July Data Rolls In…Consensus Of Datasets Agree: Warming Has Stopped… Global Temperature Firmly Stuck!

In its latest post the site looks at the July results and the overall global temperature and sea ice trend. It finds that multiple datasets clearly show that our blue planet remains firmly stuck on its years-long temperature plateau.

The WBDGE summarizes:

UAH/TLT saw an anomaly of +0.18°C (previous month 0.33, previous year 0.24) ranking this July as only the 9th warmest of 37. See UAH V6.0 Global Temperature Update for July 2015: +0.18°C

RSS/TLT (preliminary): saw an anomaly of 0.20°C, (previous month 0.39) and is thus in very close agreement with UAH results. This would rank it as the 10th warmest of the 37 years of data so far.

Trend der globalen Satellitenmessungen (TLT) von RSS: Erwärmungs”pause” (grüne Linie) von Ende 1996 bis Juni 2015, negativer Trend (blaue Linie) von Januar 1998 bis Juni 2015. Quelle: http://www.woodfortrees.org/plot/
RSS TLT trend for global satellite measurements: Warming plateau (green line) since to June 2015, negative trend (blue line) from January 1998 to June 2015. Source:www.woodfortrees.orgd

The NOAA/NCEP/CFSv2 surface temperature at 2 meters, comes in at only 0.16°C (global 2m – http://models.weatherbell.com/temperature.php). This ranks it at a relatively uneventful 10 of 37 years. Image MouseOver Tool.

In summary here we see three heavyweight datasets showing and all agreeing on a protracted stalled warming.