish anything for the climate.

  7. House hearing: Moniz says his Obama admin colleagues would be pleased to answer questions — so why didn’t they show at the hearing?

  8. House hearing: McCarthy denies knowing whether fracking reduces CO2 emissions.

  9. House hearing: Moniz reinforces McCarthy statement that wrecking our economy will help us look good in international talks.

  10. House hearing: Shock — McCarthy admits EPA power plant rules will not have known effects on EPA’s climate metrics.

  11. House hearing: EPA says point of power plant rules is 2 position US for international talks. So wreck economy to look cool for the UN?

  12. House hearing: Waxman flirts with reserving right to object to increase in Arctic ice being entered into the record.

  13. House hearing: WV Congressman says Obama wrecking economy to reduce atmo CO2 by 0.2% is an abuse of power.

  14. House hearing: Rep. McKinley says shutting down US coal now would only reduce atmospheric CO2 by 0.2%.

  15. House hearing: Rep. McKinley says shutting down US coal now would only reduce global CO2 by 0.2%.

  16. House hearing: McCarthy says upcoming power plant rule will provide ‘certainty for future coal’ — Yeah… no coal!

  17. House hearing: Pennsylvania Dem points out CO2 pipeline to Texas isn’t feasible.

  18. House hearing: McCarthy claims carbon capture/storage technology is feasible and available — Where, lady?

  19. House hearing: EPA claims to avoid endangering grid reliability — not what Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said last year.

  20. House hearing: EPA chief cannot identify any benefits of EPA climate action so far.

  21. House hearing: Stalin had 5-year plans — Moniz announces ‘quadrennial energy review plans.’

  22. House hearing: Lois Capps (D-Calif.) boasts of $500K DOE grant to small company in her district for wave energy.

  23. House hearing: Scalise lectures McCarthy on how green policies are failing around the world.

  24. @ddonigernrdc @jwalkenrdc Significant CCS is not physically, financially or politically possible.

  25. House hearing: Gina McCarthy says many states reducing GHG emissions — is it cooler yet? Certainly not warmer.

  26. House hearing: Moniz claims CCS is demonstrated technology — NO, IT IS NOT. Enhanced oil recovery is not the same as CO2 storage.

  27. House hearing: Shimkus asks whether EPA has ever mandated use of a technology not commercially available. McCarthy tries to mislead. Nailed!

  28. House hearing: Moniz refuses to comment on EPA ban on future coal plants. ‘Not my job.’

  29. House hearing: Moniz says Obama for nukes.. but Obama nuke commission appointee votes against nukes.

  30. House hearing: Unknown in audience put on tin foil hats when Barton, Upton speak. Photo courtesy Politico. pic.twitter.com/CCAH6WAEaV

  31. House hearing: Ralph Hall — ‘no answer’ better than answers McCarthy gives. Last year, she said EPA not in business of creating jobs.

  32. House hearing: McCarthy claims EPA can predict effects of global warming on Great Lakes… couldn’t predict ‘pause’, though.

  33. House hearing: Barton says Obama admin ‘stonewalling’ Congress on responses to climate change.

  34. House hearing: Barton says Committee asked 9 questions of Obama admin & didn’t get one straight answer. Moniz now stuttering out a response.

  35. House hearing: Will Barton ask McCarthy how much CO2 in atmosphere? Last time he did, she didn’t know!

  36. House hearing: Funny… Moniz cites Fisker as example of DOE loan success … thinks better of it and runs away.

  37. House hearing: EPA chief: “We’re delivering fuel efficient vehicles” — blurring of lines between gov’t and industry.

  38. House hearing: McCarthy says natural gas is ‘a positive’ for air quality — remember that when EPA attacks fracking on air quality!

  39. House hearing: Moniz says ‘every ton of CO2 emitted you can check it off against our children and grandchildren’ Embarrassing!

    1. House hearing: Moniz says ‘every ton of CO2 emitted you can check it off against our children and grandchildren’ Embarrassing!

    2. House hearing: Whitfield presses EPA chief on touted ‘special plans’ to deal w/unemployment… McCarthy says she’s not familiar with them.

    3. House hearing: Whitfield observes Obama talks ‘all of the above’ energy but US is only country where you can’t build a new coal plant.

    4. @pmiwanowicz @LungAssociation @GinaEPA Is this tweet part of what EPA gets 4 its $20+ million in ‘grants’ 2 the American Lung Association?

    5. House hearing: Someone should ask McCarthy how much CO2 is in the atmosphere. She didn’t know when asked at a hearing 2 years ago.

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    7. House hearing: EPA chief cites 97% Nonsensus — not EPA’s own endangerment finding — as scientific defense of Obama plan.

    8. House hearing: Moniz says Obama plan would ‘slow global warming’… what warming?

    9. House hearing: Moniz says we must use energy ‘more intelligently’ — but intelligence is what markets, not central planners, do.

    10. House hearing: Moniz uses 8th grade Earth science (greenhouse effect warms planet) to validate global warming hysteria.

    11. House hearing: Tonko (D-NY) says Obama plan a ‘fine start’ — but if the start wrecks the economy imagine what the end will be like.

    12. House hearing: Tonko (D-NY) says global warming an opportunity for ‘social progress’ — so was Great Leap Forward. How did that turn out?

    13. House hearing: Upton says with millions of unemployed, it makes no sense to inflict harmful economic policy that has already been rejected!

    14. House hearing: Fred Upton notes ‘disappointment’ that 11 Obama agencies refused to show up for hearing.

    15. House hearing: Waxman insults GOP — ‘We don’t have time for meeting of flat earth society… need to move past denial’

    16. House hearing: Waxman says Obama issued ‘comprehensive plan’ — but Prez’ plan only deals with small percentage of GHG emissions.

    17. House climate hearing: Chair notes rest of world retreating from ‘clean energy’ and embracing fossil fuels.

    18. House Chair: Contrary to Obama claim, Congress did take action on climate in 2009 (Waxman-Markey). THE BILL FAILED IN DEM CONTROLLED SENATE!