July Summer Chill Sweeps U.S.: Alabama sees 108-year old temp record broken – Memphis has Coldest July Day Ever

Alabama: Birmingham breaks 108-year-old record by 3F – ‘More Alabama temperature records fall as July cool streak continues’

7-18 us high temps.jpg


Longview, TX smashes all-time July record lowest-high temp by 2 degrees F – ‘The old record was 73 set back in 1925 and 1953’ – ’48 hours for the weather record books in East Texas’


Dallas ‘Record July Cold’ : First time in 52 years that the high temp for two consecutive July days stayed in the 70s: ‘Temperatures this cool in July are rare, especially for more than a day.  Assuming we stay in the 70s for highs on Friday, this will be the first time in 52 years that the high temp for two consecutive July days stayed in the 70s.  We’re also expecting another record low tomorrow morning at DFW.’


Memphis Has Their Coldest July Day Ever – Via Real Science:

ScreenHunter_1117 Jul. 19 06.59


‘Cleveland sets new record low Friday morning’


‘Hot Springs, North Little Rock feel record chills: A temperature of 60 degrees was recorded at Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport, which replaced a 1967 low of 64 degrees.’


Washington Dulles Airport ties record low temperature at hottest time of year

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