House Climate Hearings…GOP Rep. McKinley: Denying The Poor Affordable Energy Is ‘An Abuse Of Authority’

House Climate Hearings…Rep. McKinley: Denying The Poor Affordable Energy Is “An Abuse Of Authority”

The purpose of the House Climate Change Hearing is to shed light on the question of: How much is man contributing to climate change and how responsible is Obama’s energy policy?
So far the skeptics feel that the hearing has been successful in communicating their case to the public. The office of Rep. David McKinley P.E. (photo right) has distributed his remarks and graphics on the subject:
– CO2 is undeniably increasing.
– Some scientists and climatologists say their energy models reflect that CO2 levels coincide with temperature increases.
– But here’s a chart with 73 models and actual observations:

Not a single climate model has been correct so far. Warming has been minor.
– Temperatures have been at a virtual standstill for the past 40 years while CO2 levels have increased.
– In fact Arctic sea ice has grown 60% despite increased CO2 levels.
– And if that was not enough, the ice surrounding Antarctica is also expanding.
– The United Nations’ reports also indicates that “most experts believe that by 2083, the benefits of climate change may still outweigh the harm.”

Chart provided by the office of DAVID B. MCKINLEY, P.E.
McKinley then adds “that even if the U.S. stopped all its coal-fired power plants, CO2 levels would be reduced by merely two tenths of one percent globally” and that: “The Obama Administration fails to tell the American people that 96% of emitted annually occurs naturally“, and that its proposed regulations “would cast hundreds of thousands of workers out of work” while doing nothing noticeable for the environment.

Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Energy Information Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency
Rep. McKinley also says “the rest of the world is not listening to the President’s energy policy” and that “China, India, Russia and Europe are all expanding their use of coal“.
Worse, McKinley points out that Obama’s proposed policy will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable on the planet:
Nations struggling to come out of poverty will continue to suffer, lives will be lost and children will be sick and perish as a result of the President’s support on this policy.”
McKinley adds that “one of the biggest moral responsibilities for the United States should be help emerging nations out of poverty” and that this can be done using “the most abundant and affordable source of power: coal“. Access to affordable energy is absolutely essential.
McKinley asks citizens:
Please take this message back to your agencies: This President must not prevent people around the globe from obtaining affordable, dependable energy; and threatening American workers and businesses with the loss of affordable energy from coal and natural gas is not an acceptable energy policy. Crushing America’s economy to reduce CO2 by 0.2% is an abuse of this Administration’s authority.”
McKinley photo source above:

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